Quests starting in Highpass Hold

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Achievement: Hunter of Highpass Hold 0 - 110 Highpass Hold All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
Gnoll Scalp Collecting 11 - 110 Highpass Hold All All Quest Experience Faction Money Unrated
Orc Scalp Collecting 16 - 110 Highpass Hold All All Quest Experience Faction Money Unrated
Pickclaw's Revenge 1 - 85 Highpass Hold All All EverQuest icon Armbands of the Keep
EverQuest icon Dark Patina Covered Pauldrons
EverQuest icon Relucent Spaulders of Fortitude
Task Loot Unrated
Rogue Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest 65 - 110 Highpass Hold Rogue All Quest Epic Average
Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer 70 - 110 Highpass Hold Rogue All EverQuest icon Fatestealer
Quest Epic Unrated
Rogue Epic: Ragebringer 50 - 110 Highpass Hold Rogue All EverQuest icon Ragebringer
EverQuest icon Stanos' Pouch
Quest Epic Experience Faction Excellent
Storming the Keep 1 - 85 Highpass Hold All All EverQuest icon Fur-Lined Plate Boots
EverQuest icon Decorated Plate Boots
EverQuest icon Pickclaw Trinket
Task Loot Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving Highpass Hold:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Achievement: The Artisan's Wares 0 - 110 Halas All All AchievementAverage
  Adventure in the Rujarkian Hills 20 - 110 Commonlands All All QuestAdvancement Unrated
  Bringing Books to the Plains 21 - 21 Commonlands All All TaskExperience Money Unrated
  Bristlebane's Party Favor - Bristlebane's Favor 75 - 110 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Distillate of Alacrity X
EverQuest icon Distillate of Divine Healing XIII
EverQuest icon Distillate of Celestial Healing XIII
TaskLoot Unrated
  Deliver Us from Evil - Mithaniel Marr's Favor 75 - 110 Plane of Tranquility All All EverQuest icon Potion of Adventure II
EverQuest icon Celebratory Fireworks Caster
EverQuest icon Fireworks Focus of Mithaniel Marr
TaskLoot Unrated
Incomplete Frostfell - Fishing for a Feast (#5) 1 - 110 Multiple All All EverQuest icon Hargar Brand Fishing Pail
EverQuest icon Cooked Cazic Angler
EverQuest icon Cooked Dagnor's Bonefish
TaskLoot Tradeskill Unrated
Incomplete High Guard Battlestaff 25 - 85 Erudin Paladin, Cleric All QuestDisappointing
  Library Book 16 - 110 Erudin All All EverQuest icon Testament of Vanear
EverQuest icon Spell: Languid Pace
QuestExperience Faction Loot Money Spell Unrated
Incomplete Messages For Neriak 15 - 90 Neriak Third Gate All All EverQuest icon Iron Ration
EverQuest icon Bandages
EverQuest icon Torch
  Order of the Storm Caller 55 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest All All EverQuest icon Scepter of Storms
EverQuest icon Orb of the Storm Caller
QuestLoot Unrated
  Princess Lenya 40 - 110 Northern Felwithe Paladin All EverQuest icon Silent Watch Shield
QuestExperience Faction Loot Unrated
  Protecting the High Pass 19 - 20 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Highpass Signet
TaskExperience Loot Unrated
  Ridge Run 0 - 85 West Karana All All TaskMoney Unrated
  Rogue Errands 15 - 110 North Qeynos All All EverQuest icon Black Leather Cloak
QuestFaction Unrated
  Sage's Box of Research 50 - 85 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Amulet of Knowledge
EverQuest icon Book of Forgotten Magic
EverQuest icon Arcane Quill
QuestLoot Unrated
  Scout Blade 10 - 85 Greater Faydark Rogue Half Elf, Wood Elf EverQuest icon Scouts Blade
QuestExperience Faction Loot Money Unrated
  Stanos' Head 50 - 110 Kithicor Forest Rogue, Bard All EverQuest icon Guise of the Coercer
QuestEpic Faction Loot Unrated
  Tarton's Wheel 35 - 110 Everfrost Peaks Wizard All EverQuest icon Staff of the Wheel
EverQuest icon Star of Eyes
EverQuest icon Rune of the Astral [quested]
QuestSpell Unrated
  The Waylaid Courier 1 - 85 Paineel All All QuestLoot Money Unrated
Incomplete Troll Cultural Armor (DoN) 20 - 90 Grobb Warrior, Shadowknight, Shaman, Beastlord, Berserker Troll EverQuest icon Simple Nightkeeper Helm
EverQuest icon Ornate Ravager Gloves
EverQuest icon Ornate Ravager Armband
QuestArmour Set Tradeskill Unrated
  Vambraces of the Fervent 35 - 110 Temple of Solusek Ro Cleric All EverQuest icon Vambraces of the Fervent
QuestArmour Set Unrated

0 quests found