Key to Vex Thal  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:85
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Shadows of Luclin
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Tue Sep 3 04:12:39 2002
Modified: Thu Jan 7 11:29:28 2010
Start off by obtaining yourself a Summoned: Wisp Stone (summoned by Mages) and an Essence Emerald (created when a Necromancer sacrifices a 45+ player). Then head to Akheva Ruins and kill the Sacrificed Remains inside the Sacrificial Pit. They are PHs for "A Shimmering Presence" and have a respawn time of about five minutes.

You say, 'Hail, A shimmering presence'

A shimmering presence's voice invades your mind, drawing images of past present and future together into a perverse harmony. Some images you recognize as your own, but the others seem to be coming from the spirit's own [memories].'

You say, 'What memories?'

A shimmering presence begins to glow a bit brighter. Your mind is filled with visions of a great swirl of clouds and lightning. You can almost feel the wind of the storm creeping into the chinks in your armor. It looks as if the storm is creeping across the surface of Luclin. You see several figures standing at the entrance of a [great temple]. The storm seems to be bearing down on them.'

You say, 'What great temple?'

A shimmering presence continues to flood your mind with images of the storm bearing down on the temple. Your view suddenly shifts. You're still looking at the storm, but it appears to be moving toward you this time. There is a creature beside you wearing a robe, holding a scepter in one of his...four arms! He is obviously the leader of the group, As he is wearing beautiful [ornate robes] compared to the rest of the four armed figures around you.

You say, 'What ornate robes?'

A shimmering presence glows brighter still as your vision turns to follow the robed figure up the stairs of the entrance to the temple. The figure raises his scepter toward the storm and begins to recite some unfamiliar words. A crackle of magical energy blazes across the sky seemingly in defiance of the raging storm. The energy quickly dissipates however, and the storm continues to bear down on the temple. The figure cries out in pain as the scepter in his hand shatters into many shards. The sofly glowing gem from the scepter head rolls silently down the steps and disappears.

Hand over the Summoned Wisp Stone.

A shimmering presence begins to quiver and shake. The formless entity appears to grow and shrink in complete disregard to natural laws. The light in the temple around you appears to slowly dim until you are surrounded by an impenetrable cloak of shadows. Fear grips your heart as your vision slowly adapts to accommodate the low light. When you can finally make out the figure before you, you find yourself silently praying for the darkness to return.
You gain experience!!

Once you give him the wisp stone, he will despawn and turn into The Spirit of Akelha`Ra.

You say, 'Hail, The Spirit of Akelha`Ra'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra 's hollow eyes look up at you. You have the distinct impression that she can see right into the darkest shadows of your soul. She opens her mouth to speak but the sounds you hear come from inside your mind. 'Greetings mortal, thank you for releasing me from my [tormented prison].'

You say, 'What tormented prison?'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra appears to be fading in and out of existence as you speak to her. The spirit's voice fills your mind. 'I am Akelha`Ra, once high priestess of Luclin and leader of the Akheva. This form you see before you now is a fading remnant of my former existence. The storm was the cause of my imprisonment in the world of undying [spirits].'

You say, 'What spirits?'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says 'We Akheva are immortal entities placed in this plane by the mistrees of shadow. We are her most perfect creation. Death has no meaning to us, as even in death we find rebirth through the power of the mistress. My imprisonment was caused by my seperation from the power of the mistress by [Atenha`Ra]. It was she who sent the storm to destroy me and all that followed me.'

You say, 'Who is Atenha`Ra?'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says 'It is more then a little ironic that Atenha`Ra is a reflection of myself. An entity created from my own consciousness, a reflection of a shadow. She now holds the seat of grand power in [Vex Thal], and I have not the power to gain entry to the city, let alone face her. You must find my scepter that was lost in the storm to gain entry to Vex Thal. The scepter has likely lost much of its power from being shattered. Once it is reassembled you will need to merge a Orb of Luclinite with a source of celestial power inside the scepter. The spirits whisper that the emperor of the Shissar holds the power to manipulate such energy. Be weary of him, he is heralded as the slayer of gods, the defiler of realities.'

You say, 'What of Vex Thal?'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra says 'Vex Thal is the sacred home of the Akheva. The place where Luclin's power directly touches this world...ungh...I can not summon the frame of my scepter in my current weakened state. I need a soul to regain my pow...' As she speaks you can see her slowly fade out of existence. You wonder how long her spirit will stay with this world. She seems entirely unable to speak to you now, and can only muster the strength to point at the ground at ______'s feet. ______ reaches down a picks up a small emerald off the ground, but it disappears silently into the shadows. Akelha`ra looks as if she is trying to speak again.'

You say, 'What frame of your scepter?'

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra opens her mouth to speak, but the voice in your head is no longer audible. You reach forward to touch the fading shadow of a creature and draw back in horror as your hand disrupts the spirit before you. She evaporates into the shadows once more.

Quickly give her the Essence Emerald.

The Spirit of Akelha`Ra laughs quietly as the energy of the gem is absorbed into her being. She begins to chant in what you presume to be Akhevan. She suddenly cries out in pain and her image begins to flicker. She looks at ______ directly in the eyes and says, 'Vyanemis Tuis, use my gift wisely.' She disappears into the black marble leaving only a dark scepter frame lying on the floor. ______ picks it up.

Receive Shadowed Scepter Frame, 10-slot container.

You now need to gather together 10 Lucid Shards. These identify as different letters, and are thus each unique. They identify and drop as follows:

  • Dat - Fungus Grove from Shik`Nar Warriors and Royals, confirmed from:
    • Shik`nar Warrior
    • Shik`nar Royal Guard
    • Priest Kak`thak

  • Dax - Akheva Ruins, confirmed from:
    • A Shadow Reaver
    • A Shade Golem
    • A Rubble Rouser
    • Shaded Stones

  • Kel - The Grey, confirmed from:
    • A Sun Revenant (near the lake)
    • A Stone Beast

  • Kelera - Sanctus Seru or Katta, confirmed from:
    • A Legionnaire of the Hand
    • Named Legionnaires in the upper level of Sanctus Seru
    • An Intervallum Guard
    • Various Katta centurions (too many to list)

  • Lor - Dawnshroud Peaks from Rockhoppers and Sambata in the cave, confirmed from:
    • Sambata Tribal Worker
    • Sambata Tribal Hunter
    • A Rockhopper Ravager
    • A Rockhopper
    • Sambata Tribal Member

  • Raf - The Deep from Thought Horrors across the bridge, confirmed from:
    • A Thought Horror Spiriter
    • A Thought Horror
    • A Horror Guard
    • A Thought Horror Evoker
    • Koxiux the Imperceptible

  • Set - The Scarlet Desert from Sun Revenants and Reavers on the Plateau, confirmed from:
    • A Sun Revenant
    • A Sun Reaver

  • Tak - Maiden's Eye from named Goranga, confirmed from:
    • A Goranga Battlemaster
    • A Goranga Forager
    • A Goranga Prophet
    • A Goranga Savant
    • A Goranga Seer

  • Ved - Acrylia Cavern from Grimlings in Inner Acrylia, confirmed from:
    • A Grimling Prison Guard
    • A Grimling Deathguard
    • A Sanctum Bloodguard

  • Vin - Ssraeshza Temple from Skeletons in the Mines, confirmed from:
    • A Poxed Soriz
    • A Soriz Corpse
    • A Soriz Drudge

Combine these in the Scepter and you will create your Unadorned Scepter of Shadows. In the new container, you will need to combine the Planes Rift (obtained from Shissar Wraiths that spawn following Emperor Ssraeshza's death) and a Glowing Orb of Luclinite (dropped from various high end Luclin Mobs).

Upon combining those items, you'll create a Scepter of Shadows, which will get you into Vex Thal. Each member of the group must have a key to enter.
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Lucid Shards are NO DESTROY???
# Jan 05 2017 at 4:37 AM Rating: Good
25 posts
Why on earth can't you get rid of a lucid shard? It's No Drop, No Trade, and No Destroy. We don't need the quest any more (thank all the gods of Norrath), and it appears that the only way to get rid of the thing is to do a turn in which involves handing in an essence emerald.
Lucid Shards are NO DESTROY???
# Jan 05 2017 at 8:10 AM Rating: Excellent
eqenchanter wrote:
Why on earth can't you get rid of a lucid shard? It's No Drop, No Trade, and No Destroy. We don't need the quest any more (thank all the gods of Norrath), and it appears that the only way to get rid of the thing is to do a turn in which involves handing in an essence emerald.

Turn them into any Priest of Discord NPC and that will destroy them.
# Dec 02 2011 at 6:07 AM Rating: Default
72 posts
if ur standing with ur back against the wall at the frame camp with teh mobs above and behind u. You can avoid agro altogether by never killing the one on the right furthest away from you. Just kill the other three w/ ranged and u will not have to worry about having a group.
Was worth the finish
# Jun 16 2011 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Don't talk just turn in the stone then the emerald and it's done. They should put that at the top of the quest as an addendum.

I decided to get the last shard instead of deleting all the items after returning to game. Turned in the stone and got stuck in the txt loop as mentioned earlier. I got attacked several times as I tried to work out the turn ins. At one point I let them pound on me while doing this which surprised me that I could continue, I had thought that there would be a 'distraction' issue if I was being attacked while trying to do the quest.

The Shadow finally vanished, I tried the quest again to see what can be done but no stone, no quest. I killed the mobs for the millionth round and gated. I came back with another stone to find the first npc there. I started to kill all the mobs but decided to do turn ins while they pounded me again. Got it all done, killed the mobs and left.

Good hunting

Shimmer Presence
# Mar 02 2008 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Was on floor below the platform, did the dialogue and turned in the wisp essence. The Shimmering Presense just stood there. Nothing we could do. We went up the steps and jumped down, killed the npc, and respawned him. He turned into the other npc for the other group member and he got his container.
also drops on
# Feb 09 2008 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
kel drops on a stone beast in the grey as well
Shadowed Scepter Frame
# Jan 04 2008 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
Did this several times this evening. A few points.

At the moment, it is not necessary to do the script. Once the shimmering presence pops, just hand in the Wisp Stone and hand in the Essence Emerald to the following spawn.

When you kill a remains, there is a good chance a Shower of Blood spell will go off. This could aggro one or two of the shades in front of the spawn point. The spell itself was resisted fairly easily by a group of mid 70's. When the shower of blood goes off, it does not appear as though the shimmering presence spawns.

There are three mobs that spawn right behind the remains. They are on the same timer and appear to aggro on anyone in the remains area.
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Shadowed Scepter Frame
# Jan 05 2008 at 9:01 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Confirmed jan 5th, quest is indeed, broken as far as hails, spent several hours last night trying to follow the dialogue, and even handing him the items. simple hand the items in order as stated above without a hail.
# Jan 01 2008 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
I tried to do the turn in today, and could not get the next response after Vex Thal was mentioned. "What of Vex Thal?" made him repeat the previous message of Atenha`Ra. I tried every combination possible, but unfortunately I caught argo on a couple of mobs doing so and died. I even tried to skip it and ask about the scepter, but got the Atenha`Ra comment again.

Will try again once I stop pulling my hair out. Anyone else having a problem?
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# Jun 20 2007 at 1:10 PM Rating: Decent
122 posts
Does it have to be a Wisp Stone? Or can Necros use Coldlight (Same exact type of spell, summons a light emitting piece of crap with no stats)?
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RE: Required?
# Jun 22 2007 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
1,087 posts
It's a quest hand-in
It MUST be a whisp stone.

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Shard - Sanctus Seru
# Jun 03 2007 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
Easy to get this shard:

As you enter from Dawnshroud just go up the hallway into the main large area and go LEFT

There will be a small set of STEPS with a wall hanging.. Click on the Wall hanging to inter between the walls

This is where the A Legionnaire of the Hand or Named Legionnaires and An Intervallum Guard all walk.. took about 10 min to get a shard...

Very quick and easy.. also took a friend there later and did a quick repeat performance.
Shard - Sanctus Seru
# Apr 04 2008 at 1:09 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
ON the other hand i killed the whole circuit of the interior wall for 6-7 hours, making 7 comlete circuits and a half of an eighth before it finally drop. At least I made some good plat- must have made 4k just in plat drops alone.
# May 15 2007 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
Gonna assume no Kelera drop in Katta anymore with the new expansion?
# May 15 2007 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
1,352 posts
you're thinking of katta castrum, which is a seperate city than Katta Castellum. Castellum is on luclin (the moon) and is where the shard drops.. castrum was built on norrath.
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Wisp Stone
# Mar 29 2007 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
641 posts
What prompts you to get a summoned Wisp Stone?
There doesn't appear to be any connection with what the shimmering presence says/emotes, nor with any of the activity occuring once the shimmering presence has been spawned.
I don't see any indication that it would need a light source, so what's the clue?
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Wisp Stone
# Apr 01 2007 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
I assume you are replacing the "softly glowing gem" that fell from the broken Scepter of Shadows in the memory the presence is relaying to you.
Message sequence broken
# Mar 28 2007 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Did the hand in to get the frame today and the above sequence of texts was broken at the stage where you say "What of Vex Thal". At that point I got the earlier text to which the response is "Who is Atenha'Ra". However, having used the only wisp stone I had on me I thought I may as well try handing in the essence emerald and this did result in my being given the frame.


Shimmering Presence
# Jun 25 2006 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Camping the shimmering presence was kind've a pain to me. The remains are a one hit kill with a kick (lol) but adds around have a large aggro range and some vius above the pit repeatedly attack you, took me bout 20 min to spawn.
# Apr 09 2006 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
196 posts
For classes that cannot identify the shards. Get yourself a Holgresh Grand Vizer Beads. This has unlimited charges of <Identify>. Put Beads in open inv slot and hold your shard, right click beads and there ya go the item lore/name.
RE: Identify
# Jun 21 2006 at 6:57 AM Rating: Decent
or for the easier camp a Silvery Mask at Kael
Darkken Heart of Quellious
RE: Identify
# Jun 24 2006 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
536 posts
Another easy quest for an identify item castable from inventory is the Star of Eyes. The quest is found in Everfrost iirc.
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Shard collection
# Mar 28 2006 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
For those classes that can't identify their shards when they get them..............
Ever think of making a list of the various zones the shards drop in and check them off as you get them? I did that and it made it way easier to remember which zones I visited and which ones I need to hit. I know most people work on the quest from time to time and do not run through it all at once, so the list proved to be invaluable and no need to have the shards identified.

I found what worked best was getting all the shards, saving the SSRA one for last, thus making it a good idea to run the commanders for the emp key and hitting basment in between spawns to get the shard and work on the bane weapon at the same time. Once you are done that you are ready to hit emp and go have fun in VT

Random spawn
# Dec 18 2005 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
429 posts
Just tried to get the container, A Shimmering Presence popped just 5 min after I started. Getting there solo can be done if you avoid the traps and have a few invis potions if you don't have invis spell.
Camping the Shimmering Presense
# Jul 30 2005 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
I have just finished the part of getting container in Akheva ruins. It took me 2:40h to spawn a Shimerring Presense. (Yes, killing 3 lvl 1 mobs every 5 minutes for almost 3 hours). I didn't killed the last one to avoid the aggro.
So if it not spawns within 2 hours it still may spawn some hours later :)
Also the a Shimmering Presense pops IMMEDIATELY after killing a sacrificed remains. So if you kill a remains you know within second that you have to kill more remains before the Presense will spawn.
Getting the box
# Jul 28 2005 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
Hail, 'a shimmering presence'
Give the whisp stone
Hail, 'Spirit'
Give the Essence Emerald
Maybe a clue??
# Jul 22 2005 at 4:44 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Not sure if this has happened to anybody else, but...

I went to SS up on the catwalk and wandered around killing all the guards (possible 50-60) before I got my shard drop. The guard that dropped it was a human that was smaller then he had been shrunk twice. Since all the others were regular size, not sure if the shrunken one is a hint or a bug, but there you go.

RE: Maybe a clue??
# Mar 15 2006 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
356 posts
whats likely in this case is an Enc charmed the mob to use in farming the very piece thier pet had all along. deliciously ironic, dont you think? ^^
#Victorian, Posted: May 06 2005 at 4:56 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) with oow u dont really need to gear up in VT anymore, just oow tier 1 armor.
RE: vt/oow
# Mar 15 2006 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
356 posts
while gearwise this may be true, the aspect or raiding, refining tactics and learning to play well with each other is what forms a cohesive and successful guild. the best gear in the game wont make you a good player.
RE: vt/oow
# May 07 2005 at 9:39 AM Rating: Default
It still is a nice step for guilds to raid at there are some drops that are worthwhile.
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# May 01 2005 at 11:25 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Sambata Tribal Member dropped shard for me today in DSP.

'Bout time.
drops off guards too in the deep
# Apr 17 2005 at 6:05 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
In the DEEP, lucid shard dropped off of a horror guard, past invis bridge.
DSP drop
# Feb 10 2005 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Went to the caves and the hoppers of course were not up so went to killing off the named, it didn't spawn the hoppers must have missed something, however the tribals there dropped the shards for my wife and I in about 45 minutes of constant killing.
Just want to know
# Jan 13 2005 at 9:58 AM Rating: Default
144 posts
"Start off by obtaining yourself a Wisp Stone (summoned by Mages) and an Essence Emerald (created when a Necromancer sacrifices a 45+ player). Then head to Akheva Ruins and kill the Sacrificed Remains inside the Sacrificial Pit. They are PHs for "A Shimmering Presence" and have a respawn time of about five minutes. "

I just want to know how the heck you are supposed to get to these Sacrificed Remains, when they are surrounded by a bunch of different things, including three Atulinae`Vius; these are nasty mobs.
RE: Just want to know
# Feb 18 2005 at 11:39 AM Rating: Good
56 posts
the way you do the turnin is easy.
1- learn where the traps are, in general dont' step on any broken rocks/ruins and you're safe, there's only 1 trap that's not like that and is on the way

2- invis past all the other crap

3- only kill the 3 remains closest to the back of the pit, nothing will aggro you there, as well as nothing sees invis in the area. if you kill the 4th, one of the mobs in front ofthe pit will aggro due to the ae trigger on the deaths of the remains. oh, and use a ranged attack on the third one =) any dmg kills the remains so lvl 1 nuke or a clickie ring bow knife star etc all work just fine.

and that's it. takes a little while to get the path down but you can easily outrun anything in the zone with run speed 3, just dont' get rooted/stunned =P
--Athenya / Faedarr
66 druid / 66 chanter

Edited, Fri Feb 18 11:43:03 2005
RE: Just want to know
# Jan 23 2005 at 7:00 PM Rating: Default
115 posts
Kill the mobs around them? or you could just ninja turn in, you don't have to follow the scripts just turn in the wisp then the ee and you got yourself a scepter thinger, and run like a wenie
# Jan 07 2005 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
As far as identifying the shard just link it to a friend or or guild chat or ooc rather and ask if someone can identify.
# Oct 02 2004 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
Is not a difficult quest, just very time consuming. Is soloable for 65BST easily, but safer to do w/ a healer (esp in the Deep and FG). Found in FG easy to single pull mobs w/ pacify. Just my 2 cp.....
katta vs. seru
# Jul 25 2004 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
76 posts
I've gotten two shards from both zones ... first time in katta i got it off first centurion at east tower, second time i got it off third one.

seru, took me 4 hours of the ring to get first and another countless hours on a seperate day to get the other.

same shard...katta>seru
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RE: katta vs. seru
# Jul 27 2004 at 1:41 PM Rating: Default
25 posts
all luck really. got mine on first kill in seru
Chewzok Lonefist
90 Monk
RE: katta vs. seru
# Jan 23 2005 at 3:04 AM Rating: Decent
Same here, zoned in, was there to help a friend get his corpse, and first one that hit me dropped Shard. First time I ever zoned into Seru on my warrior.
Member of Shadows of Adan
RE: katta vs. seru
# Jan 07 2006 at 3:01 PM Rating: Default
Jumping on the "Seru Luck" bandwagon to say I got mine on the third kill.
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Earthkeeper Brudish FrozenThorn
# Jul 05 2004 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
It took me over 100 kills in Sanctus Seru to finally get one of the shards to drop off the "Hand" mobs at the entrance from Dawnshroud Peaks. Needless to say I went from apprehensive to threatening. I also tried the upper ring with a group and never got one to drop there for me. So..just be patient...faster for some than others.

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# Sep 28 2004 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
85 posts
I went to the Marus Seru zone side and it dropped on first guy I killed.
# Aug 10 2004 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
51 posts
Actually its more common from the Marus Seru zone in guards, there are 2, 1 named and Lego of the hand. Now if you have killed Grieg a couple of times like me, you are Allied to certain factions in Sanctus Seru, the named guard do not add then, making the camp quite comfortable.

We where 5 camping only this Lego of the hand it took less than 1.5 hours to get all of our shards and move on, pretty **** fast since respawn is aprox 10 min.
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seru shard
# Jun 09 2004 at 3:40 PM Rating: Default
30 posts
i ran around the ring on the top solo . . . 1 lap and a half and a shard dropped . . . i heard the mobs that are in the little alcoves have a better chance, but that shard dropped from a regular pather (light blue to 65)

also, the lego of hand (near dsp / ms zones) will drop a shard very very commonly - that's what i would recommend ... killed 9 of them, got 2 shards

BTW as of june 04 this zone is soooooooo laggy you can't AE it =(

Gl all
Fennin.Faza / Firiona.Goom / Combine.Vaxus
# May 28 2004 at 10:18 AM Rating: Default
I know a lot people will think I'm nuts, but I don't really want to mess up faction with Seru or Katta to get key. As my character is "good" I don't feel its appropriate to kill others without just cause. I suppose I can just pay someone to let me loot a shard there, but does anyone know if this shard can drop off something else (at least something not human)?
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RE: faction
# Sep 17 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
Just thought of something else but no exp doing it the guards inside of nathanial what ever his name is little court yard are on seperate faction table from the city so if u kill them no loss of good faction, no idea if they drop the shard though sorry .
RE: faction
# Sep 17 2004 at 7:46 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
yeah i know what u mean was first thing that went through my mind, i have to kill guards. Not something i do alot of as a paladin. However i wanted to share with you a faction fix for seru. If you go and kill in mon letals either the undead there or the brain suckers or thought leaches or something in a cave cant remember name u get a fantastic list of good faction all the hands of seru are included in it . Good luck im off to start that key .
RE: faction
# Jun 24 2004 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
I would just like to add to what Salamok said. The people of Seru are not considered to be "good" by my standards. I follow Quellious, and as such I believe in peace. The people of Seru followed the people who eventually founded Katta to Luclin in order to exterminate them because those people were loyalists of the Combine Empire which was founded by Tsaf Katta.

You can read the whole story here:

So kill kill kill those evil guards of Seru :)
That'll teach 'em to leave peaceful people like the citizens of Katta alone!
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RE: faction
# Jun 17 2004 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
but I don't really want to mess up faction with Seru or Katta to get key

faction hit is soo small you wont even drop much from it. I killed about a dozen guards and never moved on my faction.
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RE: faction
# May 29 2004 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
Actually, the residents of seru are pretty much evil. They may not try to kill you on sight, but don't let that dissuade you from hunting down their guards for a shard.
Oh, and they have some of the funniest death messages to... helps with the grind of shard farming (but not much)
RE: faction
# May 28 2004 at 10:19 PM Rating: Default
62 posts
faction can be fixed
8 shards
# May 22 2004 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
I can tell you that every shard except the Deep and Ssra is attainable soloing as a 65 druid. The Acrylia one is much easier than the posts I've read make it sound, if you're smart about it. Con everything and clear along the way.

As a note, the fungus grove is a great place to rake in a little cash. I was surprised to find that the eyes every other mob dropped sold for 20p to a vendor. I walked out of there after 3 hours with my shard, 800p worth of loot, 1/2 an AA and some nice Chitlin twink gear that seemed to drop on just about every royal.

As far as the other two shards go, this druid couldn't do them alone. The caverns in the Deep are cram packed and a single see invis mob blocks the route to the bridge. There was no safe place to set up camp that I saw except starting from the beginning and killing all the way in, hoping for singles along the way. In Ssra there are Ssssee Invis Ssssnakes that spawn along the way to the basement, and they ssssummon.

Edited, Sat May 22 04:38:58 2004
RE: 8 shards
# Jul 07 2004 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
I just wanted to add as a 65 shaman the only part that isn't soloable at this point is ssra.. due to the extreme numbers of skeletons that come durin a pull.

However I had no problem in the deep invising to the invisible bridge and making my way to the shard mobs. Pet + quiessence is your friend :) I'd say this is easily duo-able by any combination so long as there is some form of healing.
RE: 8 shards
# Jun 13 2004 at 1:32 PM Rating: Default
4 posts
I can tell you right now that there are never any see invis mobs on the way to the basement..there are sometimes see invis mobs wandering in the basement (taskmasters), but they can be avoided since their aggro range is so small. You are probably taking a wrong turn somewhere (middle door, end of hall take a left, first right through 2 doors, right, right, through door, down tube, basement).

The warden and the skellies are see invis, and since that is where you need to camp, that's the only problem. I hydra shaman/druid and can kill taskmasters/warden no problem and I can solo the skellies with the druid or the shammy, just goes faster with both.
DSP - Shard Update
# May 09 2004 at 11:35 PM Rating: Default
24 posts
Lucid Shard Dropped on 5/9/04 from

Sambata Tribal MemberSambata Tribal Member

Good Hunting
The Deep
# Apr 28 2004 at 10:48 AM Rating: Default
172 posts
I noticed a few posts about getting to the good camp across the bridge, but I've noticed when I run there, that there is a one see-invis mob a Shrieker parked with a couple of other fungis near one of the turns. I cannot seem to get around him without being spotted, but luckily there is a good stretch to FD right down the tunnel. Just a warning, but after that mob I've been able to invis all the way across bridge to the horror guards who are really easy to aggro kite.

PS - The visable bridge is a trap the invisable bridge is to the right of it use eqtoolbox map or you probably wont be able to get across
# Mar 31 2004 at 12:38 PM Rating: Default
71 posts
I am a Shaman, and have no identify spell. Is there away to tell which is which without it?
RE: Identify
# Apr 03 2004 at 7:07 PM Rating: Default
243 posts
Yes you can have a chanter cast identify on you or If you know witch zones you got the shard from they you don't need to go back to that zone for anymore shards...
RE: Identify
# Apr 13 2004 at 10:58 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Or you can get a Silvery Mask which has identify effect.Pretty cheap in Bazaar.
RE: Identify
# Jul 17 2004 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
93 posts
Or Holgresh Grand Vizier Beads. They may say only usable by int classes, but you can click from inventory.
ty very much for info
# Feb 29 2004 at 4:20 PM Rating: Default
4 posts
Fantastic Post indeed Aail
Trigger text
# Jan 25 2004 at 10:32 PM Rating: Decent
151 posts
I couldn't get Spirit to evaporate ('What frame of your scepter?' kept giving the same response as 'What spirits?'), but giving it the essence emerald worked ok anyway.
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RE: Trigger text
# Apr 03 2004 at 4:15 AM Rating: Decent
222 posts
Same thing happening right now. and yeah, handing in EE worked. Thanks for your post or we would have been too worried to try it.

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hoppers and sambata
# Jan 10 2004 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Confirming that hoppers and sambata can drop shards, I've taken lots of people into the caves for these and gotten them from both.
# Dec 17 2003 at 9:48 AM Rating: Default
recently got the Raf one from a thought horror on the echo caverns side of the Deep chasm.
RE: Raf
# Dec 17 2003 at 1:15 PM Rating: Default
128 posts
Ditto, they drop from any thought horrors in the Deep, just more often across the bridge.
Time it takes for shards...
# Nov 17 2003 at 9:31 PM Rating: Default
1 post
I recently completed my Unadorned Scepter of Shadows, had DSP FG Ssra and The Grey about 3 months ago then I said ***** it I wanna finish this thing quick the other night I went back to Luclin and within 10 hours I finished Sseru shard, The Deep, ME, AC, SD, and AR shards, and while in AR also attained my frame, this really is you are really pressed for time and wanna go with the guild to get your shards it doesnt take that long ....hopefully soon I'll be goin to Ssra with the guild .....although we just got to Quarm last night)... and get my orb from AL or Creator or Exiled, and rift after Emp's death and finish my scepter ...shouldnt be too long...I just had a weird hair up my *** to enjoy Luclin again, hehe

RE: Time it takes for shards...
# Nov 21 2003 at 9:40 AM Rating: Excellent
49 posts
The easiest way to get an Orb of Luclinite if your guild does not raid SoL anymore is to track the Servitor of Luclin in Griegs End. He's on a roughly 45 hour timer only, and he's 1 groupable (actually did it with only 3 people once).
RE: Time it takes for shards...
# Nov 28 2003 at 4:42 PM Rating: Default
I agree..Servitor is the best for orbs. Had a group of three, 2 beastlords and an enchanter and we killed this guy. Granted one beastlord died, but it was for a good cause.

Va'Dynn in AR is another good one. I tanked him (beastlord) with two clerics a necro and a bard. I spammed slow and disc protect to keep agro and to take less damage. took about 30 minutes but we killed the bastid.
#DREAMTHIEF, Posted: Nov 12 2003 at 6:52 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) managed to get grey, scarlet, dawnshroud, maidens, fungus, seru, acheva, and acrylia all in one day...
the Difference in the shards?
# Nov 06 2003 at 6:39 AM Rating: Default
Ok I looted 2 shards about a year ago and they have been sitting in the bank, now I don't remember WHERE I looted them.... How can i tell which one they are?
(Fennin Ro Server)
RE: the Difference in the shards?
# Jan 25 2004 at 1:49 AM Rating: Default
37 posts
This is also a mask you can purchase in the bazaar which is all/all that has a click cast: Identify.

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65 Druid
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RE: the Difference in the shards?
# Nov 06 2003 at 9:42 PM Rating: Default
10 posts
You can try having them identified by a Wiz/etc using their Identify spell. It should tell you which part of the shard it is. Then you can look up what zone it came from here
RE: the Difference in the shards?
# Jan 03 2004 at 8:16 PM Rating: Default
24 posts
bards can identify it for you also
Can be Soloed
# Nov 06 2003 at 5:28 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
The Frame camp CAN be Soloed using Emmlyn's method. I just did it today with my 65 chanter. Be very careful and dont step on the white ruin looking things on the floor and you can invis all the way up to the room with the Sac Pit (with a little luck). Hang out along the wall to the right of the doorway through the lattice into the room with the pit. If you are careful you wont aggro the centi's or the robe guys. You can then paci the robes and the 4 armed guys on top of the pit and kill the sac remains till the shimmering presence pops. Then just re-paci (probably unnecessary but I wasnt taking chances), invis, go into the pit and quickly do the two turns ins and gate out. It may take a couple tries but it can be done. Thanks Emlynn for making my life easier.

Edited, Thu Nov 6 05:35:55 2003
Deep shard
# Nov 03 2003 at 12:30 AM Rating: Default
We got one off a guard in The Deep today.
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# Oct 30 2003 at 7:13 PM Rating: Default
1 post
hi all the info was ver acurate going by these post ive sucesfuly got all 10 shards now going to finish up soon

ty to my guildies in ef especaily iilane ,emduar,nina, tufeet,rowf,aralc ,taad ,taynt for lending there helping hand through this long camps

ty vm guys ty to the ones here who make there posts on info

Dravlo Battleblade 65 overlord
VT key Quest details
# Oct 26 2003 at 10:38 PM Rating: Excellent
37 posts
Here's a write up of the VT key quest which I did for my fellow E`Ci public raiders. Hopefully make this looong quest a bit easier for everyone aiming for VT =-)

Kel - from the Grey. Camp the Sun Revenants in the NW corner. Six or eight spawns around a lake. Rocks on the West side are trapped, which can be an unpleasant surprise when 3 little boulder guys come out chaining flurry of pebbles and summoning... Avoid the trap, and it's an easy, but long solo for soloing classes. I stayed on the NE corner of the lake, and kited east along the north wall. Took me 40 or 50 kills (about 6 hours total), but most people have better luck.

Dat - Fungus Grove. Drops off Shik'nar Warriors and Royals Guards. Near the TW zone, there's a tunnel that loops around under a hill. Way in the back, there's a cicle of warriors and a priest in front of a side tunnel leading to the Royals. No problem with running down here invis. The warriors were easy singles with snare, but I never managed to get he Royals single. Some warriors and all of the royals summon. This wasn't hard for me and Geffil (druid), and was downright easy when Katatonic (warrior) came to join us. Royals are a pain - I wouldn't bother when them unless you have a reasonably strong group. We picked up one shard in 3 hours (off our first kill, too), but drop rate should normally be higher. Maybe, possibly - though I am probably imagining things after spending too much time here - the drop rate is higher when the priest is up. There are also two warriors in another part of these tunnels, but the larger camp is actually easier.

Dax - Ahkeva Ruins. This can probably be solo'd, slowly. Duoed, with some risk. I really recommend at least 3 people. Shard drops from Rabble Rousers, Shade Golems, Shadow Reavers, and Shaded Stones deeper in Ahkeva. Go straight into the zone, two rooms down, and pull from Va'Dyn's room to a nice safe corner. Also trigger traps in the side halls - some people think trap mobs have a higher drop rate. Rabble Rousers have a ton of HP, so low dps groups may want to avoid them, but the rest are easy. All are rootable, but some mobs are not mezzable. They often come 2-4 at a time without a split puller, so be ready. This camp has been slow for me - but not as bad as FG.

Raf - The Deep. Suppose to drop off horrors on both sides of the bridge - everything but the young ones. We headed across the invis bridge and worked the tunnels closer to SSRa. Some spots where it help to have a pacify caster, but everything except elders are rootable (don't bother with elders unless ya feel ubah - they come in packs, hit for 600, are not rootable, and probably, like most horrors, are not mezzable). This should be soloable for someone with pacify, but I really recommend 2+ people. With a Ranger, druid, enc, mage, and wizzy, we were able to get about one an hour.

Kelera - Seru/Katta. I did this one in Katta, but it drops in Seru, as well. For Katta, just head to the castle on the eastern edge of the upper level. Drops of the Cenurions inside and in front of the castle. I cleared the two Legionaires outside, plus one roamer, then pulled the two centurions outside with harmony+snare. Moved inside and killed the first floor centurions at their spawn points. Upstairs is very difficult to pull - drop rate downstairs is so high there's no reason to head upstairs, though a bored monk/sk/necro or non-kos enc/cleric/pally/ranger might give it a try. Centurions summon, so casters be careful soloing. Should be no problem for pet classes. Took me two kills on first run, five or six on second run, five or six kills for three shards on third run. Fast easy shard.

Lor - Dawnshroud. Kill the rockhoppers in the caves. Afaik, any of them can drop it. If the hoppers are not up, head deep into the caves and kill the Sambata Keeper till a named spawns. Killed the named, and the hoppers are back - just don't kill the age old. This one seems to drop pretty quick. Apparently it can also drop off sambata... But I've never seen it.

Set - Scarlet Desert. Head to the ruins on the plateau with a bunch of Sun Revenants. Kill'em all, loot a shard. Fast and easy, took maybe 10 kills solo - about 15 mins.

Tak - Maiden's Eye. Be ready for a long camp.... Four camps with the Goranga scout spawns at each camp. One by DSP zone (seer), two near UP zone (forager and savant), one near Ahkeva (Battlemaster). Kill scouts till the named spawns. The named will usually (but not always) drop, but are rare spawns. I spent 10 hours one day.. 20 minutes the second. Battlemaster seems the most common, but Forager+Savant are accessible from a nice safe little canyon with no roamers. Easy solos, but bring a book.

Vin - SSRa. Hit the skellies in the mines. Closer to The Deep you get, the better off you are. Drops off drudges, corpses, and poxed soriz. May also drop of plagues soriz. I don't think it will drop from slaves or regular "soriz skeletons". A small group will need a enc or pally/cleric/monk/sk/necro to pull, as they usually come in packs. They don't hit hard, but they will beat up your casters. I can see this being difficult solo, but a duo can probably handle it. A decent group will tear the place up and have a good drop rate.

Ved - Acylia Caverns. Invis and head in. Stop past the gate. Clear the skellies to the left, reinvis, then move in down the left passageway. Con as you go - some can see invis around here. A small statue down the left passageway is a clicky portal to Inner AC. Settle into a nice safe spot with no roamers - the large room central to inner seems pretty good - roamers path through the middle, though. I ended up camping on a spawn point at one "end" of the room and dealing with the odd add. A pet class can probably solo this - was easy for me (ranger) and Cygnet (druid) to duo. With a near full group, we owned the place. Supposedly can drop of anything named "Sanctum _____". Drop rate is pretty high, too.

Frame - To get the frame, you should probably bring a balanced group. These are fast and easy, but you'll need to make your way deep into AR, break into a room, and hold a camp on top of three spawns with occasional adds. Form up your group and make sure everyone needing the frame has An Essence Emerald (crated when a necro sacrifices someone) and a Summoned: Wisp Stone (from a low level mage spell). Head deep into AR (silly me never recorded the exact location or path) to a room with a bunch of robes standing around an altar with 4 "Sacrificed Remains" in it. Break into the room and hang out on top of the altar. Kill "Sacrificed Remains" until "A shimmering presence" spawns. Hand the presence the wisp stone, and it will respawn as "Spirit of Akelha`Ra", hand the EE to the spirit to recieve you Frame. In my two frame trips, we've averaged 10 or 15 mins each after 10 or 15 mins to get to and break into the room.

Combine the 10 different shards in the frame to form another container, combine rift and orb to create key. Welcome to Vex Thal! Long slow raids await!
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RE: VT key Quest details
# Sep 01 2004 at 7:25 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
PS Bards also pull in the Ssra temple mines just fine... paci 2 bring 2 or 3, make a pet and mez if absolutely necessary (small group / no offtank). Funny how 6 classes were listed as pulling options and bard was not one of them. /baffle
RE: VT key Quest details
# Mar 16 2004 at 12:28 PM Rating: Decent
Finished this a while ago, just a couple comments...

Pretty much all of these camps are random... some or easier than others. A few can be soloed by a good player in any class, such as DSP, Scarlet Desert, sometimes the Grey or ME. Mostly, they're just VERY long camps. At each camp, some people have gotten a shard in 15 mins and some people have had to spend countless hours there, it just depends. Some camps, such as ME and FG, are simply known to be long, but even there people have gone in and gotten their shards in like 2 minutes. It's very random.

My recommendation? Find a group of 5 or so other people that want to get this done, and commit to a few days a week where you will all go and get a shard or two, and it'll be done fast. Every camp can be handled with 3-6 people, but the more people you have the easier it is to clear.

Oooh and you don't need to clear for the frame... get an inviser, and you can do it duo, solo if you are an inviser, although another person helps. Basically, run in to the room with the ledge and the 3 remains... if you set off traps, train to zone... you're usually fast then them, so it's not a problem. Follow the right wall invised inside the room, you won't get the see invis aggro. Then, pop onto the ledge, stay on the BACK wall, and do your turn-ins.
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RE: VT key Quest details
# Feb 06 2004 at 10:54 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
FANTASTIC POST. This post has been my guide for the key, thanks very much for the information.

I'd like to add a suggestion to getting the container. After spending about an hour trying to get in here w/ the help of a necro, and subsequently having it not work out so well, myself (65 Ranger) and a friend (also 65 Ranger) did this:

He ran in, set off all the traps and trained the mobs to the entrance while I ran in invis and camped in the LEFT (as you face the large windowed wall BEFORE you enter the area where the sacrificial remains are) corner to break any aggro. I came back, invised up and conned the robes standing there (I was told they can sometimes see invis) and jumped into the sac pit and stood at the extreme back corner and killed the 3 remains closes to me w/ a small DD. The shimmering presence popped after two kills, did my turn ins, invised up and ran until I popped at trap and continued on training what mobs were on me to entrance. All in all this took 10 minutes and only two people.
Rubble Rouser
# Oct 14 2003 at 12:39 AM Rating: Default
Drops off a rubble rouser in AR
Leginnaire of the Hand
# Oct 12 2003 at 1:13 PM Rating: Default
8 posts
Reconfirming: Legionnaire of the Hand in SS at DSP zone in drops shard. Took me two kills to get it.
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RE: Leginnaire of the Hand
# Oct 13 2003 at 4:19 AM Rating: Good
Same here, were two Legionnaire of the Hand up at zone when I went in. 2nd one dropped the shard
Key Question
# Oct 08 2003 at 8:09 AM Rating: Default
7 posts
If a guild were going to raid Vex would they need a key for each player, each group, or just one person in the raid?
RE: Key Question
# Oct 09 2003 at 4:56 PM Rating: Default
42 posts
Each toon needs a key to gain access to Vex Thal.
Cowchip Iksar brawler
DSP Shard
# Sep 24 2003 at 1:34 AM Rating: Default
73 posts
Just a quick addendum to what's already been posted regarding the Lor shard. There's an 'A Rockhopper Ravager' that appears to spawn consistently, every cycle. From the northernmost chamber of the cave, it's the chamber to the west. From the entrance to the chamber, facing into the chamber with the tunnel behind you, it's the spawn on the right side, about halfway into the chamber. Had no trouble pulling just him, but to stave off boredom I kept the deepest chambers cleared. Shard dropped after a few hours, though I don't recall seeing any ravagers spawn on any other spawn point. A couple of the different bigger mobs in the west and east chambers at the bottom were low blue/green, at 65, though I wouldn't expect the exp would be an incentive to farm for this shard after 50something, if at all.
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