Berserker Epic 1.5: Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe  

Quest Started By:Description:
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Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Omens of War
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Mon Oct 4 21:37:30 2004
Modified: Wed Feb 26 23:21:03 2014
If you have the Kerasian Axe of Ire (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

Gather Ye Components While Ye May

Keras McArik may be found at -110, -3400, +235 by the Lake of Ill Omen.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik says, 'It is good to see you again, friend. It seems my axe has fared well thus far, aye? Indeed it has. Have you spoken with your guildmaster yet? They will be glad to see that you are well on your path to controlling your rage.'

Find your hometown berserker guildmaster.

Shanis MacDarren is the GM for barbarians in Halas.

You say, 'Hail, Shanis MacDarren'

Shanis MacDarren looks around briefly, 'It's a great day out here today, it almost makes me want to be out on the tundra enjoying it!' She continues to admire the day for a moment more. 'What can I help you with today? What's that? Something about your soul gem? Hmm . . . Let's see what we can do here. Here you go, but please take care of this one, they are not easy to create. You may wish to seek out Keras. He will be interested in one so young as you who has begun the process of learning to control and focus their rage.'

Dravel Axethrasher is the GM for dwarves in North Kaladim.

Your Location is 488.94, 304.54, -33.50

You say, 'Hail, Dravel Axethrasher'

Dravel Axethrasher says 'Well hello thar! It's good to see ya again, what can I do fer ye? Oh, you lost your soul gem, eh? Well, let's see what I can do here. Ahh yes, here ye go, but take good care of this one, they are not easy to create. Ye might want to seek out Keras and apprise him of yer progress in your quest to learn to focus and control yer rage.'

Baddi Waca is the GM for ogres in Oggok.

You say, 'Hail, Baddi Waca'

Baddi Waca says 'Me's kan tell dat yuz lose da soul gem. Iz yuz wanting anoder wun? Mez tinkin yez! Yuz needz to takez gud care uv dis wun now becuz dey are not easy to make! Mez tink dat Keras may want to knowz dat yuz is doin gud on yer serch for focusin' and controlin' yur rage.'

Vrasha Piennsa is the GM for vah shir in Shar Vahl at 61.12, 48.84, -258.12.

You say, 'Hail, Vrasha Piennsa'

Vrasha Piennsa says 'What can I help you with today? What's that? Something about your soul gem? Hmm...Let's see what we can do here. Here you go, but please take care of this one, they are not easy to create. I'd imagine that Keras will want to see that you are progressing nicely on your quest to seek a way to focus and control your rage.'

Dabbo Dogak is the GM for trolls in Grobb (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Daboo Dogak'

Daboo Dogak says 'Me's kan tell dat yuz lose da soul gem. Iz yuz wanting anoder wun? Mez tinkin yez! Yuz needz to takez gud care uv dis wun now becuz dey are not easy to make! Mez tink dat Keras may want to knowz dat yuz is doin gud on yer serch for focusin' and controlin' yur rage.'

After you've spoken with your guildmaster, you receive a Raging Soul Shard. Head back to Keras McArik.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik appears to be lost in this own thoughts, mumbling to himself occasionally, and barely acknowledging your existence. Just as you're about to speak again, he says, 'Ach, ya have to forgive me absentmindedness, friend. I've been rather busy pondering matters at hand.'

You say, 'What matters at hand?'

Keras McArik says 'Since the recent discovery of the portal on Taelosia, we've been finding many different types of ores, plants, and minerals that were unlike anything we'd ever seen before. These materials have been used to craft simple weapons, potions, and sometimes even been used in various recipes for. . .uh. . .some interesting dishes. Yet I believe that they can be used for something much, much more.'

You say, 'Something much, much more?'

Keras McArik says 'Some of these materials were of a quality that I feel can be used to craft implements of incredible power and perhaps these materials can even be incorporated into the processes used to craft the Axe of Ire to create an even more durable weapon.'

You say, 'What materials?'

Keras McArik says 'Smiths have used many different types of tempering materials, from water to plant extracts to even blood from exotic animals on occasion. Why I've even heard about one legendary smith using the tears of a god! But given the magical properties of the ore that yew are collecting for me, I suspect that the plants and even some of the animal have been affected by the same type of magic. It is my theory that if we combined the ore with blood and extracts from the plants and animals of Taelosia, we would increase our efforts doubly.'

You say, 'What ore?'

Keras McArik says 'I thank ye for volunteering. The ore I seek comes form the areas closest to where the portal to Discord was originally opened. Ore from this area, I've been told, seems to be the purest form available. Once yew've gathered 4 pieces of this ore, return to me so that I may continue my research.'

You say, 'What blood?'

Keras McArik says 'There are many different types of creatures lurking throughout all of Taelosia though two intrigue me the most. . .the cragbeasts and the hynids. In order to craft the various tempers that I need, I will require 4 vials of blood from each of these creatures.'

You say, 'What extracts?'

Keras McArik says 'Taelosia is vibrant with some of the most exotic plants known to Norrath, with nary a tree in sight. That in and of itself is a bit unusual but the plant-life that does exist in Taelosia seems to be very potent in nature. Gather 4 samples from two different plants and return to me once this has been done.'

You say, 'What durable weapon?'

Keras McArik says 'Ever since I've heard stories about these materials, I've been working on various designs for a new axe. . .trying to figure out how one could imbue it with the essence and spirit of a true berserker. Unfortunately I have been unable to get my hands on any raw ore of a high enough quality to experiment with.'

Shimmering Aligned Ore drops in GoD zones at Kod'Taz level and above. Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik 's eyes open wide in excitement as you hand him the 4 pieces of ore. 'Very good work indeed, young berserker!' As he examines each piece one at a time, he nods slowly, his smile widening each time, 'These pieces will do very well, no doubt. I will hold onto these until yew manage to bring me the rest of the components.'

Hynid Blood drops in various GoD zones. Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik says 'Ah, the hynid blood. Excellent work my young friend, excellent work. As I mentioned earlier, I have a theory about hynid blood and how their unique physiology has allowed them to adapt to the harsh conditions of their environment. It is my hope that their essence of adaptability is also contained within these samples you have retrieved for me. I will store these safely until yew return with the other components I also need.'

Cragbeast Blood drops (need drop locations). Hand in four unstacked.

Keras McArik takes the samples and slowly examines each one carefully. 'Ah, yes, the cragbeast blood and in very good condition too. This should work quite nicely for my experiment. It is my theory that capturing and utilizing the durability of cragbeasts could help to forge a weapon of unsurpassed durability. I will hold onto to these until yew bring me the rest of the necessary components.'

Go to Kod'Taz (+635, +1870; -750, -955; -2030, -1180) or Yxtta (+630, -1075; +365, -330 ; -450, -450). Click the bushes in Kod'Taz or the pots in Yxtta in the middle of the golem ring to receive a Taelosian Fern Sample. Reuse timer on the pot/bush is one hour. Turn in four samples unstacked to Keras.

Keras McArik begins to ruffle though the leaves holding them up to the light. 'Yes, surely these are the Taelosian Fern extracts I asked you to retrieve. They're far greener than I expected but surely these are the samples. It is said that the winds that roar down from the Taelosian mountains can strip the flesh from a man in but a few fleeting moments. Yet these gentle Ferns manage to survive because of their flexibility allows the winds to pass harmlessly through their branches. It is this essence of flexibility that I hope to capture and use. I will store these safely until yew return with the rest of the components.

Taelosian Tea Extract may be brewed by combining Taelosian Mountain Tea (received by giving Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves to Galidnus Corkpopper in the Abysmal Sea) and Sacred Water (dropped in Plane of Valor), trivial 125. Turn in four extracts unstacked to Keras.

Keras McArik says 'Yes, the Tea Extract. These are fine samples indeed and should do quite nicely. This extract should help to purify the other components required for the tempering materials. These remaining pure essences should allow us to create an alloy out of the Taelosian Ore that is unmatched. I will hold onto these until you finish bringing me the remaining temper ingredients.'

Once you have handed all the required items (four each of Shimmering Aligned Ore, Hynid Blood, Cragbeast Blood, Taelosian Fern Sample, Taelosian Tea Extract), you'll see this:

Keras McArik says 'Excellent. I've managed to imbue all of the temper components you brought into the 4 pieces of Taelosian Tempered Ore. Take the samples to Baeldarr Hawkeye who can be found in the Plane of Knowledge. His knowledge and artistry of smithing is unmatched. Surely he can tell us the value of what we have created here.'

You receive four pieces of Taelosian Tempered Ore. Find Baeldarr Hawkeye in the Plane of Knowledge at -420, +510. Give him the four pieces.

Baeldarr Hawkeye says 'What's this ye got here? From Keras, ye say? Hmm. . .let me look at this. Aye, these aren't ordinary pieces of ore fer sure. Don't tell me that that son of a she-wolf finally managed to sucker someone into helping him make that Taelosian Tempered Ore he's been blathering about! Hah! But as surely as Ogres are stupid here it is! Fer me to truly understand what this ore is capable of will take me some time you understand. So in the meantime, fetch me some Darkwood Sapling Branches. If Keras is right, only this wood will make suitable handles.'

Darkwood Sapling Branches are ground spawns in Dranik's Scar at +1005, -20; -400, -650; -1215, -1250. Respawn time is 20 minutes. Give four branches to Baeldarr.

Baeldarr Hawkeye looks pleased to see you. 'Excellent timing friend! I just finished turning the ore samples you brought me earlier into some fine axe heads. It'll be but a moment till I complete the axes . . . The only thing that remains is they need to be thoroughly tested against a very hard-skinned creature, which will allow us to discover their durability. Deep within the recesses of Old Sebilis reside several golems of massive proportions. Slay the largest of these golems to test these axes out thoroughly. Return to Keras with the result so that he may inspect his handywork.'

You receive four different Trial Taelosian Alloy Blood Axes.

Testing the Axes

Bring a small raid to Old Sebilis. Kill the four static juggernaut spawns near -1555, -166. This will cause An Ancient Sebilite Protector (level 75) to spawn along with two untouchable adds (A Sebilite Guardian, red /con to 70) that will heal it. The Protector hits for 1600 max, AE rampages, and procs Death Shackles starting at 75% (which is when the guards begin to heal it as well). The Guardians proc Blurring Focus, Complete Heal, and Curse of the Protector. During the fight, you need to wield each of the four trial axes until you see one of the following messages and the axe gets moved to your cursor:
  • After several heavy swings, the axe shatters into many fine pieces. Time for a new axe!
  • After raining down nearly two dozen blows you begin to notice small hairline fractures developing in the axe head. You think testing for this axe has been completed.
  • After many swings you can feel this axe is failing and think that it will fall apart at any moment. You think that testing for this axe has been completed.
  • The rigors of battle have had no effect of this axe. Keras should be very pleased with the result of this particular axe.

After the fight, if you tested the axes properly, you should see this in red text:

Stepping back for a moment, you look over the axes that you have crafted. Two of them seem to be no more durable than any other axe you've seen, another is completely broken, yet the fourth catches your eye. The blade has nary a nick anywhere on it, the handle seemingly able to withstand immense amounts of punishment.

You should end up with a Broken Taelosian Alloy Axe, 2 x Damaged Taelosian Alloy Axe, and a Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe. Return to Keras.

You say, 'Hail, Keras McArik'

Keras McArik once again looks lost in deep thought, 'Apologies ______. Another student o'mine has not returned yet and shall soon be overdue. I am beginning to worry that she may be in trouble. Yet she still has more time to complete her task so mayhap I shouldnah worry. Shaking himself of his concerns Keras asks, 'Come now, how well did the axes fair?'

Give him the four resulting axes.

Keras McArik grabs each axe individually and mutters something inaudible. He takes each axe in his hands and looks them over. 'This axe seems to display almost no wear, which is highly unusual, given the amount of punishment ye must have put it through. Surely all three of these axes are of higher quality than the ones we normally make, but this one is vastly superior. Given the quality of this axe, I'd say that it could very easily benefit from some enchantments. So the next step in this axe's journey should be to imbue it with some of the owner's essence. This will create an axe that can actually become aware of its owner's wishes to help him realize his true Berserker's potential. Why if I were the owner and had a rare Soul Gem handy, I'd be headin' off to Teekan the Enchanter in the Abysmal Sea. Her abilities to weave such magic are unsurpassed.'

You receive the Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe. Head to the Abysmal Sea and find Teekan Opousbabolaoi at -200, -195.

You say, 'Hail, Teekan Opousbabolaoi'

Teekan Opousbabolaoi says, 'Hail to thee friend! No doubt you sought me out for my expertise in enchanting though I admit to wondering what need a bersrker like yourself would have of me. Pray tell how may I serve thee?'

Give Teekan the Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe and Raging Soul Shard.

Teekan Opousbabolaoi takes the axe and the Soul Gem and begins the chant in low, near inaudible tones. Smoke begins to swirl around the axe as the orb twists and writhes like a serpent around the haft of the axe, melding itself to the dark wooden handle. When the smoke clears, she hands the axe back to you and says, 'This should be what you're looking for! Be sure to show this to Keras and give him my regards. Tell him he should stop by and visit sometime!'

You receive the Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe, a.k.a. berserker epic 1.5, along with 5 AA points and the ability to choose the new title "Axe Master."
Submitted by: Razoric, Kumbaja
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Berserker 1.5 checklist
# Sep 17 2018 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Berserker 1.5 checklist 
[ ] Berserker 1.0 or 1.5 prequest done 
[ ] Speak to Keras McArik in Lake of Ill Omen 
[ ] Speak to hometown Berserker GM 
	[ ]Receive Raging Soul Shard 
[ ] Speak to Keras McArik 
[ ] Gather and Turn in the following to Keras McArik 
	[ ] Shimmering Aligned Ore x4– Turn in unstacked 
	[ ] Hynid Blood x4 – Turn in unstacked 
	[ ] Cragbeast Blood x4 – Turn in unstacked 
	[ ] Taelosian Fern Sample x4 – Turn in unstacked - Kod'Taz and Yxtta 
            Zone wide respawn of one hour. Pick one in Kod'Taz and Yxtta 
            Repeat hour later for two more - No Trade 
	[ ] Taelosian Tea Extract x4 – Turn in unstacked - No Trade 
        Brewing combine required skill 125 No-Fail 
		[ ] Taelosian Mountain Tea x4 
			[ ] Give Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves to Galidnus 
                        Corkpopper in Abysmal Sea get 2 Taelosian Mountain Tea 
                        for each Tea Leaves given 
		[ ] Sacred Water x4	Plane of Valor	 
[ ] Receive Taelosian Tempered Ore from Keras McArik 
[ ] Turn in Taelosian Tempered Ore to Baeldarr Hawkeye – PoK 
[ ] Gather Darkwood Sapling Branches x4 – Dranik Scar ground spanws 
[ ] Turn in Branches to Baeldarr Hawkeye – PoK 
[ ] Receive 4 axes 
[ ] Old Sebilis – An Ancient Sebilite Protector - No raid as of Sep 21, 2016 
	[ ] Test all 4 axes till they break (ie placed on cursor) on the Protector 
	[ ] Protector must be defeated only after all 4 axes have been tested. 
[ ] Return to Keras McArik in LoIO 
	[ ] Turn in all 4 tested axes 
	[ ] Receive Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe 
[ ]Turn in Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe and Raging Soul Shard to Teekan 
       Opousbabolaoi (Enchanter GM) – Abysmal Sea

Edited, Sep 17th 2018 1:32pm by hslater
Testing the four axes in Seb
# Feb 18 2018 at 3:11 AM Rating: Good
187 posts
I went in with just me and merc. No raid or anything. Killed the Juggs that were up and epic mobs spawned immediately. You have to go through the door with the clicky to open on the right (looks like a planter). Its the area where you farm for part of WE illusion drops.
Horrible Programming
# Apr 05 2017 at 8:53 PM Rating: Good
32 posts
The final portion of this epic is horrid. The programming couldn't have been worse. Even with the patch now allowing the Berserker to spawn the ASP and finish the final 4 tests without a raid, it's still a horror show. My experience was a 7 hour waiting game. I tried with a 2 person raid, I tried without a raid, I tried with a merc, without a merc, every which way. Eventually I got 6 people to sit in PoK in a raid for me. I had no luck with killing the static spawns or clearing the entire area from the golem pit before the actual spawn area & up to Trak and such. So I said I wonder what will happen if I use a trial axe on a regular juggernaut in the room. It wasn't even a static juggernaut I used it on, it was the one that is just milling around like it just got out of bed to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. The second it died from my trial axe the ASP popped. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I'll be trying it again since I didn't get the final message after the ASP's death.

Now when he spawned I was in a locked raid of 6, all consolidated into 1 group. Only myself (68 Berserker) and my main (101 Magician) were in OS at the time, the rest of the raid was elsewhere AFK. I only formed the raid because I thought you needed to be in one in order for the ASP to spawn. I cannot confirm at this time if you still need to be in a raid in order to spawn the ASP, I need to do this part over again anyway so I will try without a raid and update this post.

I tested all 4 axes, got the updates for each axe as well as the updated version of each axe. I did not however get the final message after the ASP died. My Berserker did die once during the fight but was resurrected immediately via a Merc I had spawned (once the ASP spawned I dropped raid and formed a normal group with my Berserker). So I went to hand in to Keras and to no avail, he handed the tested updated axes right back to me with no dialogue. I went back to Hawkeye, hailed him and got the 4 trial axes back (in my inventory the updated trial axes were magically gone after this hail). Now I'm sitting back in the same spot.....waiting another 2 hours to do this ridiculous portion. It's not even hard, it's just RIDICULOUS. I've done every 1.0 to 2.0 except the Rogue/Druid and so far, this is the most ridiculous event of any of them. I'll try to remember to update this post when/If I complete this portion. Good Luck everyone.


Alright folks. I waited until morning again since I failed a 2nd time last night doing the same exact thing I just did. I believe 2 things, 1. The 4 static spawns must be killed (and possibly the juggernauts outside of the door before you enter), and 2. The berserker might have to kill a few of the juggernauts (I had no luck with trying to spawn the ASP until I did this). I kept my Berserker alive the entire fight as well, he didn't go down at all, he was also wielding the trial axe that looks like it has the stick going all the way through it last (it's the one that works and can still be used after it is tested and gets the emote). I put it back in his primary once the update was completed and kept fighting the ASP with it until it was dead. I figured just to be safe I would do that.

Conclusion- I got the final emote, chest spawn when I completed the event WITHOUT A MERC & in a small formed raid. My Berserker & My Paladin, Locked & moved into the same group. ALSO, I killed his guardians first ONCE they became targetable. The patch in 2016 mentioned this, that you must kill his friends first. Not sure if that was referring to the 4 Static Juggernauts, or the 2 Sebilite Guardians that spawn along side the ASP. I don't know which requirement was needed to get the update (A 2016 patch mentioned that a raid is no longer needed, so I'm assuming it was the mercenary.) I hope this information helped.

Quicklist -
-Berserker At Part Of Epic
-Suspend Mercenaries
-Form Raid of 2 consolidated in same group & locked
-Kill 4 Static Juggernauts at location (to be safe kill the ones outside of the room too)
-Test 4 axes on ASP, watch for updates & trial axes being automatically moved to cursor.
-Once the ASP Guardians become targetable, KILL THEM FIRST
-Once the Guardians are dead, KILL THE ASP.
- Look for final emote once he is dead, also a CHEST WILL SPAWN.

Edited, Apr 6th 2017 9:09am by VonsneerTheScoundrel

Edited, Apr 6th 2017 9:14am by VonsneerTheScoundrel
patch info on epic 1.5
# Jan 18 2017 at 10:07 AM Rating: Good
59 posts
patch was September update patch 2016

" Berserker Epic 1.5 Quest - You will no longer need to be in a raid to get credit for testing all the axes against An Ancient Sebilite Protector in Sebilis. You do still have to kill the Ancient Sebilite Protector to get credit and you still have to kill his buddies first."
was all it said.

Was able to attack the ancient with out a raid by my self 105 ber with all decap aa. no buffs attacked him got 2 axes tested. tryed putting my back to him with attack on it said i canot see him.
next try when he spawned just faced him not attacking got the other 2 axes tested

Edited, Jan 22nd 2017 7:03am by knife

Edited, Jan 22nd 2017 7:05am by knife
# Jan 09 2017 at 3:19 PM Rating: Good
59 posts
saw a patch a few months ago that said you no longer need a raid for that part ti kill golems tryed it you cannot attack them unless in a raid
they also said you no longer need to test the axes just kill the golems has anyne verified this .
# Jan 11 2017 at 4:32 PM Rating: Excellent
knife wrote:
saw a patch a few months ago that said you no longer need a raid for that part ti kill golems tryed it you cannot attack them unless in a raid
they also said you no longer need to test the axes just kill the golems has anyne verified this .

Let us know which patch that was in and we'll get this changed.
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Ancient seb protector
# Feb 26 2014 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Alot of confusion ... if you have decap even started you will want to do the form the raid thing inside the sebilte chamber wait a minute for the ASP to spawn. Then have someone other then a class that can insta kill the mob melee it down to 75% and or lower, while keeping your zerker pointed towards the wall assist that person to and just swing away. I set up audio triggers to the axes emotes so i would know when it was finished. Sure enough they took a few swings and bango it updated. Now just to turn in and a nice shiny new weapon to go bloody

Edited, Feb 26th 2014 11:33pm by sarrox
Ancient seb protector
# Feb 28 2014 at 5:05 PM Rating: Good
48 posts
Yah, I formed my raid outside the zone. Got into the Golems area, and a few minutes after I killed the golems he spawned. I had my zerker with his four bandolier slots set up to switch axes fast. Getting heals is usually the most important things during the event.
For the Good of the Realms!
Testing your axes
# Aug 02 2013 at 5:03 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
got a nice hint for testing your 4 axes if your past the point of decapitation... im a 95 zerker had one decap land for max crit at 412kdmg and took the ASP down to 14% life I then turned my back to him left auto attack on and my axes updated without me having to dmg him anymore.
# Jun 16 2013 at 1:32 AM Rating: Default
Okay a few comments. Don't buy any of the droppable stuff unless you are going to buy it all, the cragbeast blood is the hardest to get, and in the process of getting that in KT, I ended up getting everything else. THere are three sets of animals in KT, one just to the right a little ways in, then left past the summoner ring, and right past the summoner ring.

once you pick up a fern leaf from a pot or bush, all the ones in that zone are no longer takeable, it will say the plant is too withered. So you can get 2 every hour.

This is what I experienced fighting the ancient sebilite protector. We had to kill room spawns 3 times before he spawned, I think this was due to the mob echo/shade of sebilis? in a sort of side room attached to the bigger room, I think all the mobs in the ASP's room need to be down. We didn't originally kill him because we didn't think it was necessary. testing the axes is not based on health percentage from what I can see. It might even be random.

that's it from me!

Edited, Jun 16th 2013 3:33am by Loknessy
multi quest
# May 02 2013 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
59 posts
my bezerker is lvl 97 and the test mob lives about 5 sec can the last step be multi have another bez test the axes turn in the parts get the axe go to abysmal sea turn it in have my bez turn in the rage item and get the epic any feed back would be nice .
Tricky When You Decapitate...
# Dec 11 2012 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I just helped a friend get this, and he neglected the epic until very high level. The final epic 1.5 fight was much more complicated because he would decapitate the boss while testing the axes! After 3 tries of killing it too fast, we found that you could pull other sebilite juggernauts and test the axes on them and then go back to kill the ASP. We tried letting the other golems heal the ASP, but eventually they despawned.

So if you bring really high level zerkers, make sure they get a chance to test all the axes before you kill the boss! Have the tank take off damage shields and just keep aggro without doing damage.

Edited, Dec 11th 2012 11:44pm by Brumdail
Must start quest dialog to loot ferns
# Nov 21 2012 at 1:51 AM Rating: Good
60 posts
Don't do what I did... You Must start quest dialog to loot ferns.
Save yourself some frustration :-)
The fern locations in Kod'Taz
# Jun 12 2012 at 7:16 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Am i missing something? I've tried to go to the fern locations and each of them are in buildings, there are no plants at those locations. I'm confused.
The fern locations in Kod'Taz
# Jun 13 2012 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Nevermind. The bushes are at the base of the building and hard to see. I'm all set. FYI I got my craigsblood pretty fast in the insta zone tiz. I started expedition killed everything to the hatching trap, then ran out of the zone and restarted. Didn't seem to have downtime and went pretty fast.
he spawns in a room in the sebillire area
# Oct 06 2011 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
654 posts
you enter the room by clicking on the firepot by the door and get out with the help of an illusion-- click off the illusion while pushing your nose into the door and you will go out and it will open for the rest of your group.

With him conning dark blue to my 78 berserker, my main focus was on keeping berserker healed. The responses i got amazed me when i asked on general chat when i asked for a healer to help me. It is an irritation to get responses, from people who don't bother to even read the epic, of "oh, i can solo that, i'll come kill him for you". and "Old Seb? of course you can use a merc. just bring one up."

after talking to one guy for several minutes and patiently trying to explain it to him, i finally said, "you really don't understand anything so please don't come out and ruin my epic."

too many people think they should come rescue you when all you ask for is a little help staying alive through the long fight. If they would bother to read each epic before offering that, they would realize that people doing epics don't need rescuing. If they did, why bother with the epic?

Success comes when preparation meets opportunity -- and EQ is no exception.
re: ASP spawn
# Jul 01 2010 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
145 posts
it takes a few moments for ASP to spawn. Around 1-3 min. So be patient.
# Oct 14 2009 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
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So, I was went in with 2 friends, mage and druid (sod raid geared), tested the axes all 4 got the emotes got the diffent axes yatta yatta, killed the ASP, we didn't die, didn't have mercs, and no chest and I didn't get the flag emote, so killed the other two guys and again no chest no flag, Keras doesn't wanna talk to me. have a petition in but I mean besides testing the axes and the asp dieing, anything else one has to do during the fight?
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You needed to be in a RAID. Which means:

Invite your 2 friends into the raid
THEN spawn ASP
Test axes
Kill ASP

Without being in a raid, you won't get the updates.

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i got the updates without being in raid. once asp spawned i dropped out of raid popped mercs got all the updates except the last one.
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confirm 2 berserker for final fight
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Confirming that 2 berserkers can do the final fight in sebilis at the same time. Did it yesterday.
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Tags: Brewing, Tea Extract

This might be useful to someone after realising the Sacred Waters are no drop, and you have to do the 125 req Brewing combines yourself: You can get straight from 0 to 122 brewing skill by making 'Fetid Essence'. The ingredients are 'Water Flask' and 'Fishing Grubs', both sold in PoK dirt cheap. Happy brewing!
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during the Sebilis fight.
My friend died 20+ times and STILL got the chest to spawn
And completed his epic
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My Fight
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Ok, I am a 65 Zerker, I did the whole 1.5 at 65. Everything went smooth and was no problem.

Buyable items:

Cragbeast blood
Hynid blood
Shimmering aligned ore
Taeloisan mountain tea leaves (you still have to get brewing to 120 to make the tea extract though).

The only part I had issues with was with the Sebilite Protector fight. I did it twice. First time I went in with an 85 war/druid/wizard. Tested all axes, didnt die once, but too much spam to see if I got the final flag, which I guess I didnt, and no chest spawned. Not sure why as I was in a raid.

So 3 hours later I tried again with a bunch of 85's (this can be done solo by an 85 SK, but not recommended unless you have Infusion of the Faithful to make it so AE does not hit you.) this time BEFORE going into Sebilis I made sure everyone was in the raid and made sure no merc's were present upon entering seb. When we got to the camp we buffed up and killed the juggernauts till spawn. Now, I read in posts before this one that if the berserker dies during the fight, you wont get the final flag. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I died twice, once after i tested first axe, once after 2nd, got 100% rez's within 20 seconds and went back to work and got the final flag. As far as the axes, the first one will become tested at 70%, 2nd at 50, 3rd 40, last 30 (best I could tell). So make sure you are asembled before attacking any golems is the only reason i could figure why i didnt get flag first time.
multiple zerks on final
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At least 2 zerk's can do the final fight at the same time. Had two chests spawn.
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2 hour cool down
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One other note. Epic mobs have a 2 hour respawn, so you can't do it back to back, but I believe 2 berserkers can do it at the same time.

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Must be in raid for ancient sebilite
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You MUST be in raid formation to spawn the ancient Sebilite Protector. After that, you can kill him without a raid, but he won't spawn without you in a raid. I also recommend you carry your soul shard with you. Just in case.

Have fun,
Must be in raid for ancient sebilite
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Tried this and found out it will not work. You will NOT get the invisible flag (e.g. Message in red once all 4 axes have been tested and ASP is dead) unless you are in RAID, which means no mercs. I ended up having to redo ASP because of this bad and obviously untested advice.
Troll version
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This is the information I logged after I first hailed the Troll Berserker GM in Grobb after completing the 1.0 epic and hailing Keras McArik:

You have entered Grobb.
[Sat Nov 29 19:58:20 2008] You say, 'Hail, Daboo Dogak'
[Sat Nov 29 19:58:20 2008] Daboo Dogak says 'Me's kan tell dat yuz lose da soul gem. Iz yuz wanting anoder wun? Mez tinkin yez! Yuz needz to takez gud care uv dis wun now becuz dey are not easy to make! Mez tink dat Keras may want to knowz dat yuz is doin gud on yer serch for focusin' and controlin' yur rage.'

Also: The location for the four static Sebilite Juggernauts in Sebilis is listed BACKWARDS to what I see when I type /loc. (-1555, -166)

I brought a group to kill the Ancient Sebilite Protector at the correct point in the quest but he didn't spawn.

The trick to getting him to spawn is to form your group in a RAID, and then kill the garbage in the room. He didn't spawn after I killed the juggernauts, or the echo of Sebilis which took one of their spawns. Oddly enough it popped after killing one of the reets.

Don't get any funny ideas with the merc healers either. I spawned him the first time in RAID and then dropped to group so I could pop healer mercs, and the event emote at the end didn't occur. I had to do this again, but luckily...

*If you fail the fight, hail Baeldarr Hawkeye in the Plane of Knowledge and he will give you the four axes all over again. Just repeat and persevere* :]

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Troll version
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Confirmed, on failure can hail Baeldarr Hawkeye and the used axes will poof from your inventory, new 4 will appear on cursor.
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An Ancient Sebilite Protector
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An Ancient Sebilite Protector hit me today for 1755 on a berserk 80 with 2k3AC and Combat stability 8
Zerk 80 (-_-)
Wrong location?
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Third location listed for Fern Sample might not be correct is bugged or off...I've been all through that area and am unable to get the fern due to not being able to find it.....location i'm refering to is -2030, -1180 also noticed that if I get fern sample from one location in KT that i'm unable to get from another location? is this the case for everyone else?
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