Destabilizing Chardok  

Quest Started By:Description:
Time:6 Hours
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
    Appropriate Races:
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      Modified: Fri Feb 10 22:07:16 2017
      Pre Req:
      - Achievement: Partisan of Lceanium (Concerned Citizens, Contacting the Leadership, Disappearing Dragons, Sneaky Sarnak)
      - Achievement: Partisan of The Scorched Woods (Digging Yourself Deeper, The Last Grove, Where is Burning Woods?, On Nobody's Side)
      - Probing the Fortress and Their Own Medicine

      Talk to Ralla Merow`shu in CHARDOK to get this task.(by lake)

      Say final phase to get the task.

      Travel to Chardok 0/1 (Chardok) (your in Chardok not sure why this step is here)

      1. Travel to Chardok 0/1 (Chardok)

        Zone in to Chardok

      2. Find the Royal Armory 0/1

        Find the Royal Armory near the Prince's quarters.

      3. Destroy Weapon Racks in the Royal Armory 0/6 (Chardok)

        Destroy Weapon Racks in the area, after the 6th you'll be ambushed.

      4. Fight off Warlord Kal`nuuz in the Royal Barracks 0/1 (Chardok)

        Fight Warlord Kal`nuuz to ~90%, he will run off and spawn two guards.

      5. Collect Pulsating Fungal Spores 0/1 (Chardok)

        Kill mushrooms in the Night Garden and loot Pulsating Fungal Spores.

      6. Return to the Royal Armory 0/1 (Chardok)

        Return to the palace where you fought Warlord Kal`nuuz.

      7. Releast Pulsating Fungal Spores in the Royal Armory 0/1 (Chardok)

        Click the Pulsating Fungal Spores in the armory..

      8. Kill Warlord Kal`nuuz 0/1 (Chardok)

        Kill Warlord Kal`nuuz, use the Pulsating Fungal Spores on him to weaken him during the fight.

      9. Return to Ralla 0/1 (Chardok)

        Return to Ralla.

      10. Determine what's wrong with Ralla 0/1 (Chardok)

        Speak with Ralla, say 'signs of a struggle'.

      11. Report to Praetor Vixelo in Lceanium 0/1 (Chardok)

        Say 'amulet' to Praetor Vixelo in Lceanium.

        425pp, 5g
      • 425 PP, 5 G, Experience
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      Couple notes
      # Aug 03 2018 at 1:58 PM Rating: Good
      45 posts
      The Royal Armory updates in the hallway from the palace foyer to the prince and library. I used a weapon rack around in front of the prince room. It respawns quickly, but there is a roamer that sees invis I just killed while doing this step. The warlord has a TON of hp, so have some dps ready to roll. The two adds that spawned after he fled at 90 were lvl 104, easy, and mezzable. I had to return to the mushrooms to kill for loot again because apparently the spores cannot be prelooted. Once I returned, I right clicked the spores at the same spot as the wep rack I used, and proceded to kill the warlord. I did not have any real dps, so I had my chanter charm the roamer, and its dps helped a bit. I am guessing his hp over 50 mil. He doesn't hit hard once slowed, so it was just a looooong fight.
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