Deadbone Reef #3: The Drowned Dead  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
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    Era:The Buried Sea
    Group Size:Group
    Min. # of Players:3
    Max. # of Players:6
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    Entered: Fri Mar 30 20:28:04 2007
    Modified: Fri Oct 3 02:48:44 2014
    This group mission is the third in a series of five. It begins with Gus Longear (click for map image), who is located at about 390, 3240 on the northeastern coast of Jardel's Hook in the Buried Sea.

    Pre-requisites for requesting:
    - Completion of "Shipping Lanes"
    - Completion of "Pirate Stew"

    At the end of the previous task, you saw:

    It seems that the galigaba are not behind the missing ships and are just up to their normal cannibalistic trickery. Perhaps there is some [other force] on the island behind the disappearances.

    You say, 'What other force?'

    Gus Longear says 'Ah well drat. Seems those cannibals been up to pretty much the same thing they always be up to, fightin' amongst theyselves. That really only leaves those poor [drowned souls].'

    You say, 'What drowned souls?'

    Gus Longear says 'Yarrr, bit o' a curse surrounding those folk. Man by the name o' Rum Red lost his ship to Prexus and didn't take a likin' to that you see. He decided to stick around, and kept his crew with him! Might be enough to spur some ship sinkin' of their own. Let me know what you find.'

    You have been assigned the task 'The Drowned Dead'.

    Since the galigaba are behaving themselves, it's possible that the cursed undead pirates of Deadbone Reef are behind the attacks. Travel to Deadbone Reef and investigate the drowned dead and their ghostly leader, Rum Red. When you are ready to leave Deadbone Reef, find the rowboat and get back out to sea.

    Purchase tickets to Deadbone Reef and catch the boat 0/1 (The Buried Sea)

    Buy a "Seafarer's Ticket: Deadbone Reef" from Dockmaster Angus at the dock (nearby) and keep it in your inventory. When the ship docks, step onto it and wait for it to sail out to the Buried Sea. Upon zoning, you'll find yourself in an instanced version of the island. (Next to you is a rowboat that serves as your zone-out.)

    Dockmaster Angus says 'You look like you've been at sea on a dangerous mission for a while? Perhaps you plan to head back out, in which case you're going to need to purchase another ticket before boarding the Isabeau.'

    Kill 30 drowned 0/30 (Deadbone Reef)

    Explore a cave entrance south of the sunken ship 0/1 (Deadbone Reef)

    This is a vertical cave underwater in the cove, south of the sunken ship. It can be difficult to spot (there are two caves; you want the one in the area of 2900, -4000, 228).

    Kill any 30 undead "a drowned _____" mobs, and explore the cave to open up the next step. Upon doing the location update, you see:

    Rum Red shouts, 'Leave us be! Is it not enough that we suffer from this terrible curse? Now I must bend my will and my people to the whims of a perverse necromancer who gives us no peace. It is too much to ask! BEGONE!'

    NOTE: Don't kill Rum Red until you have all 30 kill credits, or you may bug the task.

    Find Rum Red within the caves and destroy him! 0/1 (Deadbone Reef)

    Rum Red is straight down in the bottom of the cave. He hits for a max ~1,700, has ~75,000 hitpoints, and spawns timed piranha adds that hit for a max 350. Rum Red and the piranhas are mezzable and stunnable.

    Rum Red clatters its bones together as it moves in to attack.

    Rum Red has been slain by _____!
    Rum Red's corpse's eyes dim as the grim light of unlife leaves its eyes.

    Your faction standing with Drowned Dead has been adjusted by -50.
    Your faction standing with Blacksail Pirates has been adjusted by 50.
    Your faction standing with Galigaba has been adjusted by 75.
    Your faction standing with Sharpeye's Reef Runners has been adjusted by 50.

    Speak with Gus Longear 0/1 (Deadbone Reef)

    You can click on the longboat next to the zone-in point to zone out.

    You say, 'Hail, Gus Longear'

    Gus Longear says 'It seems that a necromancer named Kenox has been using the drowned for his nefarious purposes. There must be a way to get his [attention] and get to the bottom of this!'

    - Doubloons (varies)
    - Faction with Blacksail Smugglers (+25)
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    # Jul 26 2009 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
    1,974 posts
    Buy a ticket for Deadbone and hop a boat to zone in.

    Straight forward kill 30 undead (most of them are underwater in the cove).

    The cave can be tricky to find, but it is underwater in the cove, south of the sunken ship like it suggests. It is still hard to spot (there are 2 caves, you want the one in the area of p2921, n3979, p228).

    You have to kill the undead and get the explore update to open up the next step.

    Rum Red (named) is straight down in the bottom of this cave and you need to kill him.

    Then just click the canoe (where you zoned in) to zone out and go see Gus to finish.
    The truth is out there! The truth hurts! But the truth can set you free! So says Mithaniel Marr the Truthbringer! All hail the Freeport Knights of Truth!

    Bonzz of the Knights of Truth, Bertoxx Server

    (please excuse my dyslexic typing skills)
    # Jul 09 2009 at 10:32 AM Rating: Decent
    4 posts
    Well if your not smart like me and dont read ahead on the quest you may have killed Red Rum like I did before you killed the 30 others..... now im at the part of the task where i need to kill red rum!!! And where is he? DEAD, at the bottom of Davy Jones Locker. Need to restart.. bahhhhhh
    # Feb 08 2009 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
    72 posts
    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:48 2009] Gus Longear says 'Ahoy there friend. Beautiful day to be on the seas, smellin' the salt and breeze. Ah, days like this were made for a sleek vessel cuttin' through them waters. Here I am stuck on shore lookin' into a [few things] for Jardel.'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:50 2009] You say, 'few things'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:51 2009] Gus Longear says 'Yep yep. It seems some of our ships be turnin' up missin' lately. Things aren't lookin' so good so I needs to get to the [bottom] of it.'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:54 2009] You say, 'bottom'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:54 2009] Gus Longear says 'Well, Jardel's gotten it into his head that [Deadbone Reef] has got somethin' to do wit' it all. I'm startin' to think he may be right. That place gives me the willies, and the waters there sure have some nasty surprises if'n you don't watch it.'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:58 2009] You say, 'deadbone reef'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:19:59 2009] Gus Longear says 'Deadbone Reef's a mighty dangerous place, but I could really use a right straight-up set of folks to go have a look-see and [report] back for me.'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:20:04 2009] You say, 'report'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:20:05 2009] Gus Longear says 'If you be up for the job, get to it!'

    [Sun Feb 08 21:20:11 2009] You have been assigned the task 'The Drowned Dead'.

    why are mission 4 and 5 not listed?
    # Feb 06 2008 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent
    113 posts
    Just completed 4 tonight - Attract the Dead

    Purchase tickets to Deadbone Reef and catch the boat

    Deliver the shrunken head to Maatha Wirringam

    Loot 1 Yuundu Pearl from a lizard (along the beach - single pullable by druids)
    Loot 1 Gall Pearl from a snake (along the beach - single pullable by druids)
    Loot 1 Guya Pearl from a shark
    Loot 1 Balun Pearl from the drowned dead

    Deliver 1 Yuundu Pearl to Maatha Wirringam
    Deliver 1 Gall Pearl to Maatha Wirringam
    Deliver 1 Guya Pearl to Maatha Wirringam
    Deliver 1 Balun Pearl to Maatha Wirringam

    Speak to Gus Longear

    Started # 5 Soothing the Restless

    Purchase tickets to Deadbone Reef and catch the boat

    Slay drowned dead to attract Kenox's attention 0/10
    Venture deeper into the caves of the drowned 0/1
    Kill Kenox the Burned 0/1
    Speak with Gus Longear 0/1

    Easy enough kill. I used the same tactic as Rum Red. I cleared all around him, chanter paci'd named and pet pulled all adds. Cleared those and pet pulled the named, went off without a hitch. 1 slow resisted, then all done.

    The point for the cave was teh same as all other major points. In the room with the fire at the bottom.

    Kenox had between 45k and 60k.

    Edited, Feb 6th 2008 11:59pm by Dreshiq
    Rum Red
    # Feb 06 2008 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
    113 posts
    Name of mob is actually Rum Red. Skeleton that looks like any other in the bottom of the long cavern. Warrior that tanked it was 79 with 8 levels of combat agility and combat stability, so, about 125 aa's in total. Max hit was under 1000.

    We pulled the named to the tunnel just about his room. The druid and the cleric sat on the beach up top and were able to heal from there. Complete heals and prismatic renewal were not available as the distance was too great. All other heals landed. Mob was easy enough once all the adds were cleared.

    Where to I submit my screen shot of named?

    Dropped nothing of value.

    1. Aderirse Bur
    2. Animating Force
    3. Fine Skeleton Bones

    Mob was lvl 79 as it conned white to the warrior.

    Edited, Feb 6th 2008 1:45am by Dreshiq
    Speak in Sea
    # Oct 15 2007 at 2:53 AM Rating: Decent
    final piece

    Speak with Gus Longear

    is back out in The Buried Sea
    Toucan Tanksem
    of Vallon Zek, Sebilis, Venril Sathir, Antonius Bayle, and now Toukan of Povar
    mission 3 goals
    # Oct 12 2007 at 2:28 AM Rating: Decent
    Kill 30 of the drowned (0/30)
    Inspect cave south of the sunken ship (0/1)

    Inspecting cave opens up
    Kill Red Rum (0/1)

    Killing Red Rum opens up

    Speak with Gus Longear

    Pretty straightforward, except for finding the cave. It is just south of one of the sunken ships, a vertical cave. We had Red Rum with 2 drowned sailors and an uncounted # of spawned pirahna(sp?)....We ignored everything, burned Red Rum down (he fell very quickly) and evac'd out of the hole.

    Maatha Wirringam was up and I thought--Wow, extra loot--but no, couldn't attack at all, like a quest mob, and I understand he is a key npc in Longear # 4.

    All in all, much more of a pain then Longear # 2 (Pirate Stew) because the 30 mobs you're pulling are from underwater, you have sharks on your puller the whole time he's in the water, and the pathing from water to shore isn't ideal. We've done Pirate Stew so many times the doubloon reward dropped from 50 to 47, so looking for another easy 50 payout mission, tho if 4 and 5 are as annoying as 3 is, I'll just keep doing 2 until the reward drops again...
    Toucan Tanksem
    of Vallon Zek, Sebilis, Venril Sathir, Antonius Bayle, and now Toukan of Povar
    Longear #5 (Soothing the restless)
    # Aug 03 2007 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
    55 posts
    Longear #5 is the fastest way to farm Doubloons in this series of quests.

    The object is to kill 10 drowned pirates, go deep to the 1st cave (where Rum Red was in #3), which will trigger Kenox the Burned. Kill him and you're done.
    Longear #5 (Soothing the restless)
    # Aug 03 2007 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
    55 posts
    Little more info on #5. After killing 10 skeletons, you "venture deeper" to loc 2823, -3978, -321 and then Kenox spawns at loc 2870, -3983, -501 (just below you). Have IU if you're pulling him up.
    Info on Task 3
    # May 24 2007 at 7:25 PM Rating: Decent
    20 posts
    I just complted this mission (task 3 in this series), and I have several observations.

    1. The zone does not have any respawn during the two hours our group took to finish the mission.

    2. The main shaft from which you get the updated, has two undocumented branches which meet in a side chamber.

    3. The named does not see thru IUV.

    My advise, after you clear the area surrounding entrance, clear all the skely except where the named spawns, and the local with him. On the second, i.e. lower shaft entrace, clear the local sleky.

    Use IUV to pre-target the add with the named, and attempt to use some sort of lull spell on him, if he is below level 76.

    Pull the named to the firt side shaft. It is a smaller area less of an issue then trying to pull the named all the way out of the shaft.

    Point blank AE, rains, and DS is what we used to deal with the adds, as well as group AE heals, while burning the named down.

    Edited, Apr 9th 2014 12:47pm by leadint
    Info on Task 3
    # Apr 05 2007 at 11:44 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    This task is pretty straightforward, but as of now a little buggy...

    The tunnel where the mobs are is at the south end of the island where you start. I suggest you just invis your group, go to the south beach where the sunken ship is closest to the shore and clear a small number of snakes & basilisks to give you an area to pull the undead to safely.

    The undead are all over in the water... you have to kill 30 of them. The named 'Rum Red' is up all the time at the bottom of a deep shaft in the water, but you won't get credit for killing him unless you've killed 30 'drowned'. So we didn't check to see if he was targetable or what not. If you kill him too early, then you're task will be broken.

    There are another type of undead that don't have 'drowned' in their name. They don't count toward the 30, but you'll probably have to kill some anyway. The undead are everywhere in the water and are very social with large aggro radius.

    Now, when you're ready for Rum Red, you may have to go in the water.

    This was a very bizarre encounter for us because we couldn't get him out of the water. Once engaged, he spawns numerous (typically at least 5 on tracking) 'A swarming pirahna' which is a level 75 fish with well under 1000hp, but hits for around 500 to 600 max. A pain, especially since small mobs underwater that warp pretty regularly can be hard to target.

    We had a good tank so we had no problem eliminating the fish. Rum Red seems to keep spawning them as long as he is aggroed, and since he would not come out of the water... this may very well be an exp machine due to the level 75 mobs that have so little hp, but it was enough of a PitA that we didn't try it.

    Well, in an earlier mission, we had a shark get stuck on the mountain and aggro us. We couldn't clear hate timer so had to keel it there... difficult to land spells with slow casting time or for tanks to hit, but pets and arrows and quick cast spells hit it just fine.

    After 3 times trying to pull him out of the water, he wouldn't come, but he finally got stuck there & we just killed him there. Just like the named in the 2nd mission, he's not bad at all. Hit our tank (75 SK 3500 AC max shielding) for about 1200 tops. Doesn't seem to have many more hp than the standard undead your killing in the whole mission.

    Basically, sometimes pulling undead underwater can be a pain, but this mission is straightforward.

    Serevio Vujade
    75 Ranger
    Tunare Server
    "I have a strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before."
    Serevio Vu`jade
    75 Ranger
    Tunare Server
    "I have the strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before."
    Info on Task 3
    # Apr 05 2007 at 11:53 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    Just a follow on -- I can post info on Task 4 if it is created..

    Task 4:

    Get task from Gus Longear, buy your ticket to deadbone reef and zone in on the boat.

    You deliver a shrunken head (looted from Galibawaga's in 2nd misson) to a named in the cannibal camp up top...

    If you didn't save one, just keel a few cannibals until you get one, they're pretty common.

    Once you deliver that, you have to kill sharks, snakes, basilisks and undead until you get the quest item (some named pearl) from each. I'd say it's an uncommon drop. This is basically just like doing quest 1 all over again in a different way... instead of exactly 8 of everything, you'll probably have to kill 5 to 10 of everything...

    No named or anything, just loot the 4 quest items and take 'em back to the named in the tent in the cannibal camp and you're done.

    The only advice I would give on this (applies to first mission as well) is don't kill your undead before your sharks... You'll probably get some undead with your sharks due to the large aggro radius and social nature, so you may make your task take longer than it needs to.

    Decent exp, though, so if you can hang with the mobs, it's not all bad. They really don't hit that hard for the level.

    Serevio Vujade
    75 Ranger
    Tunare Server
    "I have a strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before."
    Serevio Vu`jade
    75 Ranger
    Tunare Server
    "I have the strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before."
    Info on Task 4
    # Jul 31 2007 at 5:34 AM Rating: Decent
    55 posts
    You need to loot 1 each:
    Yuundu Pearl from a lizard (along the beach - single pullable by druids)
    Gall Pearl from a snake (along the beach - single pullable by druids)
    Guya Pearl from a shark
    Balun Pearl from the drowned dead

    Deliver same to Maatha Wirringam

    Zone out of the instancea and hail Gus.

    Best tactic I've seen is run over the water invis until you aggro the undead. Pull them to the beach (reinvis instantly if you get hit to avoid aggroing sharks). You should have a nice large area clear to move into the water and start farming sharks by the time you've got the Balun Pearl from the undead. If you get lucky and get a Balun Pearl early, you can get a sharks without undead at the center of the beach and on the north side of the island (near the portal).
    Info on Task 3
    # May 22 2007 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    just wanted to let you know about the last post the shrunken head you need to turn in you get it when you get the task
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