Fall of the Combine  

Status: Incomplete

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:Yes
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Era:Depths of Darkhollow
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:3
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Apr 1 11:20:34 2012
Modified: Wed Mar 7 19:23:46 2018
Spirit of Mennelle only spawns at night, game time (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Spirit of Mennelle'

Spirit of Mennelle says 'Hrnnng..'

You say, 'Who is Mennelle?'

Spirit of Mennelle says 'You want to know who I am? I.. I'm not sure. I only vaguely recall a few things that happened to someone I know. I believe her name was Mennelle. This story is quite tragic, are you sure you want to hear more?'

You say, 'I want to hear more.'

Spirit of Mennelle says 'If you insist. Mennelle was witness to a most terrible occurrence - the event that lead to the fall of the Combine Empire. Mennelle was in attendance at a great conference of the Combine Empire between all the races of Norrath, right here in our City Hall! It was a rather important day as the Dark Elves were finally about to join the Combine Empire.'

You say, 'What happened at the fall of the Combine Empire?'

Spirit of Mennelle says 'Mennelle, a servant girl tasked with serving libations to all of those at the council meeting, did something terible. The ale she had served to the Council was poisoned! She froze that day and did nothing to stop the foul beings that poisoned the ale. It must have been General Seru she told me.'

You say, 'General Seru?'

Spirit of Mennelle says 'To this day, she holds herself responsible for the fall of the Empire. Perhaps you will be able to share her memory and sorrow and [take the action] she never could and at least try to prevent Seru from poisoning the Freeport Council and all of its guests.'

You have been assigned the mission: Fall of the Combine.

This is a monster mission. Mennelle is a required character, a level 50 cleric. There is only one other template type, "Freeport Council Guard," a warrior.

Enter City Hall 0/1 (West Freeport)

You say, 'Take the action.'

Presumably you are ported into the instance (need confirmation).

Find out why the Combine Empire has gathered on such short notice. 0/1 (City Hall)

Wander near the council and the script will start.

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'Today will be a day to remember. I would like everyone to please welcome the Dark Elves as they stand among us here, as part of the Combine Empire.'

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'A toast, to this special occasion.'

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'Where is that infernal servant girl! Mennelle! Our guests are thirsty, please accommodate them. Patience everyone, soon we will be celebrating the dawn of a new era!

20 x Stein of Seru's Finest Brew appear on your cursor.

Distribute Seru's Finest ale to the patrons as requested. 0/10 (City Hall)

Hand 10 of the brews to any of the NPCs in the room (other than Seru and Katta).

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'Ah there we are, where was I.. Ah yes. I stand here before you in honor of the great council. You have been brought here today to bask in the new found strength of the Combine Empire. With this new treaty, you will no longer have to worry about what tomorrow may bring; but rather to sleep in comfort knowing that the hand of the Empire is watching over you.'

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'You may now raise your glass as we toast to many great years to come, fellow Norrathians. Cheers.'

Council members you gave ale to then drink, and start to make exclamations like "What have you done?!"

End to Seru's treachery and protect the members of the combine empire 0/1 (City Hall)

There is a grammatical mistake in game.

Lord Inquisitor Seru says, 'Excellent, my plan is working as expected! Enjoy your last breath of air, fools! Guards! Finish off these meddling infidels, but leave Tsaph for me.'

At this point, Seru attacks Katta and 4 guards spawn and aggro. You cannot do any damage to Seru, so focus on the guards. After they die, Seru's HP will unlock, Katta will fight him down about 10%, and another wave of guards will spawn, this one slightly more difficult. After every wave, Seru's HP will go down another 10%.

During the fighting, you must protect the council members who are still awake (the ones you did not give ale to). If all of the NPCs who are awake die, you fail (there will be 10 of them awake). The waves of guards get progressively harder and harder, but they also drop weapons that can be looted and used against them. These also get better and better as you go.

You have to fight many, many waves. This part may actually be bugged. Eventually (almost 1:45 for us), Seru knocks Katta out and Protectors spawn. As Katta falls to the ground, he tells you the protectors have weapons made of the strongest materials.

The weapons from the protectors can DPS Seru now.

After Seru reaches 20%, he runs away and you win.

Tsaph Katta says, 'Your bravery this day has saved a great number of lives. The Empire as we know it is forever in your debt. .

Tsaph Katta says, 'As a token of our gratitude, please take this. It is the least we can do.'

A treasure chest spawns with experience crystals and loot (called what?).

One reward is an XXX Ring of the Combine (what is the ARTIFACT called?) and can transmute to:

???? (level 1-10)
???? (level 11-20)
???? (level 21-30)
???? (level 31-40)
???? (level 41-50)
Glowing Ring of the Combine (level 51-60)
Amethyst Ring of the Combine (level 61-70) or Magnificent Ring of the Combine (level 61-70) (need confirmation you can choose your reward)

The other reward is unknown (please submit). It can transmute to:

???? (level 1-10)
???? (level 11-20)
???? (level 21-30)
???? (level 31-40)
???? (level 41-50)
???? (level 51-60)
???? (level 61-70)

Need missing items, dialogues, other details.
Submitted by: Innania
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group size
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My guildie and I found out that the minimum group size is 3. I 2 boxed with one of my alts in the guild lobby, and all did not go well.

(Personal opinion: I never did like the monster missions.)
Bo knows jewelry.
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