Symbol of the Ducee  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Faction Required:
Battalion of Marr (Min: Amiable)
Quest Items:
Era:Planes of Power
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
    Appropriate Races:
      Entered: Thu Aug 18 06:05:50 2016
      Modified: Sat Jun 24 03:59:56 2017
      Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits spawns at midnight and stays up until 5AM. game time.

      You say, 'Hail, Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits'

      Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits echoes in your mind, 'We are the spirits that reside in these halls. Within us are all the great victories we knew while we still resided in our corporeal forms. We have fought great battles throughout these Planes. You may know the Honor of the battles we have fought. Do you wish to [test your skill in battle]?'
      You say, 'test your skill in battle'

      Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits echoes in your mind, 'Very well. Our tasks are not simple, not by any means. If you succeed, then you will have proven your Honor. Should you fail, and fall against the Foes of Virtue, perhaps one day your soul will join us in these halls. Come back when you have gathered from a Nightmare Hoof and a lock of Banshee hair from the realm of Nightmares, and from Bertoxxulous' diseased plane, the tattered clothing of a Leperoth as well as the wings of a Malarian.'

      Give him:
      1) Lock of Tangled Banshee Hair (from banshees at the fort in the Plane of Nightmare)
      2) Nightmare Hoof (uncommon, from the horses on the hidden area through the caves, to the right, in the Plane of Nightmare)
      3) Malarian Wing (from mosquitoes in the Plane of Disease)
      4) Tattered Leperoth Clothing (from undeads in the castle in the Plane of Disease)

      Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits echoes in your mind, 'Well done, you have proven yourself to us. Here is your reward. You may continue our tasks, if you are willing. You have already succeeded where few dare to try, you may [continue your service] to us, if you wish; however do not lose the trinket we gave you, you will need it to proceed.

      You receive Battlecloak of the Ferocious.

      You say, 'continue your service'

      Amalgamation of Honor`s Spirits echoes in your mind, 'Excellent. Many Eons ago three of our greatest Ducee were sent out to battle. One went to battle the Heroes of Bertoxxulous, one went to fight the Minions of Zek, and one went to wage war in the Realm of Torment. All three Ducee vanished without a trace; their souls never joined the rest of the warriors of Marr so we fear that their spirits may be bound to their battlefields. By returning to us the Symbols worn by the Sergeants of the Ducee we will be able to summon the souls of the fallen here so they may rest with us where they belong.'

      Give him :
      1) Symbol of the Ducee Cupidon (from boruks in the Plane of Torment)
      2) Symbol of the Ducee Fideson (from Adan's in the Bertoxxulous flagging raid event in lower Decay)
      3) Symbol of the Ducee Imperon (from Anival the Blade or Shadow Master Vinta in Plane of Tactics)

      A warm breeze blows through your body, and the Amalgam glows in a warm light. The Amalgam echoes in your mind, 'You have done quite well. Their souls are now part of us. We thank you. This is a small token of our gratitude. Wear it with pride as you have earned it. The battle rages on, remember that your Honor is reflected in what you do as well as what you have done. Farewell Bonzz.'

      You receive Cloak of Ethereal Symbols

      Symbol of the Ducee Quest is finally complete after close to 14 years being unsolved. So why was it unsolved for so long?

      Well, the quest giver was the Amalgamation of Spirit`s Honor in Halls of Honor. However this particular NPC:

      1.) Was supposed to have a 1 in 10 chance of spawning at midnight game time. But... in reality he has a 1 in 10 chance of spawning ONLY on a server repop at midnight game time. However, just due to the way the script was written, a cycle seemed to be around 24 seconds short (based on another zonewide emote) which meant after approximiately 7 chances, he'd stop spawning because we'd be in hour 23, not 24 and break the script. (That's a bit of a guess, but I never saw him past the 7th attempt.) I never saw him twice before a server repop, so it's very possible him spawning would also break his spawn. This also means that when a server was brought back up but locked, that time is ticking away. If a server was up for 2-3 hours before it unlocks, you've lost multiple cycles of seeing him. He also despawns at 5am game time if he does spawn. So you have a total of 15 minutes to do what you need to do.

      2.) Spawns in the very back of the undead room in HoH on top of another mob. This was the toughest part of the zone back in the day too. (Killing one mob spawned 2 more.) It's also mixed with a live mob in your path, so you couldn't really invis easily.

      3.) Was put on Battalion of Marr faction so was KOS to anyone who's pretty much ever killed a single mob in Valor or HoH. Even if you could sneak and Hail, back in the day classes who could sneak didn't have blur, so after one Hail, you'd get aggro.

      4.) Actually gives out another quest before giving out the Symbol of the Ducee quest.

      5.) Requires higher than Amiable or higher faction in Battalion of Marr to complete the quests. Back in 2005, Rainbird (Dev at the time) "fixed" the quest by removing an erroneous requirement (which I assume was the first quest). However, GMs bypass faction when testing a quest and thus presumably missed this.

      6.) Not 100% sure, but think it also required a item flag of sorts that was unobtainable, hence also breaking it that way.

      I started this quest in mid June of this year. Today I finally finished it. (Was hoping to finish this earlier, but had to wait for patches to fix all the bugs.) I camped him for about three weeks without initially seeing him. I actually got lucky that Rathe was having all sorts of server issues because that's when I noticed he'd spawn only after a server restart. After almost a month, I finally got him to spawn when I was at my computer only to find out he gave that first quest and wouldn't accept the Symbols. (Keep in mind he's only up for 15 minutes.) So I collected the items, swapped to Test (since they patch more) waited a week to find him again, handed them to him, and... he handed them back. I eventually tried another toon he had indifferent Battalion of Marr faction, and he too handed them back. So I grabbed an Ornate Velium Pendant to bump my faction of Amiable... and he handed them back. So at this point the quest was fully broken.

      Luckily, Dzarn is awesome, and he shed some light on the bugs I was having, worked his magic, and fixed the quest. (And in doing so, discovered the lack of Quest tag on 6,000 items.) Unfortunately, I had to wait for a few full patches for his fix to go live since we discovered one bug after another.

      So after all that time, what's the reward? Prepare to be amazed my friends:

      Cloak of Ethereal Symbols
      Submitted by: Tnexus of the official boards, Fhrugby
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      # Sep 12 2017 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
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      Nice job getting this fixed finally. Grats!
      Faction hits for doing the turn-in
      # Aug 18 2016 at 5:15 AM Rating: Excellent
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      Need to know if there are faction hits (would assume "Battalion of Marr") for completing this quest.
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