Arcane Scientist Sleeves  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Loot
Quest Items:
Era:Planes of Power
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
Appropriate Races:
Entered: Fri May 10 17:05:41 2002
Modified: Sat May 11 21:34:46 2019
This is for good aligned casters.

You say, 'Hail, Shana Liskia'

Liskia says 'Hail and well met Isola. I am Shana Liskia, Enchantress of Freeport. I have studied my art for years here in our wonderful academy. I am also delighted to meet and teach those that come here to gain knowledge. My specialty however lies in Beguiling so I like to train young enchanters. Are you an enchanter?'

You say, 'I am an enchanter'

Shana Liskia says 'Wonderful! Let me be the first to tell you that your training here will be top notch and you will learn all that is to be known about being an enchanter should you put forth the willingness to learn. I will walk you through your early training and assist you in your hunting and gathering skills. I have created a [special sewing kit] that I present to all of the new initiates.'

You say, 'What special sewing kit'

Shana Liskia says 'This kit that I speak of is one that is able to magically infuse different components into materials used for creating Arcane Scientists Armor. The components that you use will be collected from numerous different areas and shops in Freeport. You will use these materials along with patterns that I will present you with to create your armor. Once you are [ready to begin] I will present you with your Enchanted Sewing Kit.'

You say, 'I am ready to begin'

Shana Liskia says 'Very well. Here you are Isola, in this box you will combine specific component recipes as I mentioned before. When you are ready to attempt a specific piece you must tell me what piece you [want] to craft. For example if you had intent on crafting a cap you would say, �I want to craft a cap�. I can offer you the recipes for Arcane Scientists [Caps], [Bracers], [Sleeves], [Sandals], [Trousers], [Gloves] and [Robes]. I must also suggest that you attempt your robe last due to the difficult nature of collecting the correct components.'

You say, 'I want to craft the sleeves'

Shana Liskia says 'Sleeves will be a great and necessary addition to your armor. To create your sleeve material you will need to combine 2 Woven Spider Silks, 2 Bone Chips, 1 Spider Legs and Cloth Sleeves in your assembly kit. Once you have created the proper material take it to a loom along with this mold to fashion your very own Arcane Scientists Sleeves.'
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# Jun 02 2006 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
this does not work for Erudit
# Oct 12 2003 at 3:22 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Am I being stupid? I cannot get these items to work.

I was just in the middle o fposting to say I could not get the ingedients to work but I tried one more thing and it worked so in case there are any other people out there as stupid as me here is what you need to do.

Put all the ingredients unstacked in the enchanted sewing kit (but not the scroll/mold) and combine them. This gives you a material. Put the material and the scroll/mold in the loom and combine those two items to get the sleeves.

I had got it into my head that I had to use the loom first then combine the material and mold in the sewing kit. It is not that long since I had a High Elf mage and I managed to create the Elf newbie armour for him without getting confused so I dont know why I made a mess of this one :)
# Jul 24 2003 at 12:43 PM Rating: Default
236 posts
My chanter has been dying for some +DEX stuff!! This is SO sweet! There's just too many +INT arm items out there, glad Verant decided to give us something useful for a change!! Way to go guys!
You only live once, but once is enough if you do it right.
# Jun 15 2002 at 3:24 PM Rating: Default
where is the looma nd the woven spider slik is it just a drop from a spider or do u have to craft it
RE: Loom
# Dec 14 2002 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
108 posts
There is a 10-slot loom on the second floor of Velithe and Bardo's Imported Goods in East Freeport. I think woven spider silks drop off big spiders in North Ro, but I'm not sure the exact names.
70 Forest Scion Bolooen Naturewolf :-)
Erollis Marr (Morrell-Thule)
where do i find a loom
# Jun 09 2002 at 10:03 PM Rating: Default
What is a loom where do i find one?
Can't start quest!
# Jun 07 2002 at 5:55 AM Rating: Default
I hail the NPC, Shana Liskia, but alas she give me no response. I am a lvl 14 Human Wiz. Any help appreciated.

# Jun 03 2002 at 7:46 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Large spiders for Woven silks, Cloth sleeves bought at one of the inns not small cloth sleeves.Size matters on all this stuff.Decent lower level wisdom caster sleeves .
Silk and Mixing Items
# May 21 2002 at 10:59 PM Rating: Default
I have collected the woven silk from large and giant spiders travel between hu 3 and hut 9 in ec. I am level 15 wiz lg spiders drop with one sometimes two bolts. Check the inns a lot I bought 6 total from the inns 5.5gp each not bad. Also I did the bracers (2)and sleeves. In the kit on the last bracer I mixed the order of the items to see if it would work...It DID! I also used the small sewing kit to combine the scroll instruction and the mtl created by the kit. Nivag
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