Quests starting in North Karana

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Achievement: Hunter of The Northern Plains of Karana 0 - 110 North Karana All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
Aegis of Life 35 - 110 North Karana Paladin, Cleric All EverQuest icon Aegis of Life
Quest Faction Loot Money Unrated
Black Burrow Stout (North Karana) 1 - 110 North Karana All All EverQuest icon Black Burrow Stout
Quest Faction Loot Unrated
Brother Nallin Cures 0 - 110 North Karana Quest Unrated
Corrupt Guards 20 - 110 North Karana Warrior All EverQuest icon Bronze Scimitar
EverQuest icon Bronze Battle Axe
EverQuest icon Bunker Battle Blade
Quest Experience Faction Loot Money Unrated
Research Aid 10 - 85 North Karana Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Necromancer All EverQuest icon Concordance of Research
EverQuest icon Runes and Research Vol. I
EverQuest icon Runes and Research Vol. II
Quest Experience Loot Tradeskill Excellent
Tiny Skeletons 15 - 110 North Karana Warrior, Rogue, Bard, Shadowknight, Paladin, Cleric, Shaman, Ranger Human, Half Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Halfling, Erudite, Barbarian, Dark Elf, Gnome, Troll, Ogre, Dwarf, Vah Shir, Froglok EverQuest icon Watchman Boots
Quest Experience Faction Loot Money Unrated
Werewolf Hunters 1 - 85 North Karana All All EverQuest icon Fixxin Followigs Silvery Blades
Quest Experience Faction Loot Tradeskill Unrated
Winds of Karana 20 - 85 North Karana Bard All EverQuest icon Song: Jaxan's Jig o' Vigor
Quest Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving North Karana:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  A Quick Errand - Fang Breakers 75 - 85 Dragonscale Hills All All EverQuest icon Faycetum
TaskExperience Faction Excellent
  Anniversary Solo Task: Lucky 13 90 - 110 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Offensive Garlic Chicken
TaskExperience Loot Money Unrated
  Bard Epic 1.5: Prismatic Dragon Blade 70 - 110 Wakening Land Bard All EverQuest icon Prismatic Dragon Blade
QuestEpic Average
  Bracers of the Reverent 25 - 85 Temple of Solusek Ro Cleric All EverQuest icon Bracers of the Reverent
  Crafted Vambraces 25 - 85 South Karana Warrior All EverQuest icon Crafted Vambraces
QuestArmour Set Experience Unrated
  Fabian's Strings 30 - 110 East Freeport All All EverQuest icon Cloak of Hazy Memories
QuestFaction Loot Money Unrated
  Focus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal) 1 - 110 Guild Hall All All QuestUnrated
  Guardian of the Farm 19 - 85 West Karana All All TaskUnrated
  Guise of Horror 65 - 110 Rivervale Rogue, Bard All EverQuest icon Guise of Horror
QuestLoot Unrated
  Incandescent Wand 25 - 110 Temple of Solusek Ro Enchanter All EverQuest icon Silver Wand
EverQuest icon Incandescent Wand
  Investigator's Badge (Badge #1) 24 - 110 North Qeynos All All EverQuest icon Investigator's Badge
  Ivy Etched Sleeves 35 - 110 Kithicor Forest Ranger All EverQuest icon Ivy Etched Sleeves
QuestArmour Set Experience Faction Unrated
  Jaggedpine Druid Tunic 35 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest All All EverQuest icon Tunic of the Pine
EverQuest icon Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic
EverQuest icon Black Rawhide Tunic
QuestArmour Set Experience Faction Unrated
  Necromancer Epic 1.5: Soulwhisper 70 - 110 Lake Rathetear Necromancer All EverQuest icon Soulwhisper
QuestEpic Excellent
  Of Bones and Beetles 18 - 85 Mountains of Rathe All All TaskUnrated
  Only The Blind Will See (Level 15) 10 - 20 Misty Thicket All All EverQuest icon Ancient Artifact
TaskLoot Unrated
  Only The Blind Will See (Level 25) 20 - 30 Misty Thicket All All EverQuest icon Ancient Artifact
TaskExperience Loot Money Unrated
  Ranger Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest 65 - 110 Nedaria's Landing Ranger All EverQuest icon Essence of Earth and Wind
QuestEpic Unrated
  Ranger Epic: Swiftwind and Earthcaller 50 - 110 Burning Woods Ranger All EverQuest icon Earthcaller
EverQuest icon Swiftwind
QuestEpic Title Good
  Shovel of Ponz 33 - 110 Temple of Solusek Ro Magician All EverQuest icon Shovel of Ponz
QuestExperience Faction Loot Unrated
  Solvedi Scimitar 25 - 110 Mountains of Rathe Druid All EverQuest icon Solvedi Scimitar
QuestLoot Unrated
  The Bind 3 - 85 Rivervale All All QuestUnrated
  The Bread Shipment 1 - 110 South Qeynos All All QuestExperience Faction Money Unrated
  The Power of Hatred - Innoruuk's Favor 75 - 110 Innothule Swamp All All EverQuest icon Potion of Adventure II
EverQuest icon Celebratory Fireworks Caster
EverQuest icon Fireworks Focus of Innoruuk
TaskLoot Unrated
  Totemic Gauntlets 25 - 110 Lake Rathetear Shaman All EverQuest icon Totemic Gauntlets
QuestArmour Set Unrated

0 quests found