Spies, Lies, and Prison Cells  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Loot
Faction Required:
Toskirakk Slaves (Min: Amiable)
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Related Zones:
    Related Creatures:
    Era:Seeds of Destruction
    Group Size:Group
    Min. # of Players:3
    Max. # of Players:6
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
    Entered: Sun Feb 22 00:05:35 2009
    Modified: Thu Jan 9 18:44:14 2014
    This group mission begins with Trilyaris at the zone-in of Toskirakk.

    Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
    - Completed "Times are a Chainin'" task
    - Have at least "kindly" faction with "Toskirakk Slaves" (raised by doing tasks and killing Rallosian mobs in Rathe theme)

    You say, 'Hail, Trilyaris'

    Trilyaris says 'Hello, _____. You seem like you do not belong here, and yet you have helped us. This may mean that the slavers will begin to take more [notice] of you.'

    You say, 'Why would they notice me?'

    Trilyaris says 'Yes. They generally think we all look the same, but the ones that really catch their ire get noticed. One of our number, however, has found a [secret]. This is no [rumor] but simple fact.'

    You say, 'Pity, I like rumors.'

    Trilyaris says 'This is a rumor that I would like you to investigate. Strangers in the city, other than slaves, are very rare and could lead to something unpleasant for everyone. Can you [look into] this for me?'

    You say, 'I will look into it'

    Trilyaris says 'Thank you. I know a way into the upper areas of the city. Let me know when you are [ready] and I can get you there.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Spies, Lies, and Prison Cells'.

    Trilyaris asked you to find out anything you can regarding rumors of strangers in the city. From what she has heard these strangers are secretive and frightening, though nobody can claim to have ever met or seen one. Any information is better than what she has now. She can send you to the upper levels at any time, just let her know when you are 'ready'.

    You say, 'Ready!'

    You have entered Toskirakk

    You zone into an instanced version of Toskirakk, on the upper level.


    "Treblor the Slasher" is a named mob that has a chance to spawn after killing a number of mobs in this instanced zone. If he spawns, he may be among those mobs that auto-aggro you in the jailor area.

    He drops one item per kill, with a chance at dropping an armor piece as well:

    Girdle of the Slasher
    Mask of the Slasher
    Rallosian Warbelt
    Rallosian Warmask

    Discover why there are so few ogres in Toskirakk 0/1 (Toskirakk)

    Task Window Says: Slaves are good at gathering information. Perhaps speaking with one will help you find where to start.

    Near the zone-in is "a lost slave".

    You say, 'Hail, a lost slave'

    a lost slave says 'Um... Hello? What are you doing here? They'll kill you if they find you with all that stuff! I don't want to be seen with you or they'll kill me too! Get back to the slave pits before the [masters] find us all.'

    You say, 'The masters??'

    a lost slave says 'They've been even more vigilant, more violent than usual since [Murdunk left] with a large portion of his troops. They'll kill us for anything they don't like, especially for gathering in groups and talking in quiet tones like this! Get away from me.'

    You say, 'How long has it been since Murdunk left?'

    a lost slave says 'Yes, he left. I don't know where he went. You'd have to talk to one of the more [trusted slaves] about his comings and goings. I don't have anything to do with that sort of thing. I'm just a messenger. I deliver stuff from one place to another. I have to go now, I really have to go!'

    You say, 'Where would I find the more trusted slaves?'

    a lost slave says 'Those that work in the jail to the north west might know of Murdunk. I certainly... oh no. They've seen us! We're dead now!'

    When you say the phrase "trusted slaves", 2x "a wary guard" spawn and run to your party. They hit for a max ~4,000 and are immune to root/snare.

    Defeat the two commanders guarding the passage to the jails 0/2 (Toskirakk)

    Task Window Says: To get safely to the jail area, you will need to head northwest. There are two commanders that will be a problem if left behind you when you pass.

    Field Commander Obitkan and Guard Commander Kletnag are due northwest, staying on the upper area. You can invis to them.

    Field Commander Obitkan is non-aggro until the Guard Commander is killed, so you can single-aggro Kletnag safely. Each hits for a max ~5,500, but land full hits more often and have a lot more hps than normal Toskirakk trash.

    Guard Commander Kletnag shouts 'Stand back, Obitkan, these intruders are for the guard to deal with.'

    Kletnag casts "Mace Throw":

    Mace Throw: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 9000

    Guard Commander Kletnag has been slain by _____!
    Guard Commander Kletnag's corpse falls loudly to the floor.

    Obitkan aggro's upon Kletnag's death.

    Field Commander Obitkan shouts 'Hah! Kletnag was a fool. There's a reason he was never given field command. I'll show you what a true Rallosian can do!'

    Obitkan casts the spell "Rabbit Punch":

    Rabbit Punch: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 750 per tick
    2: Decrease Attack Speed by 50%

    Field Commander Obitkan has been slain by _____!
    Field Commander Obitkan's corpse crashes to the floor.

    Get into the jail area to find out more about Murdunk's departure 0/1 (Toskirakk)

    Task Window Says: There are some slaves that attend to the jailors. They are trusted enough to overhear much more than the average slave.

    You can invis up and head futher northwest to the jail area. Once inside the jail, you will see two mobs in front of three NPC slaves. Kill those to make room, talk to "a slave" (the other two are "an elven slave" and will not help). Med up to full because when you say the phrase "strangers" you will be rushed by two mobs (the next update).

    You say, 'Hail, a slave'

    a slave says 'Hush! Do you want to get me whipped? Go away. They're more likely to kill us than just hurt us while [Murdunk is gone], and I'm not looking to die just yet.'

    You say, 'Murdunk is gone, where?'

    a slave says 'Aye, gone. Off to conquer for the empire. Seems like he was pretty [stressed] out about this one though. I think he's taking on the Rathe. He acts confident enough, but we slaves have learned to tell what our jailors are really feeling. Those of us that live long enough anyway.'

    You say, 'Why would he be stressed?'

    a slave says 'Seemed odd to me too. I think it's the unknown factor, those [strangers], that has him worried. The empire never bothered to capture powerful enemies before. Killing them is easier. Those of us that are too weak to put up enough resistance, we become slaves.'

    You say, 'I keep hearing about strangers.'

    a slave says 'Can't say much about them. They're always hooded in heavy robes. They speak clearly enough, no accent that I ever noticed. But they make even the ogres nervous, and that's not easy to do. And they have been helping them make their battle plans, something that the Rallosians have never seemed to need before. Now you know everything I know. Will you get away from me now, or do I call a guard? Though I suppose with all the corpses you've left in your wake they'll be coming soon enough on their own.'

    Assistant Jailor Bentback shouts, 'I smell trouble in the cells. If I get there and one of you jailors is letting the slaves act up there will be a reckoning!

    Assistant Jailor Bentback and Master Jailor Aggityr charge you.

    Defeat the Jailor and his assistant 0/1 (Toskirakk)

    This step updates upon the deaths of the two nameds. Both are about as tough as all of the other named you have fought so far. Neither can be mezzed or rooted.

    Aggityr casts "Punishing Strike":

    Punishing Strike: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 9000 per tick
    2: Decrease Chance to Parry by 75%
    3: Decrease ATK by 300

    Assistant Jailor Bentback casts "Whip Pull" (this will root you in the middle jail cell, so you might want to fight them in there):

    Whip Pull: Single Target, Unresistable (0)
    1: Root

    Master Jailor Aggityr says 'So, I see someone has armed the slaves. That we'll deal with later. For now we have a minor revolt to put down.'

    As soon as the jailor and his assistant die, three more mobs rush you. "an alarmed guard" all are immune to root, but they can be mezzed.

    Assistant Jailor Bentback has been slain by _____!
    Assistant Jailor Bentback's corpse tumbles to the ground.

    Master Jailor Aggityr has been slain by _____!
    Master Jailor Aggityr's corpse thrashes as it falls.

    An alarmed guard shouts, 'Intruders! Trouble in the jails! Let's move! They can't escape past us, so be ready!'

    NOTE: The loot-dropping named "Treblor the Slasher" reportedly has a chance to spawn and auto-aggro you as well here, so be ready for this in case that happens.

    Defeat the Rallosians that seek to block your escape 0/1 (Toskirakk)

    Task Window Says: It's best if you don't allow those who are aware of your presence to survive.

    Continue on your way to where you zoned in. While in the tunnels leading from the jail area you will be attacked again by three more "an alarmed guard".

    Finally, just before reaching the main circular hall, you will be attacked one last time. This final time, it is by "Spiritist Beld" + 2x "a rallosian headhunter". The Spiritist has a lot of hitpoints and is immune to mez/stun.

    NOTE: After spawning these ambushes, these mobs remain zonewide auto-aggro, so be sure to med up before progressing through the zone.

    Spiritist Beld has been slain by _____!
    Spiritist Beld's corpse says 'How do you expect to defeat us all?'

    Speak with Trilyaris 0/1 (Toskirakk)

    You say, 'Hail, Trilyaris'

    Trilyaris found your information useful, though even now she is suspicious of its veracity.

    Your faction standing with Mitius, Herald of Change got better.

    Chronobines (amount varies)
    Timeshear Green Fragment Beza
    Faction with Mitius, Herald of Change
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    Sequence of Attacks
    # Dec 04 2009 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
    756 posts
    To clarify the sequence of attacks:

    Follow the dialog with the roaming a lost slave at the instance entry point to trigger two a wary guard to spawn and hunt you down. These two normally spawn upstairs only a short distance away, so they typically reach you very quickly. However, on occasion, these two guards seem to spawn on the lower level in which case it takes them quite a while to eventually path to you. Might want to ensure they die before proceeding to the Commanders.

    Proceed towards the jail area until you find the two Commanders. Kletnag (the ogre) must be killed first, Obitkan (the giant) is inactive until the ogre dies. Obitkan will charge once Kletnag dies. Kill the other two trash in the room before you move along.

    Enter the jail area, clear the trash in the room. You will want to fight the upcoming named in the center jail cell to negate the Whip Pull effect that banishes a player right into that center cell. Follow the dialog with a slave, trigger Master Jailor and his Assistant; head to the center cell and await them -- they will come to you. Once both are dead, sit tight and await the next guard to arrive -- Treblor the Slasher has likely spawned during the Jailor/Assistant fight and is already on his way to find you (I assume this one can spawn as a non-named but in four attempts I saw Treblor all four times). Treblor drops loot and the occasional random essence.

    Once Treblor is dead, move to the room where the two Commanders were. Upon entering that room, three an alarmed guard spawn and charge you. Kill them. Continue to move ahead through the hall. Upon reaching the end of the hallway, Spiritist Beld and two a rallosian headhunter spawn and charge you. Zone trash does not assist them as they charge, so just sit tight in the empty hall and await their arrival.

    Once those three are dead, click the door adjacent to your entry point to be ported back to Trilyaris.

    ps. Heads up -- if you should wipe during the task, just drop it and start from scratch. During first attempt, I wiped to the 3 alarmed guards + the 2 trash in the room I didn't kill. Upon zoning back into the instance again, proximity spawned Spiritist Beld. End result was the 3 alarmed gaurds, the 2 headhunters, and Spiritist Beld ALL charged me, simultaneously, every time I entered the instance again and again.

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    Detailed information on Task
    # Jun 20 2009 at 10:55 PM Rating: Decent
    11 posts
    This task is challenging, yet fun because of the challenge it poses. Even though this is a Rathe Theme task, it really is geared towards members who are geared up in Korafax/Eternal Armor.

    1) Near the zone in find "a lost slave". Say trusted slaves to him. Your task will update in within 15 seconds 2 "a wary guards" will attack you. Dispose of these mobs and then head NW.

    2) Go down the NW corridor, and you will come to a room with 2 names. Guard Commander Obitkan (yellow con to 85), and Guard Commander Kletnag (even con to 85). We had a ranger so we harmonious pulled Commander Kletnag first. The two mobs are aggro linked. As soon as Kletnag was downed, Obitkan charged us. These mobs aren't terribly hard, but they do have a decent amount of hitpoints.

    3) Once those names are down, head farther in to the jail area. You will know its a jail because you enter a gate to get in. Once you get into the room go over to the far side where the slaves are. Begin to clear the room. There are about 10-12 mobs in the room I believe. Clear them all, and when you are ready say strangers to the slave laying on the ground. Once you say strangers you will be rushed by Assistant Jailor Bentback and Master Jailor Aggityr. They are not VPable, or rootable. They do have a trick up their sleeve though. Periodically throughout the fight, they will cast Whip Pull. Whip pull ports someone random to one of the 3 jail cells in the room. Not only does it port you there, but it also roots you for 12 seconds. *NOTE* If you are using a merc, the person who gets ported there will take their merc with them. Very frustrating when the cleric or MT gets taken. If you get ported, as soon as the root wears off just run back to your group asap.

    4) As soon as the jailor and his assistant die, 3 more mobs called "an alarmed guard" will rush you. Once again these mobs are not VPable, not rootable. After you survive this latest onslaught med to full and prepare to make your way back to the entrance.

    5) On your way back, you will get ambushed by another set of 3 "an alarmed guard". This occurs when you enter a large room with 2 guardians standing by the pillars. Don't remember the exact room, but that's a decent description. Take care of these mobs then entire the long tunnel. When you approach the end of the long tunnel Spiritist Beld and 2 adds will attack you. He does cast an AE of some sort, but I resisted it with 650 resists to all. He does hit hard. We were using a Tier V merc, and he was pingponging back and forth the whole fight.

    6) After mobs are dead you will get the final taskadd. Run back to where you started. Click on the big door and it will zone you right outside near Trilyaris. Hail her for the win.

    Best of luck to you all. This task was very challenging but very fun.

    Figgan Spiritwind
    Officer of Caelum Infinitum
    Druid of the 85th Season
    Fennin Ro

    Edited, Jun 21st 2009 2:59am by Jmccorkle
    # May 05 2009 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
    130 posts
    as of bout a month ago, my fellowship and i did this quest just to test it. we got to the final jailors and such but then an unlisted named jumped us out of no where. i do not remember his name, but he looked like a general except in marauder gear, and had all these on me (85 wiz) while hitting my merc:
    Wild Rampage
    Backstab (was about 30k on me)

    i will be going back to this, and will inform everyone on name of the named mob
    # May 13 2009 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
    77 posts
    I think you talking of Spiritist Beld, appearing on last wave of alarmed guards. He dropped nothing.
    Spies, Lies, and Prison Cells
    # Apr 06 2009 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    Last step: Speak with Trilyaris.

    This shows after you defeat Spiritist Beld and the several an alarmed guards that spawn. Click the brown doors there where you spawn in to go back to non instanced Toskirakk.
    # Apr 03 2009 at 10:21 AM Rating: Decent
    83 posts
    Minimum faction required is amiable, not kindly. I was able to get this mission at amiable by saying "look into". Simply hailing Trilyaris yeilded the standard "You must prove your dedication to our cause" message, but using the key pgrase directly works fine. Note that this doesn't work for the Hiding in Plain Sight mission - you can't get that at amiable.
    CR impossible once at Jailer
    # Mar 31 2009 at 7:45 AM Rating: Decent
    15 posts
    Assistant Jailor Bentback and Master Jailor Aggityr both hit for max 6k
    Both mobs proc <whip pull> puts you in cell rooted. had this happen to my healer and wiped.
    managed to drop rez box on warrior. popped back in and both mobs ran right at me from god knows where and tooled me before could do anything.

    rebuffed and zoned back into instance. while enroute to Jail area. had Emote " Spiritist Beld" (shm mob, casts Rallos Rage on self) he was accompanied by 2 "a rallosian head hunters" (lvl 85) all 3 immune to changes in run speed.
    Spiritist hit max 4kish, after casting rallos rage was being hit for 5,500. headhunters hit for max 4k.

    my Warrior with max avoid/shielding, full defensives, 39k hp, 4700ac got smooshed rather fast. Had Shm, ranger(useless, lol) and 2 tank mercs and 1 cleric merc.

    That Whip Pull spell was way annoying.
    # Mar 31 2009 at 6:23 AM Rating: Decent
    15 posts
    Guard Commander Obitkan is "Field Commander Obitkan" yellow con to 85. hits max 6k, has Dot "Rabbit punch" 600per tic

    Guard Commander Kletnag lvl 85 mob, max hit 6k. didn't see anything special.
    a wary guard
    # Mar 31 2009 at 6:14 AM Rating: Decent
    15 posts
    a wary guard -- immune to changes in run speed, as of 3/31 the seem to appear when one of the commanders is down to 50% health and charge you group.
    hit for approx 4k max
    # Feb 28 2009 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
    18 posts
    once you have this task, say ready to Trilyaris to zone in. This will put you in an instance of Toskirakk, on the upper level.

    Discover why there are so few ogres in toskirakk
    near zone in is a slave, go thru the text, when you say phrase "trusted slaves" you get a task update and 2x "a wary guard" spawn and run to your party, be ready. nothing special, hits for 4k ish, can be rooted for CC.

    Defeat the two commanders guarding the passage to the jails
    Guard Commander Obitkan (yellow con to 85), and Guard Commander Kletnag a lvl 85 were due NW staying on the upper area. I was able to invis to them. They hit for 4k but landed for full hits more often, lot more HP than normal tosk trash, seemed agro linked. I was able to harmonous arrow Kletnag out alone, kill it, but soon as it died merc tank went to attack Obitkan at his spawn spot. kill both, get update.

    Get into the jail area to find out more about Murdunk's departure:
    invis and head futher NW to the jail area, once inside the jail room to the north will be 2 mobs in front of 3 NPC slaves. kill those to make room, talk to "a slave" (other 2 are an elven slaves). Med up to full because when you say phrase "strangers" 2 mobs will rush you, and get task update...leading on to next part

    Defeat the Jailor and his assistant
    Assistant Jailor Bentback dark blue con, and Master Jailor Aggityr (even con to lvl 85) non rootable charge you. I Quickly killed the dark blue con, then the Master jailor. Upon their death you will get update. AND 3 dark blue cons (lvl 84 ish?) mobs will rush you, called "An alarmed Guard". All immune to roots.

    Defeat the Rallosians that seek to block your escape

    ? ? ? :

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    Edited, Mar 2nd 2009 2:29am by Novar
    Novar Icewind (Cestus Dei)
    85 Ranger
    Luclin (veeshan)
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