Quests starting in Kaesora

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Achievement: Hunter of Kaesora 0 - 110 Kaesora All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
Kaesora Traveler (10 Points) 1 - 110 Kaesora All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
The Tome Raider 35 - 110 Kaesora Necromancer All EverQuest icon Large Tassel Bookmark
Quest Loot Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving Kaesora:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Al'Kabor's Research 45 - 110 Firiona Vie All All EverQuest icon Ring of the Messenger
QuestLoot Disappointing
  Beguile Plants 30 - 110 Firiona Vie Druid All EverQuest icon Spell: Beguile Plants
QuestSpell Unrated
  Claw of the Mature Patriarch (#5) 35 - 110 East Cabilis Beastlord Wood Elf, Barbarian, Troll, Ogre, Iksar, Vah Shir EverQuest icon Claw of the Mature Patriarch
QuestLoot Unrated
  Crusader's Test of the Lord (#7) 40 - 85 East Cabilis Shadowknight All EverQuest icon Lord of Pain's Khukri
  Handy Shillelagh 30 - 110 Firiona Vie All All EverQuest icon Dark Oak Shillelagh
  Key to Charasis 40 - 85 Swamp of No Hope All All EverQuest icon Key to Charasis
QuestAdvancement Unrated
  Kunark Spells: Cannibalize II, Good Version 40 - 85 Firiona Vie Shaman All EverQuest icon Spell: Cannibalize II
QuestSpell Unrated
  Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery 50 - 110 Lake Rathetear Magician All EverQuest icon Orb of Mastery
EverQuest icon Spell: Summon Orb
QuestEpic Excellent
  Medallion of the Kylong 45 - 110 Lake of Ill Omen All All EverQuest icon Medallion of the Kylong
QuestAdvancement Unrated
  Necromancer 8th Rank 35 - 110 West Cabilis Necromancer All EverQuest icon Necromancer Skullcap
EverQuest icon Barbed Scaled Whip
  Rare Coins 36 - 85 Firiona Vie Bard All EverQuest icon Nostrolo Tambourine
  Scaled Mystic Vambraces 33 - 85 East Cabilis Shaman Iksar EverQuest icon Scaled Mystic Vambraces
  Shackle of Tynnonium 50 - 110 Dreadlands Monk All EverQuest icon Shackle of Tynnonium
QuestExperience Faction Loot Unrated
  Shaman Skull Quest No. 8 50 - 85 East Cabilis Shaman All EverQuest icon Skyiron Cudgel of the Ancients
  The Dungeon Rot Infected 80 - 110 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Purified Dungeon Rot
TaskExperience Loot Money Excellent
  Whistling Fists 55 - 110 East Cabilis Monk Human, Iksar, Froglok, Drakkin EverQuest icon Whistling Fists
QuestLoot Excellent

0 quests found