The Early Bird Gets the Wurm  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Money
Related Creatures:
Era:Rain of Fear
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Nov 28 15:38:31 2012
Modified: Thu May 30 00:44:50 2013
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This kill task begins with Gleed Dragonhunter (map) in Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness. He's located at -960, 1650, -210 (in the pit beneath the bridge that leads to Kael's throne room (southern part of the zone).

You say, 'Hail, Gleed Dragonhunter'

Gleed Dragonhunter says 'Ho, there! I see that like me, you're looking for a [challenge]! I'm sorry to disappoint, little one, but I do not think it wise of you to try hunting wurms or dragonkin. Even tiny ones such as these would be too much for one like you.'

You say, 'What challenge?'

Gleed Dragonhunter says 'Hah! I see I cannot talk you out of your determination. Well then, since slaying wurms and dragonkin has put me in a good mood, I accept your challenge. We shall see who is the greater hunter! I will stay my weapon while you show me what you're capable of, little one.'

You have been assigned the task 'The Early Bird Gets the Wurm'.

Gleed challenged you to a competition to see who is the greatest dragonkin hunter and wurm slayer.

Kill 6 wurms and dragonkin 0/6 (Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness)

Return to Gleed Dragonhunter 0/1 (Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness)

112 platinum, 5 gold
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Correct Task Title
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"The Early Bird Gets the Wurm"

~Azgoth of Drinal
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