Dark Reign: Behind Closed Doors  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Faction
  • Loot
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 00:45:00
Faction Required:
Dark Reign (Min: Kindly)
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Dragons of Norrath
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Fri May 22 22:30:33 2015

For an overview of the Dragons of Norrath expansion, see this wiki article.
For an overview of progression, see quest entries for Norrath's Keepers and the Dark Reign.

This is a non-progression task. It is a group mission (3-6 players) that begins with Daleynn Spiritshadow (click for map image) in the Dark Reign camp of the Lavastorm Mountains.

Pre-requisites for requesting:
- Minimum Level 59
- Minimum "kindly" faction with faction Dark Reign

Hail her to get a quest selection window pop-up.

You have been assigned the task 'Behind Closed Doors'.

An opportunity to weaken the forces of Yar`Lir has presented itself. It seems the great dragon feels it's best to split her forces up such that a strike at one will not cripple the remainder of her forces. We intend to use this to our advantage. You're going into her garden to find and destroy her most trusted generals, those who have served her for millennia on the front lines of the Thundercrest Isles.

Note: This group mission scales to your group's level. The highest is 68+, outlined here.

Map points for "thundercrest.txt" map files:

P -50.3312, -27.6489, 224.6780, 0, 0, 240, 2, General_Veth`Lir_(Closed_Doors)
P 80.6375, -13.0420, 225.7532, 0, 0, 240, 2, East_Common_Room
P 233.8050, -508.7990, 201.7946, 0, 0, 240, 2, East_Key_Sentinel_(Closed_Doors)
P -165.6571, -94.1242, 249.9799, 0, 0, 240, 2, General_Tro`Lir_(Closed_Doors)
P -168.7776, 55.5723, 249.9863, 0, 0, 240, 2, West_Common_Room
P -109.5949, -349.2637, 201.7984, 0, 0, 240, 2, West_Key_Sentinel_(Closed_Doors)

Touch the portal to Thundercrest Isles 0/1 (The Broodlands)

The entrance will be marked on your compass (entered in the northwestern part of the Broodlands).

Once you are in the instance, head north across the first bridge and enter the large building on the other side. The building's entrance is on its north side, so you'll have to clear or invis your way there.

Look around the rooms inside the western common room 0/1 (Thundercrest Isles)

From the building entrance, head down the west hallway, and enter the first room on the left. Here, you'll find "Sentinel of Yar`Lir" (/loc 350, 110, 205). It hits for a max ~1,200; has ~45,000 hitpoints; is a Cleric mob; and is stunnable and mezzable. Loot "West Common Room Door Key" from its corpse.

Look around the rooms inside the eastern common room 0/1 (Thundercrest Isles)

From the building entrance, head down the east hallway, and enter (again) the first room on the left. Here, you'll find another "Sentinel of Yar`Lir" (/loc 510, -235, 205). This mob drops "East Common Room Door Key".

Eradicate the sentries guarding the western door 0/2 (Thundercrest Isles)

Eradicate the sentries guarding the eastern door 0/2 (Thundercrest Isles)

The guarded doors are founded further down the two hallways. Each Sentry is of the same difficulty and abilities as the Sentinels previously (except they're pure melee).

Kill General Tro'Lir 0/1 (Thundercrest Isles)

Kill General Veth'Lir 0/1 (Thundercrest Isles)

Kill the two Generals in either hallway (order doesn't matter). They each hit for a max ~1,350 and are stunnable and mezzable. Upon their deaths, the task is completed.

Up to 45 Ebon Crystals (number varies according to group's level)
1x "Dark Reign Token" (faction turn-in item)
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