VOA Rank III Level 94 Spells: Greater Alaran Periapt  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:95
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Spell
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Veil of Alaris
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Veil of Alaris Information & Guides: An Overview | Group Progression & Task List | Raid Progression | Visible Armor

You can find The Sklyg in Beasts' Domain. He's down the steps from Argath, within the confines of the gates at about 540, 1150, 10.

NOTE: In order to obtain Level 94 Rank III spells, your Alaran language skill must be at least 75. (Note: In time, this requirement will be lowered.)

You say, 'Hail, The Sklyg'

Jheron Welson says 'Some say that his voice can only be heard by wolves, and that his hair is illegal in five different cities. All we know is he's called the Sklyg.'

A task window pops up with five tasks to choose from.

You have been assigned the task 'Greater Alaran Periapt'.

Hand in a Greater Alaran Periapt and choose what you would like as a reward. Abilities that are already scribed will not be shown to you.

Deliver 1 Greater Alaran Periapt to The Sklyg 0/1 (Beasts' Domain)

On turning in a periapt, you get your choice out of all your Level 94 spells or tomes. (You can also get your Periapt back back by choosing it as a reward.)

Available Rewards

NOTE: Each line listed below represents one reward; some spells are rewarded together.


Song: Hykast's Song of Suffering Rk. III
Song: Oratory of Invitation Rk. III
Song: Oratory of Opposition Rk. III
Song: Slumber of Kolain Rk. III
Song: Voice of Kolain Rk. III
Song: War March of Illdaera Rk. III


Scroll: Frostrift Lance Rk. III; Scroll: Frostrift Roar Rk. III
Scroll: Frozen Cyanin Rk. III
Scroll: Growl of the Lion Rk. III
Scroll: Spirit of Bale Rk. III
Scroll: Spiritual Enrichment Rk. III
Tome of Savage Fury Rk. III


Tome of Frenzied Resolve Rk. III
Tome of Jarring Blow Rk. III
Tome of Sundering Volley Rk. III


Scroll: Chromacleave Rk. III; Scroll: Infallible Hammer of Zeal Rk. III
Scroll: Glorious Admonition Rk. III
Scroll: Hand of Faithful Infusion Rk. III; Scroll: Mark of the Adherent Rk. III
Scroll: Perfected Blood Rk. III; Scroll: Eradicate Corruption Rk. III
Scroll: Shining Armor Rk. III
Scroll: Tectonic Tremor Rk. III; Scroll: Silent Mandate Rk. III


Scroll: Algid Moonbeam Rk. III; Scroll: Perfected Blood Rk. III
Scroll: Chant of the Izon Rk. III; Scroll: Hide of the Reptile Rk. III
Scroll: Myconid Assault Rk. III; Scroll: Summer Zenith Rk. III
Scroll: Silver Frost Rk. III
Scroll: Sunscorch Rk. III; Scroll: Tectonic Tremor Rk. III
Scroll: Talisman of the Indomitable Rk. III; Scroll: Sunbreeze Blessing Rk. III


Scroll: Brimstone Potency Rk. III; Scroll: Shadowed Rune Rk. III
Scroll: Color Convergence Rk. III
Scroll: Confusing Constriction Rk. III
Scroll: Dizzying Gyre Rk. III; Scroll: Echo of Coercion Rk. III
Scroll: Legion of Tonmek Rk. III
Scroll: Peaceful Wave Rk. III


Scroll: Chaotic Assistance Rk. III
Scroll: Circle of Embers Rk. III
Scroll: Grant Frostrift Paradox Rk. III; Scroll: Rain of Razors Rk. III
Scroll: Iceflame Armor Rk. III
Scroll: Molten Veil Rk. III
Scroll: Scalding Blast Rk. III


Tome of Diamondpalm Discipline Rk. III
Tome of Seven-Step Pattern Rk. III
Tome of Veiled Body Rk. III


(Which ones are paired together?)

Scroll: Ignite Potential Rk. III
Scroll: Ivrikdal's Pallid Haze Rk. III
Scroll: Mind Abrasion Rk. III
Scroll: Necrotic Sores Rk. III
Scroll: Prox's Swift Sickness Rk. III
Scroll: Pyre of Hazarak Rk. III
Scroll: Shadowside Rk. III
Scroll: Unwitting Sacrifice Rk. III
Scroll: Viscous Darkness Rk. III


Scroll: Brell's Adamantine Armor Rk. III; Scroll: Rejuvenating Steel Rk. III
Scroll: Contrition Rk. III
Scroll: Mark of the Reverent Rk. III
Scroll: Stoic Stance Rk. III
Scroll: Wave of Contrition Rk. III
Tome of Undivided Affirmation Rk. III


Scroll: Desperate Downpour Rk. III
Scroll: Devastating Slashes Rk. III
Scroll: Eyes of the Raptor Rk. III; Scroll: Shadowcoat Rk. III
Scroll: Shared Cloak of Burrs Rk. III
Scroll: Summer's Squall Rk. III
Scroll: Swarm of Arrows Rk. III


Tome of Delusion Rk. III
Tome of Pinpoint Liabilities Rk. III
Tome of Quick-Footed Discipline Rk. III


Scroll: Abhorrence Rk. III
Scroll: Call of Shadow Rk. III
Scroll: Drape of the Sepulcher Rk. III
Scroll: Spear of Sholoth Rk. III; Scroll: Perfidious Blight Rk. III
Scroll: Stoic Stance Rk. III
Tome of Undivided Acrimony Rk. III


Scroll: Chant of the Izon Rk. III
Scroll: Hoodoo Rk. III
Scroll: Nectar of Sholoth Rk. III
Scroll: Stranglefang's Venom Rk. III
Scroll: Talisman of the Indomitable Rk. III
Scroll: Yubai's Rain of Venom Rk. III; Scroll: Ice Mass Rk. III


Tome of Barbed Tongue Discipline Rk. III
Tome of Cyclonic Blades Rk. III


Scroll: Burning Pillar Rk. III; Scroll: Flashflares Rk. III
Scroll: Burnmaster's Pyroblade Rk. III
Scroll: Chaos Blaze Rk. III; Scroll: Magmatic Outburst Rk. III
Scroll: Crystalwing Husk Rk. III; Scroll: Villification of Havoc Rk. III
Scroll: Ethereal Frost Rk. III
Scroll: Rime Cascade Rk. III
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Enchanter Level 94 Spell List
# Jan 04 2012 at 11:18 AM Rating: Excellent
2,410 posts
  • Confusing Constriction Rk. III
  • Color Convergence Rk. III
  • Dizzying Gyre Rk. III; Echo of Coercion Rk. III
  • Legion of Tonmek Rk. III
  • Peaceful Wave Rk. III
  • Brimstone Potency Rk. III; Shadowed Rune Rk. III

Magician Spells
# Dec 23 2011 at 11:08 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Molten Veil Rk. III
Chaotic Assistance Rk. III
Circle of Embers Rk. III
Iceflame Armor Rk. III
Grant Frostrift Paradox Rk. III, Rain of Razors Rk. III
Scalding Blast Rk. III
Cleric Spell hand in
# Nov 18 2011 at 2:59 AM Rating: Good
1. Chromacleave Rk. III, Infallible Hammer of Zeal Rk. III
2. Hand of Faithful Infusion Rk. III, Mark of the Adherent Rk. III
3. Glorious Admonition Rk. III
4. Shining Armor Rk. III
5. Perfected Blood Rk. III, Eradicate Corruption Rk. III
6. Tectonic Tremor Rk. III, Silent Mandate Rk. III
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