Anniversary Group Mission: A Ranger's Tale  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Call of the Forsaken
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Apr 23 08:16:35 2014
Modified: Mon Apr 3 03:38:31 2017
Anniversary events tend to run from mid-March to mid-April (sometimes to mid-May) each year. They are not available during the "off season".

For an overview and list of EverQuest Anniversary events, see this quest entry.

This is an anniversary group mission introduced with EverQuest's 15th anniversary. It begins with Sarissa (click for map image) in the Plane of Knowledge (/loc -130, 500, -88 -- a distance south from the main bank).

In 2014: Expected to be available from Wednesday, April 30, through to Wednesday, June 11.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- No tasks.
- Level 65.

Say "investigate" to request the task and "go" to zone in.

Task Steps & Summary

With the exception of the final mob, all mobs in this task tend to hit for a max ~8,000 to 12,500; and are all mezzable/stunnable/rootable (except for the dragonkin types).

Speak with Sir Morgan 0/1 (East Karana)
Bring Fen Sightwell to the nearest village and see if Iago can help him 0/1 (East Karana)
Ask Fen what happened to him 0/1 (East Karana)
Go to the bandit leader, Tallus Holton, and try to retrieve one half of Fen's bow 0/1 (East Karana)
Go to the gypsy leader, Shiraleen the Shrewd, and try to retrieve the other half of Fen's bow 0/1 (East Karana)
Tell Fen Sightwell you have recovered the broken pieces of his bow 0/1 (East Karana)
Give Fen 6 Lordly Aviak Plumages 0/6 (East Karana)
Give Fen 6 Sturdy Treant Branches 0/6 (East Karana)
Give Fen 6 Exquisite Spider Silks 0/6 (East Karana)
Tell Fen that you have obtained the items you need to repair his bow 0/1 (East Karana)
Ask Bryan to repair the bow 0/1 (East Karana)
Leave the village and search for the dragon 0/1 (East Karana)
Follow the dragon on the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)
Continue to follow the dragon up the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)
Kill the dragon's broodlings 0/3 (East Karana)
Continue to follow the dragon up the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)
Kill the dragon's broodlings and whelps 0/3 (East Karana)
Corner the dragon on the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)
Defeat the dragon and its whelps 0/4 (East Karana)
Speak to the dying ranger 0/1 (East Karana)

- Hail Sir Morgan.
- Run to the village just to the south; script unfolds.
- Hail Fen Sightwell.
- Obtain the first half of the bow by...
--- Option 1: Killing Tallus Holton (north-central bandit camp) and picking the piece off the ground; OR
--- Option 2: Killing the druids at the druid circle.
- Obtain the other half of the bow by...
--- Option 1: Killing lions, looting six pelts, and giving them to Shiraleen the Shrewd (southeastern gypsy camp); OR
--- Option 2: Killing fishermen, looting fish, and giving them to Shiraleen the Shrewd; OR
--- Option 3: Opening the barrels scattered around the camp until you open the right one (this drops your invis and aggro's the gypsies if the barrel is near them).
- Hail Fen Sightwell.
- Give him 6x "Lordly Aviak Plumage"
--- Option 1: Obtained by looting aviaks on the mountain in the central part of the zone; OR
--- Option 2: Obtained from Balthazar, by killing 5-6 "a corrupt guard" among the houses to the north of the Highpass route.
- Give him 6x "Sturdy Treant Branch"
--- Option 1: Obtained by looting from treants around the druid circle in the northwest part of the zone; OR
--- Option 2: Obtained by hailing infested treants to spawn beetles, looting their wings, and giving to Sylnarius at the druid circle
- Give him 6x "Exquisite Spider Silk"
--- Option 1: Obtained by looting from spiders roaming around the zone; OR
--- Option 2: Obtained by killing undead gnolls, looting their flesh, and delivering to Mirna, Friend of Many Legs; OR
--- Option 3: Obtained by killing Mirna, Friend of Many Legs.
- Hail Fen Sightwell.
- Hail Bryan (located in a house just north of Fen).
- Step outside, wait for auto-updates.
- Head to the road to Highpass Hold (far eastern boundary of the zone).
- (Optional) Kill the two broodlings spawned by the dragon.
- Head further up the road.
- Kill the spawned broodlings.
- Head further up the road.
- Kill the spawned whelps.
- Head further up the road.
- Kill the spawned whelps, then DPS the dragon to 10%.
- Script unfolds.
- Kill the dragon.
- Hail Fen Sightwing.

Triggering the Mission

You say, 'Hail, Sarissa'

Sarissa squints and looks to the sky. 'We're safe here, right? You haven't seen any passing [shadows] or thunderclouds?

You say, 'Shadows?'

Sarissa says 'I just arrived here from East Karana. I traveled as fast as I could after I saw the shadow rolling swiftly across the hills and heard the crack of lightning striking down some [poor soul].'

You say, 'Poor soul?'

Sarissa says 'After packing my belongings and starting my journey hastily, I saw Sir Morgan and Squire Wimbley near the sight of the lightning strike. Will you [investigate] this?'

You say, 'I'll investigate'

Sarissa says 'Thank you! I can't shake the feeling of dread. I don't want to [go] back there until the skies clear. Please return as soon as possible and let me know what you find!'

You have been assigned the task 'A Ranger's Tale'.

News has come to Norrath that there has been a disturbance in the skies of East Karana: thunder, lightning, and a shadow flitting across the ground. Sir Morgan, an inhabitant of the area, has found an injured ranger who might know the truth of the tale.

You say, 'Let's go'

Sarissa says 'Be careful!'

You have entered East Karana - A Ranger Tale.

Sir Morgan shouts 'Hallo! Hallo! You there, adventurer! A ranger is down!'

Speak with Sir Morgan 0/1 (East Karana)

Task Window Says: Sir Morgan has found an injured ranger. Speak to Morgan to find out what happened.

You say, 'Hail, Sir Morgan'

Sir Morgan says 'The poor chap came limping down the road toward Highpass and collapsed here. Squire Wimbley, ever a kind fellow, ran to his aid.'

Squire Wimbley says 'He looks dreadful, all pale and stiff. His hair and clothes look singed, like he's been hit with lightning!'

Sir Morgan says 'Do you see any storm clouds, Squire Wimbley? This lightning talk is folly. Surely this fellow has been indwelt by many spirits and has succumbed to their sleepy serenade! My squire knows the healing arts, adventurer, but I believe what this ranger needs more than medicine is strong drink and long rest!'

Squire Wimbley says 'You know best, Sir Morgan!'

Sir Morgan says 'Yes, Squire Wimbley, you have learned much from me in your faithful years of service! Adventurer, let us help this unfortunate chap along the south road to the nearest homestead. Iago knows the best beds and vintages to cure this ranger of what ails him!'

Bring Fen Sightwell to the nearest village and see if Iago can help him 0/1 (East Karana)

Task Window Says: Sir Morgan and Squire Wimbley believe Iago, a merchant in the closest village to the south, can help revive the ranger. Drag his injured body to the village.

Head south to the village where you'll find Iago. Fen Sightwell will come along with you as though you were dragging a corpse.

Iago says 'Gods, what happened here?' As Iago runs to the fallen man, a groan escapes through the clenched teeth of the ranger. 'He looks to have been struck by lightning!'

Sir Morgan says 'No, no, he has merely lost a battle with a flagon! Bring him your strongest drink, good sir Iago! Nothing stirs a man's blood after defeat better than jumping back in the fray!'

Iago says 'You're going to pay for that, right?'

Sir Morgan says 'Sir, a knight's greatest currency is his honor and the good deeds he does for his fellow creatures! But if you desire the base payment of gold, I shall oblige you...'

Fen Sightwell coughs and splutters as the strong drink runs down this throat. His eyes pop open, and he sits up, gasping for relief from the burning.

Ask Fen what happened to him 0/1 (East Karana)

Task Window Says: Now that the alcohol has revived Fen Sightwell, the injured ranger, ask him what happened.

Fen Sightwell says 'You try to poison a man struck by lightning? How cruel you are!'

Sir Morgan says 'Rest, sir, you have had much to drink, but now you are in our care. A bed and a breakfast will do wonders for you!'

Fen Sightwell says 'Rest now, as the storm approaches?! My bow... I must retrieve my bow...'

Squire Wimbley says 'A storm! I thought I heard thunder!'

Sir Morgan says 'Those are the boulders knocking about in your head, Squire Wimbley! Ranger, what is your name, and what are you going on about?'

Fen Sightwell says 'Fen Sightwell, archer of Kelethin, slayer of dragons. Did you not see the storm cloud pass overhead, rushing toward Highpass? That was no cloud; 'twas a storm dragon!'

Squire Wimbley says 'I thought you said it was a flagon, Sir Morgan!'

Sir Morgan says 'Flagon, dragon... Many men claim to have faced one after finishing the other. Where is this beast you supposedly saw?'

Fen Sightwell says 'The marks on my clothes and body more than prove the supposition! I tracked it from the west as it emerged from a fissure opened by the cataclysm and flew eastward. I confronted the dragon in these plains, but I let it get too close. It struck me down with a bolt of lightning and snatched my bow in its claws.'

Iago says 'A dragon? Here?'

Squire Wimbley says 'We have nothing to fear! Sir Morgan is the greatest dragon slayer in all the land!'

Fen Sightwell says 'When I fell into unconsciousness for the first time, the dragon took flight. It wheeled about over the plains, and I saw the pieces of my bow drop from its talons. Where they landed I do not know, but one piece fell in the north, the other in the south. I must have my bow! It is blessed with a powerful dragon bane, and without it I do not see how the dragon can be stopped!'

Sir Morgan says 'The north... the bandits are strong there. The leader, Tallus Holton, might have seen your bow... if indeed your tale rings true.'

Iago says 'A caravan of gypsies passed through here last night, moving south. Their matriarch, Shiraleen, is a shrewd one. She already swindled me for a cask of wine. No doubt her band would horde any object they find that appears even marginally valuable. Might be she would have found and kept part of the bow.'

Fen Sightwell says 'You will search for it, will you not? I have not yet recovered enough to do so myself. But all of the Karanas are threatened if I do not have that bow! Please!'

Sir Morgan says 'As a protector of this land, friend to residents and travelers alike, I would be remiss in my duties not to investigate your claims -- though I think Squire Wimbley and these fine adventurers here will perform the job admirably!'

Squire Wimbley says 'A quest? Oh, thank you, Sir Morgan! I will not disappoint you!'

Sir Morgan says 'Good! Off with you now! I shall see to this ranger and make sure he recovers his stamina and wits. I'm sure you won't be long!'

Squire Wimbley says 'Pleased to meet you! We're going on a quest! Sir Morgan has never sent me on a quest before! I'm new at this, so I'll let you take the lead.'

Go to the bandit leader, Tallus Holton, and try to retrieve one half of Fen's bow 0/1 (East Karana)

Task Window Says: The storm dragon dropped two pieces of Fen's bow in two different areas of East Karana. Find Tallus at the bandit camp in the northwest and see if he knows where a piece of the bow is.

Find Tallus Holton in the bandit camp at the far north-central boundary of the zone.

Here, you have a few options: You can kill a number of druids at the druid ring west of the bandit camp; OR you can just kill Tallus Holton (note: Chamondis appears aggro-linked with him and other bandits, but not vice versa). If you kill Tallus, this half of the bow spawns on the ground. It's not known whether or not you can actually turn in 1,000,000 platinum without having to kill anything at all. Can you take a bandit at their word?

Squire Wimbley says 'Oh no, bandits! They look mean. Sir Morgan always says the best way to parlay with a bandit is to stick a blade in his belly. But I don't want any trouble. Just talk to them!'

You say, 'Hail, Tallus Holton'

Tallus Holton says 'You got more guts than brains walking into my camp like this. State your [business] real quick, or Chamondis gets to eat twice tonight!'

You say, 'I am here on business!'

Tallus Holton says 'A bow? I see a lot of bows. I own a lot of bows. Go [buy] yourself one, like the good, honest folks you think you are.'

You say, 'Buy it?'

Tallus Holton says 'Two million platinum sounds like a good price for a well-crafted bow, wouldn't you agree?' Tallus looks around at his companions and grins. 'Half a bow might cost one million. Or there are [other arrangements] that could be made...'

You say, 'What other arrangements?'

Tallus Holton says 'I don't much like druids. Chanting in their circles, bringing trees to life... it's unnatural. I hate having to look at that druid circle in the west. I would consider it a great stroke of luck if someone trimmed the heads off their necks. Do a little gardening for me, and I'll see if I can't find you a suitable bow...'

Squire Wimbley whispers to you, 'Are you really going to kill the druids? They don't harm anybody! They just like playing with their tree folk. Sir Wimbley's never had a problem with them. I think you could handle Tallus in a fight, but this Chamondis fellow scares me!'

Go to the gypsy leader, Shiraleen the Shrewd, and try to retrieve the other half of Fen's bow 0/1 (East Karana)

Task Window Says: The storm dragon dropped two pieces of Fen's bow in two different areas of East Karana. Find Shiraleen the Shrewd at the gypsy camp in the southeast and see if she knows where a piece of the bow is.

Find Shiraleen the Shrewd at /loc -3000, -2100, 3 (just north of the fisher village in the far southeastern part of the zone).

Here, you have a few options: You can hand in 6x "Fine Lion Pelt" (dropped by lions roaming the zone); OR you can hand in 6x "Sack of Dried Fish" (dropped by fishermen, named NPCs, and guards in the fisherman village south of the gypsy camp); OR you can open up the barrels around the camp until you obtain a bow (this aggro's the gypsies around the camp).

You say, 'Hail, Shiraleen the Shrewd'

Shiraleen the Shrewd says 'Oh, an adventurer you are -- a wanderer, like us!' Shiraleen smiles at you, but her eyes remain narrowed and piercing. 'Surely you know the hardship of roaming place to place, never knowing if your next bed will be on a rock, in a hay pile, or under the dirt. You pray to the gods that good [fortune] will rain upon you, rather than the rain we always get that drenches our shoddy clothes and sticks our wagons in the mud!'

You say, 'Fortune?'

Shiraleen the Shrewd says 'Sometimes blessings do fall from heaven! And we store them for rainy days, for days when good natured adventurers come around asking how they might [help] us in our times of hardship.'

You say, 'Help?'

Shiraleen the Shrewd says 'You are such a sweet thing to ask!' Shiraleen's smile never wavers. 'I always have hungry mouths to feed, but some folks are not nearly as generous as you are. Leon and his fishermen in the south refuse to bargain for six meager sacks of dried fish! I'm sure you can think of [other ways] to get him to part with his precious scaled friends.'

You say, 'What other ways?'

Shiraleen the Shrewd says 'Well, I'm sure someone with your craftiness could think of something. Of course, I do have buyers lined up for six exquisite lion pelts. Now, all I need are the pelts. And here fortune rains upon us again! You look equally well-suited for the challenge of hunting a few measly lions!'

Squire Wimbley whispers, 'Oh, she's a slippery one! I don't like the idea of stealing from Leon. He's always been kind to me! But I also don't want to fight lions! Maybe Shiraleen hid the bow somewhere, and we can find it. Oh, I wish Sir Morgan were here... I don't know if I can handle this questing business!

If you kill fishermen and turn on Sacks of Dried Fish, you see:

Shiraleen the Shrewd smiles at you, as though the smile hasn't left her face since last she spoke. 'How kind of you to convince Leon to part with his fish! I'm sure his reluctance was all a misunderstanding. But we have not misunderstood each other. I just so happened to find this little piece of wood and string, and I thought of you! I do hope it will be useful to you. If ever again you want to petition the gods of fortune with me, it would be a pleasure to speak with you.'

Tell Fen Sightwell you have recovered the broken pieces of his bow 0/1 (East Karana)

After the previous two steps are completed, you see:

Squire Wimbley says 'We have the pieces! I must tell Sir Morgan! I completed a quest!' Squire Wimbley runs off, a smile stretching his floppy face. 'We're going to kill a dragon!'

Head back to Iago's camp and speak with Fen Sightwell.

You say, 'Hail, Fen Sightwell'

Fen Sightwell bolts upright and grabs for the pieces of the bow. 'You have it? Give it here!' The ranger scowls as he stares at the pieces of the broken bow. He flings them onto the bed. 'It's useless. The dragon shall live... only a master bowyer can salvage this wreck...'

Iago says 'Bryan! Fen, the dragon's days might yet be short in number: Only a few paces from here lives Bryan the bowyer! There is no one equal in skill. Surely he can repair your bow!'

Fen Sightwell says 'Dragon Striker will only bend to the hands of a master, but if what you say of Bryan is true, we yet have hope.'

Sir Morgan says 'We do not need hope. We have my blade! And what is there to fear from figments, my good sirs?'

Squire Wimbley says 'But Sir Morgan, look at the bow! It proves that...'

Sir Morgan says 'Proves that a tipsy ranger is careless with his arms and remembers not to whom he sells them when in want of extra coin to buy strong drink!'

Fen Sightwell says 'Are you really this big of a fool...'

Squire Wimbley says 'Don't call Sir Morgan a fool!'

Sir Morgan says 'Indeed, sir! I will not be insulted by a whelp like you! How old are you? A few years shy of nineteen perhaps? I was slaying dragons when you were a suckling babe!'

Fen Sightwell says 'Elves are older than they look... and wiser in cradle clothes than you are in armor!'

Iago says 'If a dragon truly stalks the land, both of you are fools to waste precious time arguing! Fen, what do we need to repair Dragon Striker? You say it holds powerful magic. Can ordinary materials heal its wounds?'

Fen Sightwell picks up the pieces of the bow again. 'You are right: This is no common bow. We shall need... six strands of exquisite spider silk, six branches from living trees, and six feathers from the bodies of aviaks.'

Iago says 'Indeed, these things are as uncommon as your bow is... I have heard that Balthazar in the settlement near the northern Gorge keeps a collection of fine aviak plumage. I have also heard squawks and bird calls coming from the hill due east of here. I have not seen aviaks in these parts before, but it is worth investigating.'

Squire Wimbley says 'Oh, living trees? We saw plenty of them at the druid circle! We can ask a druid if they have any branches to spare!'

Sir Morgan says 'Or just take an axe to one of those silly trees. Do not overcomplicate things, Squire Wimbley!'

Squire Wimbley says 'But the druids wouldn't like that, and...'

Sir Morgan continues to scowl and grumbles, 'There are plenty of spiders all about if silk is what you want. Or if you fancy a laugh, talk to Mirna. That 'friend of many legs' strides about the hills, talking to her precious spiders. She's a madwoman, but she likely knows much about silk.'

Squire Wimbley says 'Can I go on another quest, Sir Morgan? I did so well last time!'

Sir Morgan says 'Yes, you did your part admirably, Sir Wimbley. It is well that you can learn the role of a hero by playing at a harmless farce. Go ahead. I shall stay here and watch over our ranger whelp lest his imagination or another strong drink carries him off in the middle of the night.'

Squire Wimbley says 'You hear that? Let's go questing!'

Give Fen 6 Lordly Aviak Plumages 0/6 (East Karana)

Give Fen 6 Sturdy Treant Branches 0/6 (East Karana)

Give Fen 6 Exquisite Spider Silks 0/6 (East Karana)

For the 6x "Lordly Aviak Plumage", you have a few options: Kill aviaks on the large mountain in the middle of the zone (vicinity of -1450, -1500 -- about a 50% drop rate); OR see Balthazar and kill 5-6 "a corrupt guard" among the houses to the north of the Highpass route.

For the 6x "Sturdy Treant Branch", options are: Kill the treants in the northwest part of the zone; OR hail infested treants to spawn beetles, loot the beetle wings, and turn them in to Sylnarius at the druid circle.

For the 6x "Exquisite Spider Silk", you have a few options: Loot them from spiders roaming the zone; OR kill undead gnolls (southwest part of zone), loot their flesh, and deliver it to Mirna, Friend of Many Legs (roaming gypsy); OR kill Mirna, Friend of Many Legs.

You say, 'Hail, Mirna, Friend of Many Legs'

Mirna, Friend of Many Legs says 'Pretty you are, so pretty... but you need more legs.' Mirna cackles as she begins pulling cobwebs from her hair and stringing them about your head. 'You want the [life sap] from the many legs? It is sweet, so sweet, to wrap yourself in the embrace of eight arms and be cocooned in the finest silk blankets. No greater love, no greater love...'

You say, 'Life sap?'

Mirna, Friend of Many Legs says 'We all need to eat, to feed. I hunger; my sweet ones hunger. The flesh of the gnolls -- the undying ones that only come out at night -- their flesh is divine. If it be threads you seek, then the flesh you must bring! Six small pieces for six small threads. So simple, so delectable...'

Tell Fen that you have obtained the items you need to repair his bow 0/1 (East Karana)

You say, 'Hail, Fen Sightwell'

Fen Sightwell jumps out of bed and grabs at the items in your hands. He rocks unsteadily on legs not fully healed. 'Here is someone of intelligence, swiftness, and courage!' Fen glowers at Sir Morgan. 'Here is someone truly worthy of knighthood!

Squire Wimbley says 'Indeed I am! And thank you for noticing, kind sir! I have completed your quest! Sir Morgan, take me to the nearest lord; I am ready for knighthood!'

Sir Morgan says 'Shut up, Squire Wimbley! And note well the 'squire' part of your name! You are no more ready for knighthood than a child is ready to sit astride a mighty steed and joust at a tourney!'

Fen Sightwell says 'And I suppose they allow the white haired and liver spotted into your tourneys, 'Sir' Morgan?'

Iago says 'Gentlemen -- and do not make me speak untruthfully when I address you thus -- there are more important matters here than arguments about your maturity. Prove to me you possess it and speak with Bryan. We have a bow to repair and a dragon to find.'

Ask Bryan to repair the bow 0/1 (East Karana)

You say, 'Hail, Bryan'

Bryan says 'A fine bow this would have been in its unbroken form. Even now the enchantments are strong. This will be my greatest work...'

Fen Sightwell says 'And may it also be your swiftest. I feel my hairs rising on end. The dragon must be near, so our time is short. I must have this bow restored!'

Sir Morgan mutters, 'Yes, let us hurry and get this delusional fellow on his way. I have already spent too much of my time and patience on him.'

Sir Morgan says 'Why do you keep hitting the bow like that? It cannot be good for the wood!'

Bryan says 'Do I tell you how to be a knight? I know the proper techniques to work a fine bow, sir.'

Bryan says 'It is finished. I can feel the power surging within the wood, but I do not know how long my repairs will last. I have done all I can, but as it often is, things once broken cannot be fully repaired.'

Fen Sightwell holds the bow before his eyes. An unnatural glow seems to light his face. 'It is almost as beautiful as when I first claimed it... but it is a beauty meant for death, not admiration. Adventurers, it is time we quitted this village and found that dragon.

Leave the village and search for the dragon 0/1 (East Karana)

This step updates automatically, outside Bryan's house...

Sir Morgan says 'How strange... I feel my hair rise of its own accord...'

It's not a good day to be a Karana Resident... "Vex O`Kurf", a storm dragon, appears and zaps a number of them, then flies towards the east.

Squire Wimbley says 'Sir Morgan, you saw the dragon, right? You saw it?'

Sir Morgan says 'Oh, gods! Iago! Iago, are you injured?'

Fen Sightwell says 'I never meant...' Fen's eyes glitter for but a moment before he sets his jaw and looks toward the eastern flight of the dragon. He says quietly to himself, 'On the path of glory, there are few friends but many corpses...'

Sir Morgan says 'This is all your doing, you ungrateful cur! Good men who nursed you back to health are dead by the breath of your damned dragon! I should have your guts out right here!'

Fen Sightwell says 'Spill my blood and more will die! Only I can defeat this dragon, and you know it, old man!'

Sir Morgan says 'There are plenty in the Karanas who can wield a bow, whelp!'

Fen Sightwell says 'And where are they?! Look around! Where are they?! Stay and tend to your dead if you care nothing for those still living. I finish this now, with or without you!'

Sir Morgan says 'Squire Wimbley, to me! You would let this ranger have the kill shot? Where is your courage and lust for battle? Do you not want to be a knight someday?'

Squire Wimbley looks at Iago's corpse, stiff and singed. The squire sniffs and wipes his nose. 'I... think I am satisfied being your squire, Sir Morgan...'

Sir Morgan says 'Come, adventurer. You're not done with this matter. You're almost as responsible as this fool ranger!'

Follow the dragon on the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)

Head east towards Highpass Hold. You'll find the dragon at the start of the path leading up to Highpass.

Fen Sightwell says 'Morgan, ready your blade! When I bring the dragon down with my shot, rush in and savage him! Wimbley, be ready to heal us! Adventurer, tell me when I have an opening to [fire], and the dragon's power of storm will be held at bay for a time!'

Squire Wimbley says 'Sir Morgan, my hands won't stay still...'

Sir Morgan says 'Courage, Squire Wimbley!'

2x "a broodling" spawn under the dragon, and it flies further up the path. (They are not auto-aggro and can be singled.)

Fen Sightwell says 'The cowardly dragon drops her brood to fight in her stead! Adventurers, destroy these foul creatures lest they grow to be as great a menace as their mother!'

Continue to follow the dragon up the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)

The two broodlings that spawned here are optional kills.

Fen Sightwell says 'I saw no whelps in her den...' Fen raises his head to the trail winding up the pass. 'The dragon heads for Highpass Hold!'

Continue up the path until you encounter the dragon again. The dragon spawns more broodlings and flies further up the path.

Kill the dragon's broodlings 0/3 (East Karana)

Kill 3x "a broodling" (simple enough kills and easily split from each other, only they're immune to mez/stun as most dragonkin are).

Continue to follow the dragon up the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)

Head up the path until you come across the dragon again. She spawns more offspring and flies further up the path.

Fen Sightwell says 'Again her young fight for her. Leave none of them alive!'

Kill the dragon's broodlings and whelps 0/3 (East Karana)

Kill 3x "a dragon whelp" (similar to the broodlings - nothing noteworthy in difficulty).

Corner the dragon on the road to Highpass Hold 0/1 (East Karana)

Head up the path again until you come across the dragon.

Fen Sightwell says 'She cannot flee indefinitely. The pass narrows, my arrows find their marks, and her brood falls before us. This is the moment of glory!'

The dragon spawns more whelps, and it begins to rain...

Fen Sightwell's face contorts, and the strange light again fills his eyes. 'Deal with the whelps and leave the dragon to me! The final shot is mine!'

Defeat the dragon and its whelps 0/4 (East Karana)

The dragon is now aggro (but non-KOS), and is easily split from the whelps. The fight with the dragon, however, is not the pushover like the rest of the task.

Vex O`Kurf hits for a max ~13,000; has about 5 million hitpoints; is immune to root/mez/stun; and casts the directional AE "Lightning Breath" (DOT for 33,000/tick).

NOTE: While not necessary for task completion, you can use Fen Sightwell to silence Vex O`Kurf (say "fire" to him), making the dragon no longer AE. If you do this, however, the dragon won't drop the bonus item for the task. (Do you have to kill the dragon if you go this route?)

DPS Vex O`Kurf to 10%, at which point she goes non-aggro, moves back to her spawn point, and summons Sir Morgan to her location.

Sir Morgan says 'Squire Wimbley, archer, the dragon is upon me! Help!' The dragon's claw's crunch into Sir Morgan's armor, and electricity begins to surge through his body. 'I... cannot...'

Squire Wimbley says 'Fen, help him!'

Fen Sightwell walks up to the scene...

Fen Sightwell pulls back the bow and readies his shot, aiming for the dragon's heart. As he is about to loose his arrow, the bow snaps in half and falls to the ground. 'Curse that dead bowyer! Not now! Not at this moment!'

Fen Sightwell stabs at the dragon's belly with his short sword. 'Get back, Morgan, I have her!'

Sir Morgan, released from the dragon's claws, stumbles down the path.

Fen Sightwell says 'Beast, you are mine to slay! The songs will sing of my vic--'

Fen Sightwell staggers back as the dragon's claws sink into his chest. He falls to the ground, blood pooling around him.

At this point, Fen Sightwell is in bad shape, and the dragon can be aggro'd again. Kill her to update this step.

As if to insult Karana's citizens, she gives the standard send-off upon death, something she's probably heard many times...

Vex O`Kurf has been slain by _____!
Vex O`Kurf's corpse says 'My comrades will avenge my death.'

Vex O`Kurf's unbroken power of storm solidifies in its fallen form.

If you didn't use Fen Sightwell's bow, the dragon drops a "Bottled Essence of Vex" (bonus item).

Speak to the dying ranger 0/1 (East Karana)

You say, 'Hail, Fen Sightwell'

You have defeated the dragon that threatened East Karana, but at what cost?

Sir Morgan says 'The poor fool! Squire Wimbley, lift his head...'

Fen Sightwell sputters as blood runs down the corners of his mouth. 'It wasn't supposed... to be this way... the bow I took... and rousing the dragon to anger... killing its young... the bards will sing? They'll sing of my death? My blade that did the deed? I didn't think...

Sir Morgan closes the eyes of the ranger as they lie open, staring beyond this world to the glory that might be found in the next.

Squire Wimbley looks as though he wishes to cry. 'They're all dead, Sir Morgan... I don't feel much like singing...'

Sir Morgan says 'The bards will sing only of folly. Oh, if only he were merely the fanciful drunk he looked to be...'

Squire Wimbley says 'We don't really know anything about him at all...'

Sir Morgan says 'Nor should we. Fools like him are best forgotten, not made immortal in the songs.'

Squire Wimbley says 'Still, Sir Morgan, a shame to die when only your name is known to a few small folks... and I always forget names... You'll tell this ranger's tale, won't you, adventurer? Don't forget us who fought here and died for the sake of the Karanas. Please?'

Sir Morgan says 'Squire Wimbley, you really are too much of a melancholic, sentimental sort of fellow! How are you ever going to be a knight when you go about blubbering like this? Come, we will bury the dead, and then we must [leave] here and return to our business. There are good folks on many paths who still have leagues to travel. Let us see them safely to their destinies!'

400 platinum
Experience (about 11 AAs at Level 100)
5 Commemorative Coins

Bonus Reward:
Bottled Essence of Vex (dropped by the dragon if you don't use Fen's bow to kill it)

Commemorative Coins are used to purchase items from "a jubilant merchant" (click for map image), found in the northernmost tent in the neutral district (close to The Nexus portal stone).
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Another mob
# Apr 22 2018 at 3:40 AM Rating: Decent
321 posts
I had a Chief SaNre`Rexsa spawn during the day here, seemed to be a living gnoll; tried to talk to him but was kos not sure if it another option for silks or not. Did not drop anything.
A Ranger's Tale - additional options
# Apr 02 2017 at 9:36 PM Rating: Good
916 posts
"It's not known whether or not you can actually turn in 1,000,000 platinum without having to kill anything at all. Can you take a bandit at their word?"

Tallus happens to be a vendor. He offers the item: Dragon Striker - Top Half for 1049999.952. He doesn't accept platinum via the Give window, but the item could conceivably be bought via the Merchant window if one were foolish enough to pay that price.

6x "Lordly Aviak Plumage"
A 3rd option --- Pick the lock on "a family treasure" chest beside Balthazar, then open and loot.

6x "Sturdy Treant Branch"
A 3rd option --- Kill the 5 bandits plus Chamondis and maybe Tallus. One of the bandits sometimes roams away from camp to the southeast. Then hail Sylnarius at the druid circle.
You say, 'Hail, Sylnarius'
Sylnarius says, 'A fine thing you have done, _____. Truly you are a friend of the forest! Here is what you are looking for.'

And a correction: Bryan is in the hut just southwest of Fen, not north.
Be invis for the gypsy barrels
# Apr 21 2015 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
52 posts
I walked in invised.. opened the barrels.. got the bow half, no agro as they couldn't see me
Be invis for the gypsy barrels
# Apr 02 2017 at 8:32 PM Rating: Good
916 posts
Opening a barrel drops your invis and causes auto-aggro. Except there is one barrel that doesn't draw aggro, it lies a bit outside one of the gypsy circles -- it is possible you got lucky and the piece was in that one.
Be invis for the gypsy barrels
# Apr 02 2017 at 9:40 PM Rating: Excellent
nytmare wrote:
Opening a barrel drops your invis and causes auto-aggro. Except there is one barrel that doesn't draw aggro, it lies a bit outside one of the gypsy circles -- it is possible you got lucky and the piece was in that one.

Thanks, added.
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Invulnerable Dragon
# Apr 20 2015 at 5:12 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Last night, my group took this quest 88 Dru, 92 Dru, 92 Bst w/ healer, rogue, and tank mercs. When we got to Vex, we took on the 3 whelp & Vex at once. The 92 healer merc went down, my 92 Dru went unconscious, and the 88 Dru hit Exodus, which takes you back got the entry point. We healed up and ran back to the gorge. Reloaded the healer merc and went at Vex again. This time, we killed the whelps first but then Vex took ZERO damage. We were doing over 50k/tick on dots alone and Vex next went below 100%. We ran low on mana and I hit exodus. We ran back, no whelps this time, but Vex was still invulnerable. Is this just another in the series of bugs my group seems to find?

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snakes drop silks
# May 06 2014 at 11:32 PM Rating: Good
229 posts
You can also get silks off snakes if you run out of spiders (unlikely). Plenty of alternatives here on this task to complete various ways. I say kill it all if you're really bored..pretty decent experience per kill. We've done this run about 6 times now, only once did we get shorted feathers (but got off a griffon of all mobs..<!!!!>)
Good luck!
P.S. OF NOTE: You can save considerable time by doing (in order) Treants for branches,then Tallos, Balthazar sub-task (killing corrupt guards for his key to 6 plumages in chest) ..instead of chasing "Clucky the chicken" (aviaks) for enough feathers, which you might not get. Next kill spiders on the plains south of corrupt guards, then you can get 6 sacks of dried fish, & do all the turn ins at the same time. Kill Dragon's adds AFTER the first 2 mobs spawn, then the Irish Dragon for the win :)

Edited, May 13th 2014 1:02am by ThefirstFeid
snakes drop silks
# May 13 2014 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
I was KOS to Balthazar, so i just killed him. He dropped the key.
Quest Items: Alternative methods
# May 03 2014 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
Lordy Aviak Plumage - Obtain six from picking the lock on "a family chest" near Balthezar at location 1330 -2730.

Also Mirna, Friend of Many Legs is assisted by nearby spiders. However, if they are memblured they will not reassist; even if standing next to you while attacking Mirna.
Quest Items: Alternative methods
# May 08 2014 at 5:46 AM Rating: Good
29 posts
I decided to kill her for fun after I gave her six gnoll flesh while she was near the chasm leading towards Highpass Hold, and bizarrely, every single snake in the zone agroed me. They were far away and took well over a minute to reach me. No spiders were killed before, and they did not agro or assist her, even as they pathed on top of me.

It was very, very weird.
93 Mage
# May 03 2014 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Molo'd as a 93 mage w/ 4.7k AA using the 91 air pet to tank. I have Vyer's stud pet focus, rest is a mix of of group gear from HoT T1-T4.There was never any danger, even with 3 or so mobs beating on the pet at once. The dragon does not SI, so I just guarded my pet behind him before attacking to move the AE off of me and merc. Doing that I didn't need to use Fen's bow and received the bonus item.
Bug - Dragon despawns
# May 01 2014 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
265 posts
Fought the broodlings where the dragon is supposed to join in and assist, but group pulled them and the dragon never landed. Poofed. No where to be seen.

In short: fight them where they spawn, make sure you get aggro from the dragon. It's not a hard fight anyway, except after the 10% mark it goes balls heavy and hits maybe twice as hard.

Edit: invited a tracker, found him/her outside the gorge, along the very east wall (northeast of the farm buildings). Weird!

Edited, May 1st 2014 9:08pm by Uxtalzon

# May 01 2014 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
82 posts
you dont have to kill the guards and get the key you can pick the lock using a 5A (Archeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer) just ready it into your ranged slot and click your pick lock skill. if you're a rogue or bard that is.
# May 01 2014 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
4,445 posts
So you can do the quest at lvl 65 but don't plan on standing a chance if your not being carried by a lvl 100?
Alternative ways to get items
# Apr 30 2014 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
33 posts
This may help out a couple people:

At the gypsie camp, you can open the barrels scattered around the camp, and the piece of the bow will be in one of them. The gypsies will agro when you open the right barrel, but if you have a FD class or fader, you don't have to kill the gypsies.

The silks, you can give 6 pieces of Gnoll Flesh to the "friend of the many legged" for 6 silks, OR you can just kill the woman and she'll drop the 6 silks.

The feathers, you can get from Balthazar, who's located in a small group of houses to the North of the Highhold pass route (you can see the houses indicated in the quest write-up) by killing 5 or 6 "corrupt guards" scattered around outside the houses.

Instead of killing treants to get their branches, you can hail the "infested" treant to spawn beetles, which are low-hp mobs, and give 6 beetle wings to the named druid, Sylnarius, in exchange for 6 branches. (This assumes you chose to kill the bandit camp earlier rather than the druids)
Killed every Aviak in the zone..only 4 plumages dropped
# Apr 30 2014 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
229 posts
No repops for them either...sighs../petiton (just my crappy luck I suppose). Why do I always seem to get bugged tasks/ quests?
Killed every Aviak in the zone..only 4 plumages dropped
# Apr 30 2014 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts
I had the exact same problem ....Off to bug report it ..there should always be enough to finish a quest !!!!!!
some info
# Apr 30 2014 at 9:47 AM Rating: Good
228 posts
Final named was easy, 4.5 million hp, 11.7k max hit.

I said "Leave" to Sir Morgan and he ported me back to PoK.
You just GNOMED THAT!.

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bonus item
# Apr 30 2014 at 3:29 AM Rating: Good
756 posts
During the final dragon fight, I used Fen and his bow to silence the dragon. /tar Fen /say Fire
I figured this quest was all about the bow, so might as well put it to use, even though its not at all necessary to kill the dragon.

Dragon corpse was empty. No bonus item to be had. I am supposing that killing the dragon without Fen's help nets the bonus item. Unconfirmed.

Second time through mission, did not utilize Fen during the fight. Dragon did indeed drop the bonus item.

Edited, Apr 30th 2014 11:34am by Tobynn
bonus item
# Apr 30 2014 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
confirmed as well, also if you happen to somehow wipe on the dragon its hp regen is extremely slow and chances are itll be at whatever hp you wiped at
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