Quests starting in Kedge Keep

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Achievement: Conqueror of Kedge Keep 0 - 110 Kedge Keep All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
Achievement: Hunter of Kedge Keep 0 - 110 Kedge Keep All All Achievement Advancement Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving Kedge Keep:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Bard Epic: Singing Short Sword 50 - 110 Dreadlands Bard All EverQuest icon Singing Short Sword
EverQuest icon Mahlin's Mystical Bongos
EverQuest icon Mystical Lute
QuestEpic Experience Excellent
  Crown of the Tempest Guard 46 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest Warrior, Paladin All EverQuest icon Crown of the Tempest Guard
  Dwarf Cultural Armor (DoN) 20 - 85 South Kaladim Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, Cleric, Berserker Dwarf EverQuest icon Intricate Stormguard Sleeves
EverQuest icon Intricate Stormguard Cuirass
EverQuest icon Ornate Stonetooth Boots
QuestArmour Set Tradeskill Unrated
  Force of Akera 53 - 110 Plane of Tranquility Paladin All EverQuest icon Spell: Force of Akera
QuestSpell Unrated
  Fusibility Research 55 - 85 Western Wastes All All EverQuest icon Strength of the Elements
QuestLoot Unrated
  Gyrospire Relocation Research 80 - 110 Fortress Mechanotus All All EverQuest icon Gyrospire Relocation Device
TaskLoot Unrated
  Half Elf Cultural Armor (DoN) 20 - 110 Multiple Warrior, Rogue, Bard, Paladin, Druid, Ranger Half Elf EverQuest icon Ornate Runeseeker Cuirass
EverQuest icon Ornate Runeseeker Greaves
EverQuest icon Simple Wayguard Armband
QuestArmour Set Tradeskill Unrated
  Human Cultural Armor (DoN) 20 - 85 Multiple Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Bard, Shadowknight, Paladin, Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Necromancer, Berserker Human EverQuest icon Simple Stalwart Helm
EverQuest icon Elaborate Stalwart Armband
EverQuest icon Elaborate Claviger Greaves
QuestArmour Set Tradeskill Unrated
  Jaggedpine Druid Sleeves 35 - 85 Jaggedpine Forest Druid All EverQuest icon Sleeves of the Pine
EverQuest icon Reinforced Rawhide Sleeves
QuestArmour Set Experience Faction Unrated
  Kuughrak's Task 0 - 110 The Overthere Warrior, Rogue, Bard Human, High Elf, Dark Elf, Troll, Ogre, Froglok EverQuest icon Kuughrak's Blade
QuestExperience Loot Unrated
  Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery 50 - 110 Lake Rathetear Magician All EverQuest icon Orb of Mastery
EverQuest icon Spell: Summon Orb
QuestEpic Excellent
  Order of the Storm Caller 55 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest All All EverQuest icon Scepter of Storms
EverQuest icon Orb of the Storm Caller
QuestLoot Unrated
  Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere 60 - 85 Multiple All All EverQuest icon Grand Robe of the Oracle
EverQuest icon Grand Tunic of the Oracle
EverQuest icon Dark Phylactery
QuestLoot Tradeskill Unrated
  Rain Caller 35 - 85 Greater Faydark Ranger All EverQuest icon Rain Caller
EverQuest icon Mane Attraction
QuestFaction Loot Unrated
  The Bones of Darak Lightforge 49 - 85 Gorge of King Xorbb (Beholder's Maze) Paladin All EverQuest icon Spell: Divine Might
QuestExperience Faction Spell Unrated
  The Family Chest Straps 50 - 85 Kael Drakkel Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Necromancer, Beastlord All EverQuest icon Flayed Coldain-Skin Leggings
  Totemic Breastplate 28 - 85 Lake Rathetear Shaman All EverQuest icon Totemic Breastplate
QuestArmour Set Unrated
  Wizard Epic: Staff of the Four 50 - 110 Temple of Solusek Ro Wizard All EverQuest icon Staff of the Four
QuestEpic Faction Excellent

0 quests found