Magician Epic 1.5: Staff of Elemental Essence  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
Quest Items:
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Era:Omens of War
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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If you have an Orb of Mastery (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest, find Bantil Io`Tuv on the fourth floor of the library in the Plane of Knowledge at +115, +995, +95.

You say, 'Hail, Bantil Io`Tuv'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Greetings. I see you have followed the path of Magi'Kot, quite some time ago he was my teacher. I was sad to hear of his fate. He was a great man, he understood the elements in a manner that few have before him. I was glad to hear that his legacy lived past his demise, and I am happy to meet someone that has followed in his [footsteps].'

You say, 'His footsteps?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Magi'Kot strove to push the limits of knowledge, however few know that he was more of a researcher than an innovator. His strongest attribute was the ability to gather knowledge and derive patterns and trends from the teachings of summoners before him. Since his untimely death, I have learned the [source of his research] on elemental mastery.'

You say, 'What is the source of his research?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'There have been elemental masters for as long as there has been magic. There are many great magicians whose names have been lost to history. I recently learned that Magi'Kot gained access to some of these ancient teachings. This is how he learned the path to elemental mastery. His other disciples and myself thought this knowledge was gone forever, until we learned that the original tomes were stored here, in the [Great Library].'

You say, 'Great Library?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'There is little that has ever been written that has not, or will not, sit on the shelves here. Sadly, when I finally managed to make it here, the tomes were missing. No one seemed to know where they have gone or why. I have been searching for clues telling of where these tomes vanished to, and finally, the [pieces] are starting to come together.'

You say, 'What pieces?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'I am hesitant to use the word conspiracy, however the more I find, the more that seems to be the best choice. I found this note while searching for the tomes. I suspect it may lead you to finding the first of the missing tomes, sadly I do not recognize the language.'

Bantil gives you a Tattered Note (identifies as "Parts of the note are torn"), with a transliteration of Akhevan written in Common Tongue. It reads:

Ans dutenus ial di xetanus. Ans vaeus xaui xau.


This roughly translates as "The enemy is/are (what?) blasphemy. The shadows {female} I. - Danvi." (Help much appreciated with translating this from Akhevan.)


Danvi's Corpse is located in the northeastern corner of Akheva Ruins. Like all containers, you must be free of aggro before you /open it to get the Journal of Magus Tvish inside. There are multiple ways to get there, either get someone to train the entire zone and all the traps away, or fight there with a group (or duo/trio if you are powerful enough).

Bring the book back to Bantil, and hand it to him.

Bantil Io`Tuv focuses for a minute, his hands glow with power. He then blows softly and the shadows melt from the Tome. As he opens it a small note falls to the floor. What is this? it appears to be some sort of correspondence. Hmm, interesting, it seems the next tome was given to a gnome, he set sail somewhere, but has not been heard from in quite some time. You will have to find him, he was supposed to wait for [Danvi] so he could take the tome.

You say, 'Danvi?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says, 'Danvi is supposed to identify herself with the password "Violet Roses", when you find this gnome tell him the pass phrase and he should give you the book.'

The Lost Tomekeeper is on the Gnome boat in Western Wastes at +4475, +1875, -306.

You say, 'Violet Roses.'

a Lost Tomekeeper says, 'Oh? Yes. The tunips blow clockwise, or something or other. Here you go. Stay diligent. The enemy may be anyone.'

He will hand you a Tome of Primal Fires (identifies as "The book is hot to the touch"). Return it to Bantil.

Bantil lo`Tuv quickly thumbs through the book. You can see the excitement growing on his face. 'This is incredible. I can see why Magi'Kot was able to learn so much from these tomes. There are just three more that we need to find, and we will be able to [ascend beyond] Magi'Kot's greatest dreams.'

You say, 'Ascend beyond?'

Bantil lo`Tuv says, 'Oh my! Where has my mind been? I haven't even told you what these tomes are capable of. As you can see, I have mastered the orb as well. I have long suspected that this is not the pinnacle of elemental power, these [two books] prove it beyond any doubt. With the power present in the orb, the teachings I learned from Magi'Kot, and the knowledge from the tomes, I suspect we should be able to figure out how to reach the next level. Magi'Kot would be so proud!'

You say, 'Which two books?'

Bantil lo`Tuv says, 'Oh! I am sorry, I get so excited sometimes. Yes, the next two books. I've found some information alluding to their whereabouts. The first was hidden in another great library, somewhere across the "Frightened Abyss". Whatever that means. The second is in the protection of someone studying the mental effects of horror.'

The great library is in Chararsis, and the other is in the Deep.


The book in Charasis is deep in the East Wing of the zone. First, if you don't have a key to Charasis, you must get one. Once you get into Charasis, there are a few ways to the East Wing.

The easiest, if you can pull it off, is to levitate over the fake stairwell straight to the East Wing door. This can be very hard if you don't know how to do it. I managed to do it by hitting F10 to turn off my UI, and went to full-screen mode instead of windowed. That raised my FPS enough to levitate over. I also had Spirit of Wolf on. If you can't manage that, you can try and get a rogue to let you into the South Wing, which leads to the East. Failing that, the third method is to fight through the entire zone collecting all the keys to open all the doors yourself.

Once you get to the room in the east wing shaped like a sideways H, the book is a spawn on the southeast table in that room at +70, -615. It is the Book of Bindings and Incantations (identifies as "You don't understand most of the concepts inside").

The Deep

The second book is in The Deep, in the possession of Grigor Rojha, an Erudite. He is at the Ssraeshza zone-line, past the Thought Horror Overfiend. You will need a group to plow to him, or a couple friends if you are well geared enough. From beating him you will earn the Codex of Ice and Ether (identifies as "Chapter 1: Why Ice and Ether?").

Bring these two books back to Bantil. After returning the first book, he says:

Bantil lo 'Tuv says 'Ahh great, thank you. There are some interesting notes in these books. I suspect soon we should be able to find who is responsible for the disappearance in the first place.

And after the second:

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Oh my. Oh this is most disturbing news. It appears that one of Magi'Kot's apprentices was responsible for the theft of these books. This may not be the end of the story. Magi'Kot had four apprentices. Jahson Aksot, Akksstaff, Walnan and myself. There are notes in some of these letters that no one but one of his apprentices could have known. Speak to the others please, but be discreet, I sense something much larger at work here, return to me with anything you find.'

The Apprentices

You can visit Aksot and Walnan in either order, but be prepared to fight Akksstaff if you hail him third.

Aksot is in the Commonlands and can be found wandering the southern path. You can ask him about Walnan, and he will say that she was apprenticed to a very powerful mage, and after the apprenticeship, she wanted to teach the art to others, even those who knew nothing of the art, after which he only says to seek her out and wishes you luck.

You say, 'Hail, Jahsohn Aksot'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'Greetings, ______.

You say, 'Bantil sent me.'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'You are working with Bantil? I hope you had some luck finding the books. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Bantil is a friend, despite his gnomish heritage.'

Walnan is in Butcherblock Mountains (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Walnan'

Walnan says 'Hallo ______! I am Walnan, elementalist, summoner, wanderer, and sometimes teacher. Might you be a elementalist in search of the truth?

You say, 'Bantil sent me.'

Walnan says 'How is good old Bantil doing? I'm afraid I don't have any information for you, but if I hear anything I'll be sure to tell you.'

After hailing one of them, the other one will give you this line, or something like it, on the end of his/her speech:

'Oh, you may want to speak to Akksstaff again, he and Bantil never quite saw eye to eye, you may want to ask him about Bantil again.'

Next, you must visit Akksstaff. Bring a group for this, and an enchanter is very helpful to AE Mez the Host of the Elements you'll have to fight.

You say, 'Bantil sent me.'

Akksstaff says 'My, you are persistant aren't you? Well you have found more trouble than you expected, now haven't you? Prepare to witness the true power of a master of the elements!'

He will spawn an Akksstaff's Minion, who around 80% will spawn 9 Host of Akksstaff, one by one.

After defeating them all, talk to Akksstaff again.

Akksstaff says 'How is this possible? I cannot be defeated. Spare my life and I will tell you the truth of Magi'kot's [demise].'

You say, 'Tell me of his demise.'

Akksstaff grins. 'I am the last Council Member of the Order of the Elemental Shadows. For Centuries, we protected the true secrets behind elemental mastery, but our sect dies here with me. I chose to sit at Magi'kot's side and watch his progress, he showed more promise than anyone since Tvish. When I learned he was to receive the Orb of Mastery, I sabotaged his spell. The flaw was not his, but now people have succeeded where he failed. It doesn't matter, even with the power of the Orb and the knowledge in these tomes, Bantil will never unlock the full power of elemental mastery. You are only helping him to meet the same fate as Magi'Kot.' He then hands you the book and fades into the shadows.

He gives you a book titled Sentience of Elements (identifies as "An Elemental How-To").

I had a problem where he didn't say the first line when I hailed him, but telling him "demise" got me the book. So if you don't get that text, try to skip to the end of the conversation.

Bring the Sentience of Elements back to Bantil.

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Akksstaff was responsible for our teacher's death? That is truly sad news. I knew he was devious, but I never suspected this type of betrayal.' Bantil takes a deep breath as he regains his composure, and he starts to browse through the book. 'This is truly amazing. I don't think Magi'Kot ever had access to this... No, of course he didn't. He never would have believed the Orb of Mastery was the pinnacle of [power] if that was the case.'

You say, 'Power?'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'It seems that the Master of Elements is both the key and the lock before the next level of understanding. He is an amalgam of four equally powerful elemental beings. The essence from these four elementals will serve as the catalyst for ascension beyond the power of the Orb. Sadly, the texts tell nothing of the location of these four creatures, but I suspect that the gatekeepers to the elemental planes may be able to help us locate them. If you can, please head to Tranquility and ask the guardians of the Elemental planes about the Elemental Essences.'

The last part of this quest is to go find the four Elemental Essences that Bantil speaks off. Talk to the guardians of the Elemental Planes in Plane of Tranquility for clues on where they're located.

The four elements can be done in any order.


Head to the entrance to the Plane of Water.

You say, 'Hail, Jurmak the Undertow'

Jurmak the Undertow says, 'The Elders say that you are now allowed to enter the Plane of Water. I shall allow you to enter, but I will not be responsible for whatever fate may befall you upon entry to this greater elemental plane.'

You say, 'Tell me of the elemental essences.'

Jurmak the Undertow says 'Oh? The Elemental Essence of water? That is what you mean, yes? Consider yourself fortunate, I know the location of the Essence. It has spent quite some time living as a minor god to the othmir.'

Head to Cobalt Scar and talk to High Priest Margle, an Othmir, at -830, -490, 79. He's not on Othmir faction, but all of the other Othmir are, so it helps to not be KoS to Othmir.

You say, 'Hail, High Priest Margle'

High Priest Margle says 'Hello! I am the High Priest for the little village. I am in charge of communicating with our [Water God], Tiknonmanin.'

You say, 'Water God?'

High Priest Margle says 'Tiknonmanin is our one true god. He protects us when we need, and we give him tithing of fish and whatever else we find in the waters. I am the only one allowed to call him, but there are many who ask me to call him so they can give him their reverence. From time to time, someone comes to challenge him in combat. He is very confident in his power, especially this close to the water, so he allows anyone who wishes to [challenge] him.'

You say, 'I will challenge him.'

High Priest Margle says 'Well it has been some time. I guess I could allow a challenge, but you'll need to do something for me first. We've been having a tough time catching enough fish of late, and our bait supplies are running low. Bring us the meat from four ice burrowers. I'll call Tiknonmanin for you when you return.'

Go to Western Wastes and kill Ice Burrowers until you get 4 Ice Burrower Meats. Return to Margle with them, and be prepared to fight Tiknonmanin. He's located underwater, north of the Othmir camps (location 515, 170, -44). He's the easiest of the four elemental bosses, but still not a pushover, with his AE stun.

You receive the Elemental Essence of Water (identifies as "Almost too cold to hold") from killing him.


Head to the Plane of Fire entrance (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Miak the Searedsoul'

Miak the Searedsoul says, 'Greetings again. I sense that you have the correct path for the portal to the Plane of Fire. If you simply touch the portal, I will channel it to open to the location in your mind.'

You say, 'Tell me of the elemental essences.'

Miak the Searedsoul says 'Ahh the eternal search for knowledge, both bane and blessing to mortals. So, you seek the Elemental Essence of Fire? I have heard very little of it in many years, although, come to think of it, I have heard rumors of a powerful elemental trapped in the personal forge of Tagrin. I suspect that might be a good place to begin your search at the very least, but you'll need to find someone there willing to speak with you. Good luck seeker.'

Tagrin's forge is in Plane of Tactics (Drunder, Fortress of Zek), in the northwest corner of the zone (/loc?). You can invis to there if you are very careful and very lucky, otherwise either plow there or train to there. Once there, speak to Gnaap Guinders.

I did this part by training to him with the words "break targin steel" in my chatbox ready to hit enter. I managed to get the words off before dying a horrible death. Be sure nobody's in your way if you try that option. Since it's in Planes of Power, you just have to wait 30 minutes for the Graveyard to kick in to recover your corpse.

You say, 'Hail, Gnaap Guinders'

Gnaap Guinders says 'Ugh. It's dreadfully hot in here. It's been extra hot since Tagrin [upgraded] his forge.'

You say, 'Upgraded?'

Gnaap Guinders says 'Oh! Curious are you? Well I'm not going to tell you unless you get me out of here! And don't think you can just break my chains with some heavy weapons or some fancy hocus-pocus! It's going to take more than that to [break Tagrin's steel].'

You say, 'What does it take to break Tagrin's steel?'

Gnaap Guinders says 'If I knew that do you think I'd be here still? I thought you'd at least be half as smart as you look! Well, I have a friend that may be able to help us. Have you ever met Bor Wharhammer? Well if you have, good, go to him. If you haven't, find him. Bring him a hammer made by Tagrin so he can see what he's working with. He's really good at breaking stuff. Bring him this note as well, so he knows I sent you.'

He gives you a Note from Gnapp (identifies as "From: Gnapp Guinders, To: Bor Wharhammer"). Take that and a Diaku Forged Maul (identifies as "Forged by Tagrin Maldric") to Bor Warhammer in Plane of Tranquility. Diaku will show the Maul if they have it equipped, it looks like a big square hammer.

When you bring these two items to Bor:

Bor Wharhammer says 'Eh? I see ol' Gnaap 'as gotten' 'imself in'o a pickle again. Well le's see. I figu'e tha'ye need a good solven'. Ye'll need t'fin yer'self some metallic liquid, 'at'll make a fine suspension. Then fin' yerself some'un good wit' a brew barrel. Have'em mix tha' wit' sum 'ydro-lize'd ether, an' sum 'evy water.'

He gives you a Reinforced Flask (identifies as "It doesn't seem especially sturdy").

The three items you need to find are: Metallic Liquid (identifies as "Blood of Valor"), Hydrolyzed Ether (identifies as "Ether with a hydrogen at every third strand"), and Heavy Water (identifies as "It looks like water, but feels a little heavier"). The Metallic Liquid is off any crystalline monster in the northern desert of Plane of Valor, the Hydrolyzed Ether is off of frogs in Plane of Storms, and the Heavy Water is off of turtles (a corrupted turpeta) in Ferubi. The first two are droppable so you can buy in Bazaar, but the Ferubi part is NO TRADE so you must get it yourself.

Combine the Metallic Liquid, Hydrolyzed Ether, Heavy Water, and the Reinforced Flask in a Brew Barrel. It's a Brewing combine that you can fail, so have a brewing skill over 100 to make it trivial. If you combine it successfully, the result is a Corrosive Solution (identifies as "It smells pretty rancid").

Return to Gnapp and give him the the Corrosive Solution to Gnapp Guinders. Be sure to have your friends along for this, as it spawns the boss, and if you lose, you have to re-farm all the parts!

Gnaap will move to Tagrin's room and spawn the elemental. The elemental will be unkillable until it moves to its final spot. There's a spot in the lava tunnel where it's air instead of lava, he will stop there and be rooted. Once he gets there, kill him.

The Fire boss will require a few groups. Beat him to get the Elemental Essence of Fire (identifies as "It is almost too hot to handle"). A chest may spawn with additional loot.


Head to the Plane of Earth entrance (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Taq`aal Emeraldshard'

Taq`aal Emeraldshard says, 'Ahh I see you have been quite busy! Many are speaking of the deeds of you and your compatriots. You have earned the trust of the Elders. You may now pass into the Plane of Earth.'

You say, 'Tell me of the elemental essences.'

Taq`aal Emeraldshard says 'The Essence of Earth? Indeed, I know much of it. It was captured long ago by a great geomancer. He used it to assist him in harnessing and manipulating the power of earth and stone. At last word the geomancer did something to incur the wrath of a god, and he has lost much of his power. I would find where his strength was last at its greatest, and begin my search there.'

The Essence of Earth can be found in Mons Letalis. You spawn him by zoning into Letalis while being on this step of the quest. Once someone kills him, he won't respawn again for a while (2 hours most likely). He will require a few groups to defeat. Beat him to get the Elemental Essence of Earth (identifies as "It looks a whole lot like dirt"). A chest may spawn with additional loot.


Head to the entrance of the Plane of Air (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Sarhya the Dawnbreeze'

Sarhya the Dawnbreeze says, 'It appears that you are ready to travel into the Elemental Planes. Beware many of the gods there have set up wards to protect them against assaults. Most I cannot speak about; however I do have information on the Circle of Protection that guards Xegony, in her [Plane of Air].'

You say, 'Tell me of the elemental essences.'

Sarhya the Dawnbreeze says 'You seek the elemental essences? It has been a very long time since I've heard them spoke of. I am afraid I cannot be of much help, except to tell you it often enjoys to whistle through valleys and canyons. I fear it may not even reside in this realm any longer.'

Head to Nobles' Causeway. There are several spots in the zone where you can trigger this event. For your causeway mapfile:

P 1097.7072, 1732.4520, 250.2612, 240, 0, 0, 3, Essence_of_Air_Spawn_trigger
P 920.0482, 136.3843, 250.2612, 240, 0, 0, 3, TRIGGER_N136_N920
P 987.4615, 790.4484, 313.0348, 240, 0, 0, 3, TRIGGER_N790_N987
P 1412.3616, 7.6293, 250.1798, 240, 0, 0, 3, TRIGGER_Neg_8_P1412

If you trigger it, you will see:

You hear the wind whistling around your head, and see a strange windswept trail appear before you.

Follow the path that it shows you, and it will lead you to the Elemental Essence of Air. He is the hardest of the four Elementals. Beat him to get the Elemental Essence of Air (identifies as "It seems to float on a small breeze"). A chest may spawn with additional loot.

Complete your Epic 1.5

Give your Elemental Essence of Water, Elemental Essence of Fire, Elemental Essence of Earth, and Elemental Essence of Air to Bantil. He will give you your Staff of Elemental Essence. You also unlock the title "Master Elementalist", and receive 5 Alternate Advancement points.

He will then give the start text for your Epic 2.0.

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Very well done! You have accomplished more than Magi'Kot could have ever imagined.' He then reads a passage from one of the books. The elemental essences begin to glow and take shape. You are blinded for a moment with a flash of light, when your eyes clear he presents you with an ornate staff. 'You should be honored. You have done what few have even dreamed of. In creating this staff, it has become apparent to me that there is still [further] to go.'

You say, 'further'

Bantil Io`Tuv says 'Yes, this item represents the peak of elemental power for this realm, but in its creation I was given the gift of a vision. I saw a brief glimpse of the true power of the staff, and the next level of ascension, the next stone in your path resides in Discord. My companion, Iilivina has spent some time studying the nature of magic there. She may be able to help you find what you need, show her your new weapon, hopefully she may have some insight into how this ties into Discord. You are in the midst of a great journey, good travels.'

Need logs of all dialogues (these are transcriptions); names, levels, fight info, /loc, zones of quest mobs; missing quest items; faction hits if any; additional zones; etc.
Submitted by: Danalog
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# Aug 03 2015 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
If you do a part of it does it redo where you have to start from where the task was at?
The exact location in Causeway
# Jun 05 2015 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Can someone please tell the these exact location to make him spawn, Im not to good using the /loc ingame but I did run through the hole zone and still he did not spawn
Fire essence dies behind new zone line to PoWar
# Apr 13 2014 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
as a word of caution

the fire elemental will path to behind the new zone line for the new plane of war and dies there when u engage ur pet on it .. you won't be able to loot due to being kicked by for not being attuned to powar wich means if u even were you would end up zoning over anyways ..

all can do atm is /petition when u kill him and hope for the best
Fire essence dies behind new zone line to PoWar
# Jun 28 2014 at 2:44 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
I had no problem getting the Elemental Essence of Fire. The elemental stayed in the room with Tagrin and did not path.
High Priest Margle
# Aug 18 2013 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
High Priest Margle is on the beach, South of the map, a bit to the East, location approximately -830, -490, 79.
Level 60
# Jul 15 2012 at 5:02 PM Rating: Decent
246 posts
Was able to start and finish at level 60.
Turtle! ( Ferubi )
# Jun 03 2011 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
If you look at the map there is a hallway that goes strait left and right ( east and west ) that is where the turtles are for the Heavy water... Enjoy :)
# Feb 28 2011 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
just finished this last night with the help of a 90 mage 90 chanter 90 druid all with mercs now onto the 2.0 btw i weas 78 lol
make sure you say "ready"
# Feb 14 2011 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
654 posts
a few things are left out about this epic. first of all, when approaching Sarhya the dawnbreeze, you will receive text saying he is ignoring you. talk to him anyway. don't hail him, just say elemental essence and he will begin the dialog.

Second - on plane of tactics. people around me were killing and i didn't see any text after giving him the corrosive solution. you have to tell him you are ready before he will spawn the fire elemental.

third-- whatever you do, don't kill the quest npc's. when i couldn't get the fire elemental to spawn, a member of our group went on a killing spree and killed him along with all the people around him. I disbanded immediately in case of a faction hit. however, he is on a 12 hour spawn timer so when a gm came to help me spawn the elemental, we couldn't continue because he was dead.

so make it clear to your friends -- DON"T KILL HIM or any other npcs, don't allow anyone to ruin your faction and because you don't know what faction you may need later. I refuse to group with people who insist on messing up the faction of the whole group. they can ruin their own on their time-- but not mine.

all in all, the hardest one was in nobles' causeway -- element of air -- and the rest were overkill.

i am very grateful t everyone who helped me with mydera's epic and am looking forward to her 2.0.
Success comes when preparation meets opportunity -- and EQ is no exception.
Gnaap Guinders
# Feb 03 2011 at 3:54 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Location of Gnaap Guinders Is Pos 2011 pos 1149 Neg 330 hes sitting in the rock pile
loc walnan
# Jan 28 2011 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
found her in the nw corner of map standing on hillside
Halls of Honour not involved
# Jul 06 2010 at 11:07 PM Rating: Good
120 posts
The Halls of Honour are noted as being involved in this quest. While that zone is relavent to the Mage 2.0, no part of the Mage 1.5 takes place there.
Time to Complete
# Apr 20 2010 at 5:48 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
How long will it take to get this for a 65 mage with 77aa's and boxing an 85 ranger with 600+ aas?
Time to Complete
# Jul 02 2010 at 3:53 PM Rating: Decent
153 posts
I have a 66 Magician with 116 AA's who returned after three years. The ranger will be EXTREMELY helpful with the Ice burrower hunting. FYI - the 85 ranger who helped me had them found and dead in less than 2 hours. They MOSTLY spawned at night. Keep killing , but unless he has high rep with Claws of Veeshan, dont kill the cragwyrms. You can alway slaughter in Kaels on the giants to get back, but if it bothers you stay away from them. The fight in the deep he can probably handle. The Akkstaff fight should be able to handle (I had an 85 Wizzy throwing 11k nukes and much higher crits at Akks Minion). In order of difficulty, the Air fight in causeway was most difficult - same ranger and an 85 warr took over 10 minutes to finish but they did finish. That fight would have been horrible back at 75 with groups. Next was Fire in Drunder, Plane of Tactics. It was same 2 people helping me but mostly a straight fight - about 5 mins. Next would be Water in Cobalt Scar. He spawns underwater about mid point - ranger should be able to track him. Then Earth in Najena.

Because I had the Orb (epic 1.0) I passed the first 4 pre-kills.

to loot the Akheva Danvi corpse book, I was able to gring there solo, but the "trapped" worm spawns drain mana - get your pet on them ASAP. I was using Child of Wind btw. my main tactic for groups was i have tab key as rotating targeting, each hit moves me to next target. so it was TAB (new target), PET ATTACK, TAB (watch for prior target to have lost health or the Air STUN effect to show aggro gained) to new target, PET ATTACK, rinse repeat. Use an AE effect damage spell, cycle through each mob with PET ATTACK again, cast AE again, etc - the sooner you get those worms off you the less mana you will lose. Make your way ALL the way to the last NE room. Enter, had to left side, corpse is midway up & far out from wall. Turn in to Bantil.

Now 2 books.

1st Book in Charasis. As of June 30 when i did this absolutely NO key was needed inside the zone. Cross the south entrance from zonein. follow through halls and find the secret wall into the west area. easy solo killing all the way, get to book location, click and gate

To get the other book with Grigor, bring your ranger. The deep is Nexus to Shadowhaven, through small peoples area to Echo Caverns, to the deep. Once in, if you dont recall this zone, LOOK AT YOUR IN GAME MAP. You SHOULD see a huge crevasse running through the middle of zone and if your map is current, you will see a big illusory bridge noted and an invisible bridge to the north of it indicated, if not, get your in game maps updated. These tunnels mix regular vision mobs with see invis mobs and there is usualy a group every so ofte. You have to get from zone in, through tunnels, across invis bridge, run along ledge to far south tunnel and follw that over towards the area with the Thought Horror Overfiend is. You will encounter many "an elder thought horror"'s through this section, blue to me at 66. Here is good AA xp BUT you can get swarmed solo because they RUN early right to their buddies aggro range. Ranger will help a lot. I had an 85 BL helping and he soloed it easily. 790Your mage will be useless but your pet might help a little. You start this by attacking so Ranger can start the event himself.

It is IMPORTANT to do the nest part in order or else when you talk to Akkstaff you will get immediate aggro. The best script seems tobe 1st - Jahsohn in Commonlands, NW area. Jahsohn walks a wide circuit from the Kith zone south, then all the way to the huts at east side of the lake and back. Did not see if he went all the way around the lake but I did have my 33 ranger there in case I couldnt find him and thats how he walked for me. 2nd, Najena off Lavastorm to Akkstaff. Talking to him now does NOT spawn the Minion. 3rd, Walnan in Butcherblock over in the first open area after you leave the docks. She is usually found by me up on the nothern hill. Ranger can help here too. 4th, back to Najena and Akkstaff. Now here ranger should be able to do it, just remember the spawns at about 80-85%. Dont try to kill AKK, just kill MINION and adds, then you are safe to continue. Turn in both.

For the Air event, get 2-3 85's to do it. Air was the hardest for me with 85 WAR and 85 Ranger and 66 Mage. High resists even for the WAR. Havng High resists on the 85's still caused us ALL to feel the effects and killedme at the 4 adds part. The AIR event itself ultimately is in the SE corner with Dragorns in the valley, and under the over hang. The TRICK is to find a "TRIP" point. There is a list of coords on the quest walkthrough here, where the first coord is actually the second number in game when you type /loc, and the second number of the coords given is actually the first coord when you type /loc. You SHOULD be VISIBLE, not invisible when passing over that point - on the third set of coords we tried, I tok off levitation and invis and got the message you need to get to pre-spawn him. He does not actually spawn until you go to SE area, walk under stone overhang and in about 5-15 seconds he appears. The Coords we used were 987 790 (above) which is actually north of the spawn point along east wall up on upper walkway, not in valley.

For the water event, go to Western Wastes first. You HAVE to go there earlier anyways so make it a trip and get the Ice Burrower Mats all at once. To get to WW, use guild hall to port to Cobalt Scar. Swin NW to underwater tunnel with sirens in front, zone Sirens Grotto. At the first water, look underwater to left and see the purple underwater tunnel there. swin in past the seahorses, through tunnel until you can swim up and up and up to the surface. This places you in a cirlcle area of water (think the top surface of a glass of water), with one waterfall out. take the waterfall and on left get up on first ground level you see with Milkors in the area, brown and white. There is a tunnel off this area that leads to zoneline, Western Wastes. The raoming Dragons are ALL on Claws of Veeshan faction which is usually raised bu killing giant in Kael Drakkal. The Kromriff giants. None in this zone. Killing them kills your claws of Veeshan faction. But what you need to kill are the mastodons, rhinos, wolves, wyverns, etc. they are the PH's for the Ice Burrowers, who seem to mostly spawn at night. Your ranger will SHINE here to find them and kill for you to loot. Ice Burrowers debuff like mad sobe ready to do "Buff-naked" fighting. Takes hours but you will get them. The prior need to come here is a wrecked ship in the water off the Northern cliff, about 1/3 of the way along it from the farthest NE point of the cliff itself. there is a way down tothe west of the wrecked ship.. Non-aggro gnomes there. High Chief is in Cobalt Scar on west shore, go through the scripts, turn in meats, Spawn Water out in the middle of ocean there, fight underwater.

For Fire, you have to go to PoTactics/Drunder and head down to lower level, making your way north then to near Tagrin room in far north. GARGOYLES see invis, but the beauty of this zone is the mobs are big so the place is too, and there is A LOT of room tomove and fight singles if needed. ALL the Diaku (Giant Ogre-looking mobs) do NOT see Invis (that I have found so far that is) so you CAN invis all the way to the room up there jusy by staying as far from the Gargoyles as possible as you invis past. Just CON(sider) everything as you gothrough, walk on farther wall as you pass Garg's, and you really do not have to fight at all, but for ONE reason. You MUST loot ONE Diaku War Maul. It looks like a huge rectangular spiked block of metal with a shaft through it, on ANY diaku there. Kill and loot one, tradeable. Gnasp is in a pile of rocks outside the farthest north room, along N wall, east corner. no need to clear the room, just be patient and watch for when the roaming Diaku gets al the way to the left (he tends to patrol N side of lava) and run accros left bridge, tun right, follow along lava flow and into the rocks when you get over there. This is SOLOABLE for a 65 mage and pet as no reall fighting is needed, except if you get caught by a garg. do the text with Gnapp and then gate out to PoTranquility and talk to Bor Warhammer in the most Northern and east clover shaped buildings. He is not in the POK book clover-room, nor in the Soulbinder clover-room. He is in the one past soulbinder one to the east and south. Do your turn in. Get flask which is one of 4 items needed to combine in a Brew Barrel. TIP -----> Have your BREWING Skill at or above 100 because this combine can fail. Yep you heard me. Getting the other three items takes a while and 2 of them are LORE so only 1 per try, Fail the combine, go back and hunt the drops again. I had mY Brewing at 135.

For Fire - Hunting drops. Metallic Water is tradeable so may be in Bazaar. Found as drops off Spiders in Plane of Valor, across the river-fortress building, and they are surrounded by Geonids. I used to camp there for Xp and each side of the building was a pull spot. Dark zone so be careful but the mobs when pulled solo are soloable by your 65 mage. Your ranger will eat them alive.
Hydrolyzed Ether. Zone Plane of Storms. one in is a corpse field and there are about 4 "toad" in this area with human adds that can coe when pulled. do NOT kill the humans inside the tunnels/cave if you can because they are on Askr the Lost faction. Lots of frogs in tunnels/caves with humans so that is another place to find them. easy kills for your ranger. gate or go all the way to last cave and look for the tree. it is a clickable exit point to PoTranq. Drop may be fast or slow. took me over 3 hours to get mine.
Heavy Water - Ferubi. Fom guild hall, use barindu stone, port to Barindu. you arrive at Ferubi zonein. Once inside, clear the first few mobs and the easy way in is to invis, jump into the water on left, hug wall all the way to the middle of zone while UNDERWATER, not on the surface. There will be seeinvis mobs on the middle section that can aggro, but you can possibly miss many of them and lake it to where the turtles/tureptas are. and there are ONLY three of them to kill. BTW - with ranger you can kill as you go if you prefer. to kill them solo, just swim into the deeper water and stay underwater. should the turtles get to surface you might get adds. drop is uncommon. I was fortunate - got it on the third kill.

With Brewing +100 skill, combine all 4, and you have your turn in item. Now go back to Gnapp in PoTactics. CLEAR tye ROOM. You might want a 2nd *% on this. I did it with 85 WAR and 85 RNG. Turn in and do script. Gnapp goes into the north room near him. Elemental will spawn. Now this is also a BOSS room so just stay OUT of it if that boss is up. Elemental will spawn and PAUSE for a couple minutes or so. Then will come out.. it is possible you ,ight get room respawns so maybe wait for them an clear before activating Gnapp. Anyways, elemental WILL come out, enter lava river and head east under the lave to a "bubble" chamber where you can / will fight it. It will pause there for a time (to let the raid get there probably), then go active. I think you start it by fighting or else it just aggroes. Tough fight for your 2 chars, bring another 1 or maybe 2 85's

Earth Mons Letalis. You and your ranger can probably do this. To get there - Luclin, Nexus, Netherbian, Marus Seru south into Mons Letalis. In center of zone i a huge spire with a square platform around it. to get up on platform, move to the valley along north side of toer/north side of platform and you will find a cave entrance, visible on map if you sice it to just see all of the north side of the spire and allow it to fade, revealing the cave entrance. Inside cave is spiral stairs with a few floating cape mobs possible. Have ranger clear includingtopof platform, about 12-ish mobs. Elemental spawns to left along spire when tou exit onto top of platform. When mage zones in, Elemental Spawns. You can be at top at exit doorway and no aggro should occur.

You should now have the 4 essences. Congratulations on your new toy!!

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Air elemental was definatly the hardest fight, the second wave was brutal because of the stuns and spinning up in the air, my pets made the difference. Duo'd the entire 1.5 in 2 days. 85 sk 1200aa and 70 mage zero aa's. a ranger helped track a few mobs, western wastes for one. The Fire elemental part was tricky, the pocket of air is actually in the lava tunnel UNDER the lava along the bottom of the river. Water elemental was a joke fight, he went down with just my harm touch pretty much.

Earth was tricky as well, before i could loot the piece, he actually Respawned on top of me (a second elemental), so after i killed this one, ANOTHER i just engaged and jumped off the southern cliff and fought the 3rd earth elemental on the slopes of the cliff under the platform. Mage died during the spawning of the second kill. i had to run him back to the zone, then i was able to summon his corpse and merc rez to loot the 3rd elemental corpse. a 4th elemental was up top camping the corpses of the first 2 elementals, these were not possible to loot because i tried. Elemental saw through invis and can't loot while engaged in fight. so that part sucked but it was do'able.

Air elemental will spawn in the southeasten corner in a dome, the dome is surrounded by a lot of mobs, kill what you can and fight the elemental not in the valley below but up top, north of the dome on the right side. right side if you are facing the dome. this was the best place. have a damn good tank that can hold aggro on about 6 mobs, i didn't count the waves, but seems like 6 mobs per wave after the second wave. second wave was the hardest.

Neg 1732.4520 Neg 1097.7072, Essence_of_Air_Spawn_trigger_(be_invis)_stand_here_for_15_sec_to_spawn_it_
Neg 136.3843 Neg 920.0482, TRIGGER_N136_N920
Neg 790.4484 Neg 987.4615, TRIGGER_N790_N987

Above coordinates edited in order to use the /Loc in-game command. Mapfiend doesn't have an edit'able map so i could not copy paste the triggers, but located the 3 points. you only need one trigger to work and the first one worked for me, trigger by mage makes a gold glowy path leading the the Essence_of_Air_Spawn_Trigger point, and yes, be invised.

On the Akkstaff part, i never got the phrase "'Oh, you may want to speak to Akksstaff again, he and Bantil never quite saw eye to eye, you may want to ask him about Bantil again" but i went to akkstaff anyway, said Demise and got the mob to spawn. oh and the mob died almost instantly to Harm Touch (maxed), so i never saw any of the adds that were supposed to spawn, he died in like 6 seconds.

whew, hope this helps.
Holinyx Shoryuken
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Woot, completed in 3 days. Lvl 66 mage with 400+ aa's, Tacvi geared. #1 mage in all servers (62-70)
Mage epic 1.5 fight
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Did the complete Mage 1.5 epic and prequest within 8 hours with a ranger lvl 85 1877 AA's, 30k hp , 23k mana and SoD raid gear (not a complete set)and a level 78 mage with 219 aa's with no raid gear, 2 healer mercs for the major fights. But other then that job well done! :)

Good luck
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Never did an epic before, decided to do my Mage's 1.5. Did the pre-quest (Solo at 75), and 1.5 in 2 days. Maybe a total of 14 hours played. Solo'd almost all of it, except the parts that i would obviously need help. Epic clicky is awesome. If you just plan to spend a day or two of doing nothing but your epic, you will have it finished in no time.
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Never did an epic before, decided to do my Mage's 1.5. Did the pre-quest (Solo at 75), and 1.5 in 2 days. Maybe a total of 14 hours played. Solo'd almost all of it, except the parts that i would obviously need help. Epic clicky is awesome. If you just plan to spend a day or two of doing nothing but your epic, you will have it finished in no time.
# Aug 07 2009 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
o boi this quest seems like its time consuming but eh gotta spend your time in eq doing something worth while apart from dinging/pinging hehe
Walnan And Askot /loc
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The locations for Walnan and Askot is posted in Epic 1.0 notes. Although both of them wander. Try NW sections of eaches zone.
Soloing 1.5
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Just for some helpful assistance, I soloed/merc duoed all 4 elementals at level 76/77 with between 800-1100 AAs, bazaar SoF/SoD level gear. For all of these fights I had all pet defensive and offensive AAs I could get to this point.

Water is super easy. Soloed no problem.

Earth, no merc, just stayed back out of range of the AE and ran in to cast RS everytime I saw the pet get hit with AE (pet bounces but gets summoned back or runs back quickly). Other than that I had to heal a bit with no merc at this point. I was about level 77/800 AAs at this point.

Fire, used a merc, died first time because I ran out of mana from helping the merc with healing. I got Theft of Essence 3 and went back and this made a huge difference. When summoned nukes land, you get to damage the mob a bit. Good thing is, even when it's resisted, it can proc the ~3000hp heal on your pet. Doing this I didn't have to use my heal spells and sometimes got nukes in with it as well. When it proc'd GoM, I would send in RS.

Air, used a merc, definitely the toughest but I didn't think it was as hard as people made it out to be. I had about 1100 AAs when I did it. Fully buffed a pet in GL (mage buffs + merc buffs only), hit all my pet AAs (frenzied burnout, fortify companion, companion's blessing), suspended pet, waited for AA timers to refresh and ran off to Noble's Causeway. Popped elemental, ran to extended range and cast malo on elemental, pulled him a bit down the path to where only repop would happen and had pet engage. I stayed as far back as possible so when elemental despawns and adds spawn, they don't instant aggro. Gives you a chance to med for a minute, let merc med, let pet heal up, etc. Once I was ready, I sent companion of necessity in and tried to split adds. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn't. Overall with my strong pet and AA numbers, I probably didn't need to do this. Anyway, first round of adds were easy. Pet tanked all simultaneously fine, except when occasionally the RS was on one. Used summoned nukes so that pet would get random heal procs with merc healing. Once all adds are down, elemental respawns back down in dome. I would suspend pet (to save buffs times, especially fortify companion...this is CRITICAL), let merc med up to full, med up to full myself. Once we were ready to go, I unsuspended pet, guard, then ran to dome to pull elemental again. By this point, elemental should be at 100% again. THIS IS KEY AS WELL. If elemental has not regened to full, he's gonna summon you and dragorns will slaughter you and your merc. Anyway, rinse and repeat but it's the second set of adds which are hardest because they proc spin/stun. If you can split these, it's best. I was worried about one unaggroed resetting the whole event so after pet killed one, I put him on the one that was split by himself to make sure it was aggroed in time. Usually pet could get through elemental + 2 sets of adds before fortify companion wore off (if you are suspending in between while medding). So I would have to wait a bit for fortify companion to pop. I also used Host of Elements swarm to help off tank whenever they popped and the occasional RS pet as well. I never engaged anything without fortify companion on the pet. After almost an hour, and 5 (or 6?) sets of adds, I finally got elemental down and looted my last piece for epic 1.5. Yes, I could have done this quicker with friends but I intended on just seeing if this was possible since everyone says you need at least a group for this one. I certainly would not try this unless you have a large number of AAs including Theft of Essence, Fortify Companion, and all pet defensive AAs.

Good luck!
Soloing 1.5
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Nice Post Yamyen.

I used your suggestions for the Air Elemental and it went pretty much as you said. I soloed (with merc) the entire quest and completed it at level 76 with ~1100 AAs.

Thanks for the info!
Jahsohn Askot
# Jun 12 2009 at 10:32 AM Rating: Decent
found him static , -159 , + 3380 , he stood there for a few then pathed north ..didnt bother following him to see if/where he stopped at the other end of his wandering
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Just use fishing grubs and water to get brewing up to 122 cheap and quick.
Time spent
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Did the Pre-quest and the whole 1.5 in 12 hours with 77 mage, Ranger and 76 Necro boxxes and Cleric Mercs. If you need to do raise your brewing skill to 100, just make Minotaur hero Brews.
1.0 to 1.5
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I finished 1.5 and can't find my 1.0.. does it poof on the turn in?
Zynfandel Bleushelot
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1.0 to 1.5
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Yes. However, you can repeat the 1.0 (if you can stomach it) and have your 1.0 again along with your 1.5 or 2.0 if you wish.
1.0 to 1.5
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Your 1.0 is a Level 45 Spell called SUMMON ORB. Just cast that and your 1.0 is in your hands again. No need to do 1.0 over again.
# Feb 17 2009 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
1 got the emote but not the path went to the dome but never say the mob is this quest bugged? also triend to copy and paste to causeway file i have 3 of them
# Feb 24 2009 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
The path didnt actually appear for me. Just had to walk into the dome/pavilion after I got the "windy path" emote.
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