Marr's Ring  

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Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
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    Era:Legacy of Ykesha
    Group Size:Solo
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    Max. # of Players:1
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    Entered: Fri Mar 7 22:18:56 2003
    Modified: Sun Jul 21 00:06:24 2019
    In the Temple of Marr you can find a froglok paladin named Gubbly Gippledo (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Gubbly Gippledo'

    Gubbly Gippledo sighs. 'Hello. I am afraid I am in no mood to talk right now, friend. I am in a lot of [trouble] right now.'

    You say, 'What trouble?'

    Gubbly Gippledo says ''I am afraid there is nothing you can do to help me, but if you really want to know, I will tell you my [story].''

    You say, 'What story'

    Gubbly Gippledo says ''I was tasked by Shin Master Grubbus of Gukta to travel here to Freeport and receive a gift from the Paladins of Marr. It was a holy ring blessed by Marr and a token of friendship between the Frogloks and the human paladins. It was of course an honor to be selected to perform such a task. I accepted the generous gift and made my way back home to Gukta. As I entered South Ro however that is when things [went terribly wrong].''

    You say, 'What went terribly wrong?'

    Gubbly Gippledo says ''As I entered the desert under the cover of night, a thick mist swirled about me and I could not see but a couple feet in front of me. A horrible hiss broke through the fog and the horrible visage of a ghoul darted towards me. I quickly took up my sword and dispatched the beast with little effort. Then a dreadful moaning from somewhere in the desert started. Soon it was joined by another monstrous moan, then another until I was completely surrounded by the terrible sound. The mist parted and a dark, robed figure appeared. He uttered something and hands began to erupt from the sand. Soon I was surrounded by a host of undead. They clawed and tore at me as I attempted to keep them at bay. The necromancer looked into my eyes and began chanting. His words filled me with dread. I dropped the ring and ran all the way back here. Not once stopping. I am a complete coward. I have let down my people and my God. I am sure I will be exiled for this. I doubt there is anything you can do to [help] me.''

    You say, 'I will help you'

    Gubbly Gippledo says ''No disrespect intended towards you friend, but I have little faith you can find the ring. However, if you wish to look for yourself, you may want to go to South Ro and see what you can find. There is also another problem. I remember the undead in the desert tearing out some of the gems as they clawed at me. Perhaps the undead still carry some of the gems. Please see if you can find three missing gems in addition to the ring. They should be easy to identify. They were specially crafted by Gukta's finest jewelers. They are a deep red in color and bear the mark of The Truthbringer. You might want to search South Ro and the Oasis for them. When you have found the ring and the three gems, please hand them to me.''

    Now head to South Ro and kill all the undead until you get three Truthbringer Gems (Not lore, No Drop) which seems to be an uncommon drop. Three can be obtained in an hour or so.

    At the buried tower in South Ro, the undead spawn is now outside the tower, slightly to the West. An undead mob will pop there every 6 minutes and sometimes you can find Moldrak Drin there, a level 20-24 Erudite Necro. Kill Moldrak until he drops an Unadorned Ring of Marr, which he does not drop every time.

    Give the Unadorned Ring of Marr and the three Truthbringer Gems to Gubbly.

    Gubbly Gippledo says ''Magnificent! You are truly an inspiring individual, Gerremiah! Now let me see about getting these gems back in place. I was a jeweler before I became a Paladin of Marr. There we go! It is almost as good as new. The other paladins here and I have been talking about this incident. We have all decided that you should keep the ring as a reward for your dedication to Marr's cause and your bravery. You are now its keeper. If you head back to Gukta, you may want to talk to Bibsy Gakdoo in Gukta. He is a master jeweler and can probably upgrade the ring for you. You might want to wait until you are more powerful however since any components used in the upgrade might be difficult to locate. When you do decide to talk to Bibsy, give him this note. It tells that the ring has been entrusted to you and that he will be compensated by the Shin Knights for upgrading it for you. May Marr bless you. I must be off to pray. Farewell, friend.''

    Your faction standing with Citizens of Gukta got better.
    Your faction standing with Protectors of Gukta got better.
    Your faction standing with High Council of Gukta got better.
    Your faction standing with Lorekeepers of Gukta got better.
    Your faction standing with Guktan Elders got better.

    Gubbly gives you Marr's Ring (AC4 WIS4 hps15 PAL HUM HEF FRG) and a Note to Bibsy, both No drop.

    When you get to about level 35 (or find a high level friend) you can upgrade the ring by doing the Marr's Ring of Piety Quest.
    Submitted by: Gerremiah Goodfriend
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    Faction Change Confirmation
    # Jan 10 2015 at 4:53 AM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    I just completed this quest this morning. The faction changes that resulted were: Citizens of Gukta +5, Protectors of Gukta +5, High Council of Gukta +5, Lorekeepers of Gukta +5, Guktan Elders +5.
    I received Marr's Ring and a Note to Bibsy.
    Available on TLP?
    # Jun 03 2011 at 6:44 AM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    This may be a silly question since Fippy and the other TLP are still on Classic and this is a LoY quest, but I'm just wondering if this quest is do-able on the TLP servers? I ask because I got a Truthbringer Gem as a drop the other day so obviously the items are in the loot tables. I haven't gotten around to trying to find Gubbly, but am not sure if I should bother spending my time trying...
    spawn rate
    # Feb 02 2004 at 10:49 PM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    just something i noticed, nothing spawned while i was waiting, so i figured it must be a triggered spawn. I went to the temple, spoke with the frog, and when i returned, it still took like 15 minutes or more to spawn. After that tho, it was back on 6 minutes between pops.
    Gems in Rathe
    # Nov 24 2003 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
    9 posts
    The gems drop in Rathe Mountains on the undead near a tower. Just got all three a few days ago when I was bored.
    Ring of Marr
    # Sep 09 2003 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
    4 posts
    So I just finished this quest , the ring of marr , I am a high elf paladin , so according to the description when right clicking the ring I am suppose to be able to use this however it will not equipt on me ~ Any suggestions ?
    RE: Ring of Marr
    # Mar 16 2004 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
    Just a slight misunderstanding in the abreviations I believe. HEF is Half-Elf. ELF is Wood Elf. And HIE is High Elf. So the ring actually says it cant be used by you. :(
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    RE: Ring of Marr
    # Oct 23 2003 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Sorry to say, but the ring does not state that High Elf can equip. Make sure you always check class and race requirements. This is a good lesson, you didn't pay 2K and buy something that you couldn't use :)

    Have fun

    Yarik 55 Druid
    Kyruk 42 Warrior
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    XEV for life
    # Sep 09 2003 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
    i'm a De agnostic enchanter who wants to raise froggy faction, i approached him in human form, he conned indifferent , no response to hail, i cast benevolence then he conned amiable still no response . What do u have to be ally to get this quest
    # Sep 09 2003 at 6:37 AM Rating: Decent
    what a croc
    # Aug 02 2003 at 9:50 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    i did this quest think this was a pally item but since i am a gnome pally i cant use it $%^#
    Gems, Gubbly and both rings
    # Jul 15 2003 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
    28 posts
    The gems drop off of virtually any of the undead in the Ro's and and Oasis. I have found that they drop more frequently in S. Ro from mummies, but I don't recall ever looting one off of zombies. My experience has been different and ghouls have been the least likely to drop them, so it may be just the luck of the draw. Any of the undead probably have an equal chance of dropping the gems, so just kill em all. They are fairly common drops and if you see an unlooted corpse in Oasis or S. Ro, it's probably got a truthbringer gem on it.

    Gubbly is prone to wandering, but not too much. Everytime I have looked for him he has been downstairs in the Temple of Marr, or near the West Freeport zone. Once I caught him on his way from the temple to the zoneline.

    After completing both parts of this quest, you can do the first part again. The rings are lore, but you can have one of Marr's Ring, and one of the upgrade, Marr's Ring of Piety. I got significant xp for the turn ins at lvl 16. I still collect the peices when I am in the area and do the turn ins for faction and a smidgen of xp (not much at 36).

    Do not attempt to solo Arthikus in the Oasis until at least around lvl 30. It's not hard to get some higher level player to take him out. Like the truthbringer gems, the peice of Marr's emerald is no drop and only useful to pally's, so you shouldnt have too much problem looting it. Arthikus does not drop it every time.

    Edited, Tue Jul 15 10:27:07 2003
    70 Paladin
    Elder Blades
    Erollisi Marr Server
    # May 11 2003 at 11:39 PM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    I have been slaying several of the undead, perhaps 25 or so (dry-bones, mummies,, zombies etc.) in Southern Ro and even moved to Oasis and did the same - I have not found a single Gem. Am I simply inpatient or am I missing something? Any suggestions?

    I did get the unadorned ring from Moldrak - and he was a bit of a pain - keep him stunned as noted by others and it helps.

    Azurien, 31st level Pally
    RE: Gems?
    # Jul 01 2003 at 1:51 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Try gouls, only mob I have seen that drops the gem.
    RE: Gems?
    # May 19 2003 at 6:54 AM Rating: Decent
    48 posts
    I just kept killing everything and looting every corpse ... I got 4 even thou I only needed 3 ... plus the ring all in about 3 hours.
    moldrak & gems
    # Apr 17 2003 at 6:24 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    This was a fairly easy quest did it at 31 with my
    Froglok Pally I may have been a bit high but
    Moldrak coned Lt blue and was able to fear lock me twice. I found casting stun on him stoped him from being able to cast but you have to time it just right. The gems where the easy part they droped off of dry bones and mummies in South RO
    they where all green so no big deal. I found a 23
    LvL pally camping M when i got there and we teamed up on him had to kill him 6 times to get the ring twice but its a short wait between pops.
    # Apr 11 2003 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
    I found Grubby in the basement of the Temple of Marr in North Freeport. The Necromancer in South Ro does not spawn very often, about 1 in 6 or 7 spawns for me. His placeholder is a stationary mummy that stands in his spot. The spawn is exactly 6 minutes long. I found that the best place to get the gems is the placeholders for the Nec, I did get one from a wandering mob but the mummy that spawns as a placeholder drops one quite often. Be sure to upgrade the ring with the next quest.
    Maybe he walks around
    # Apr 06 2003 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
    102 posts
    I was shopping for my new spells last night in the basement of the Temple of Marr in North Freeport and came upon this guy - standing right there by the other merchants. Maybe he walks around?
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    Gubs Loc
    # Apr 04 2003 at 2:15 AM Rating: Decent
    38 posts
    Gubbly Gippledo is no longer in the Basement of North Freeport. He is near the zone to West Freeport loc -275, 450. has more info...

    ____________________________ - Paladin Site
    Moldrik Drin
    # Mar 30 2003 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
    19 posts
    He is very bad Boy he cast a fear spells on you so you loss control and its like link dead running around like crazy so be carful try dispell magic may work not sure

    Good Luck
    Kindraa Healinhands
    Moldrik Drin
    # Mar 29 2003 at 6:29 AM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    Moldrik Drin has a Pet and before you try to take
    him on - please read "Bestiary by Zone" Southern Desert of Ro........
    Quest to Upgrade the Ring
    # Mar 12 2003 at 3:01 AM Rating: Good
    293 posts
    You can get the ring upgraded a bit by doing this quest:

    The upgraded ring adds 1 more wisdom (total 5) and 10 more hit points (total 25).

    Also drops in NRO
    # Mar 08 2003 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
    1 post
    I got one of these from a Shriveled Mummy in Northern Ro today.
    Gubbly location?
    # Mar 07 2003 at 9:19 PM Rating: Decent
    If anyone could help me find Gubbly, I would apprecuate it. can't find him in the basement area and tracking just leads me incircles. Thanks.
    RE: Gubbly location?
    # Mar 08 2003 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
    73 posts
    He always is done there next to the merchants when my cleric stumbles by. I'm on Vaz, so your mileage may very.
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