Quests starting in Crypt of Sul: To the Brave, Go the Spoils

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating

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Quests involving Crypt of Sul: To the Brave, Go the Spoils:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Collection: Raiments of Rot (Crypt of Sul) 0 - 110 Crypt of Sul All All CollectionExperience Unrated
  To the Brave, Go the Spoils! 0 - 110 Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay All All EverQuest icon Glowing Essence of Life
EverQuest icon Bulwark of Vanity
EverQuest icon Oscillating Belt
QuestAdvancement Experience Loot Money Unrated

0 quests found