Quests starting in The Nexus

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Access to Empires of Kunark (The Nexus Portal) 1 - 110 The Nexus Quest Unrated
EQ Eighth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt 45 - 110 The Nexus All All EverQuest icon Lunar Fungus
Task Experience Loot Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving The Nexus:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Access from Empires of Kunark (Lceanium Portal) 1 - 110 Lceanium QuestUnrated
  Froggy Went A-Portin' 20 - 110 Mountains of Rathe Wizard All EverQuest icon Spell: North Portal
EverQuest icon Attuned Portal Prism
EverQuest icon Anlut's Hint
QuestLoot Spell Unrated

0 quests found