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missing npc
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Captain Klunga
Somewhere heckling Fleven about updating quest info lol...
The Fabled Barnacle Bones
# Mar 29 2007 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
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Drops Fabled Barnacle covered paldron, nice stats for the level, but unlike the original version is not dru usable.

Also conned even to my 30th level druid.. so he was 30th level.

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Possible epic mob
# Feb 12 2004 at 5:06 AM Rating: Decent
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New class, new mob, anyone else thinking Berserker epic mob??
Praklion of the Cauldron
# Feb 11 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Default
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I'd have just posted this as reply, but my browser is being pissy.

I also spotted this mob in Dagnor's and tried to give it a go solo. He stunned me quickly, hit a few times for max of 300's and the cold nuked me for 1200.

Got a guildie to come summon my corpse from the water (he's a water dragon, looks like fayd in Timorius) and we got a group to try to take him out. While we were setting up to pull he despawned.

About 20 min later I gated back just to see if he was around, and he was back up. We put together a single group (War/SK/Cleric/BL/Wiz/Dru, all 65 and with EP gear) and went after him.

His ae stuns, and he either has a second AE that causes you to become drunk (I didn't even notice this with an alcohol tolerance of 173, but two of the group were smashed quickly). The stun lasts about 15 sec, however he didn't seem to hit much if at all while we were stunned. After it dropped we were able to engage for probably close to a min before he stunned again (I dont rememeber the name of the stun, but one of our group looked it up and said it was actually mez based, with a -1000 to the check; magic based. And yes, I said -1000).

The hardest part of the fight was that it was underwater (visuals suck) and that he runs at a couple points (he ran twice). cant remember the specific HP.

Worst thing is, we were joking before hand that he was probably just a Zerker epic mob.. and guess what?? All he dropped was a "tarnished axe," no drop, lore, no stats. So I'm guessing we were right.

Sure was fun to take out a new mob though =)
new mob?
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Was fooling around in DC today on my way to Unrest. On my track showed up Praklion of the Cauldron. Red to a 49 druid. East of the center isle deep in the water. Looks like some sort of reddish/orange fish. Big **** fish.

I should also note that I swam right above him when I was tracking him. I was at the surface of the water at the time. Didn't aggro on me.

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RE: new mob?
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Bad trap for curious druids...
I went to DC, saw the new name on track, hunted hm down, used F8 to con him and was already too close.
Praklion of the Cauldron is dark blue to 62 and looks like Faydedar.
He started by stunning me for about 10 seconds, then he closed in and started hitting for 450+. And because he wasn't satisfied yet he casted "Ice spear of solist".
RE: new mob?
# Feb 11 2004 at 8:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Ran into this guy yesterday. I think hes bugged ATM. Casted a drunk spell, may have been AE. Ran at 60% health and despawned at 18% life. Fun but at the same time a pain. Water is dark so once he runs, then the fun really begins. I think max hit to me was 488ish. I think if I had my choice, I would pull him all the way to the BB zone line to fight. Since he would probably be killed before he hit the water when he ran.

Giant Snake
# Sep 08 2003 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
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On my way to PL my necro in unrest I ran into a blue con at 65 snake named Jagged...something. Being a shaman, thought i could maybe solo it. Was indifferent and didn't respond to hails so i went for it. Well..immune to slow =) Got it to about 43% before i bailed. Has a decent amount of HP and seems to regen a bit fast. So then i logged on my 65 pal/cleric and ran them there quick like hoping he was still up. Found him, killed him. Dropped a poison scale or something like that. MAGIC NO DROP, no stats or anything. Most likely for a quest. If anyone has more on this, please post. Thanks

PS. also immune to snare and summons so i wouldn't recommend kiting it

also, he seems to path around the whole zone, i first saw him on the way to unrest with shm, when i got there with pal/cler and my 55 tp slave druid, i tracked him to the island in the middle with all the npcs. Was even con to druid at 55

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New NPC in Dagnor's
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Just discovered a gnome named Grimpl Rustedcog in Dagnor's Cauldron. He is standing on the island near Gundalther. Cons indifferent and Dk. Blue to a 42 druid. Hailed him, he says something like "What do you want, Halfling? I have work to do, and no time to spend chatting." Looks like he's holding a BHS and a piercer, rogue maybe. Tried to root him several times, got the message "Your spell did not take hold." There was no aggro from my attempt to root. I've never seen him before, and I've spent a lot of time tracking in DC for Bilge. Looks like a brand new quest NPC.

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is there
# Oct 31 2002 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
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is there any sea serpheants or things like faydeder
Zoned from Unrest into this fight
# Sep 13 2002 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
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As a 19 Cleric I decided to zone to Dagnor's from Unrest and camp. There were 2 goblins, 1 Aqua Lord and the other was an Aqua Bosun (not sure of spelling). There was 1 Dwarf on each of the aqua's. I kept healing the Dwarf's and enjoyed the fight. We sat and mena'd up for a bit when all of a sudden an Aqua Lord popped where the previous one died and the 3 of us grouped and took it out. Very strange to see so many aqua's following characters so far in to the tunnel leading to Unrest and even more strange was having one pop right there in front of us. Just a warning that when you zone out of Unrest be aware that you may zone in to a fight on the other end.
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# Aug 16 2002 at 6:24 PM Rating: Default
at level 60 i still get 2 bubs per kill! oh wait i dont get bubs any more... and the highest mob is like lvl 30... damn starting wisdom!

Roca Fella
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New Mob
# May 20 2002 at 8:41 PM Rating: Default
I was hear while resting after fighting in unrest, and I clicked on track to see if squallslither spawned since I want his eyepatch. Well he hadn't spawned but an Exiled Legionare was up, I have never seen him on any bestiary list, so I checked him out. I would say he is about lvl 20 since he hit me for 38 the 24 and conned dark blue to me at lvl 22. Well anyway, he was fairly easy after the two intial hits. I killed him and he dropped a blood stained note I thin kthe name of it was. It was readable but in a different language. He didn't spawn very far from the orc scout camp, and any information I can get on him would be helpful :)

-Kionie 23 Ranger of tunare
RE: New Mob
# May 21 2002 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent
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This is for the chalice of conquest quest that starts in butcherblock
wizard rod!
# Apr 27 2002 at 11:10 PM Rating: Default
ok one of the items this website lists for unique items in Dagnor's Cauldron is wizard rod....i've looked on other websites for info about this item and it does not seem to exist. can someone shine some light on this please?
RE: wizard rod!
# May 04 2002 at 11:20 PM Rating: Default
There is a rod located on the bottom of the cauldron I forgot the loc. It is for the Wizard Staff of the Wheel quest which starts in Everfrost
RE: wizard rod!
# Apr 28 2002 at 8:46 PM Rating: Default
The Wizard Rod is found in the neighboring zone of Unrest. It's found in the east part of the zone in the water tunnel north of the Gazebo.
RE: wizard rod!
# Jul 05 2002 at 8:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Unfortunately, the first respondant is correct Sir Anonymous. The rod is found in Dagnor's Cauldron and during my laborious camp for Bilge Farfathom I located the rod near the zone in to Kedge Keep. Loc was -892, -738, -430.
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#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 05 2002 at 11:48 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hey are you ******** around with this story or what??? if not sent me a tell on mullan im on innoruk server just make a charector on innoruk and send me a tell i will pay well,i wanna see these passages ect although i find it pretty hard to believe
Secret Passages
# Mar 29 2002 at 6:07 AM Rating: Decent
Please read this story, I put a lot of time into it...
Ever since I started playing EverQuest, I've always wanted to discover something that nobody else has before, which isn't very likely. After a month or so of playing I pretty much gave any hope of finding any hidden or undiscovered part of the game. But one early morning, though I can't exactly explain why, a little spark ignited inside me. I hade a sudden urge to explore almost neglected areas of the game. I made several low level characters to do this for me, so I didn't risk losing my hard-earned equipment. I made a Dwarf Rogue and daringly explored Timourous Deep (found a secret island with some merchant on it, but was dissapointed to find people tell me it was for some monk quest or something when I shouted), Butcherblock Mountains(got lost and was forced to commit suicide), and then Dagnor's Cauldron. The only thing I knew about the place was that it was a passage to the once popular Unrest and Kedge Keep, which I don't know much about. This is where it gets interesting...

After traveling a seemingly endless winding slope down to the Lake, it seemed I had a few choices.I was the only person in the zone at the time. I could swim down in the lake and see what was there, go to a little island in the center of the Lake, or try to find Kedge Keep. I decided to see what was on the island first. All I found was a Dwarf NPC. After that, a mid-level druid had entered the zone and was on his way to Unrest. I hurried over to intercept him. He gave me a few helpful spells (SoW,Levitate,Invis, and Enduring Breath, along with a spell along the line of Skin like X). I decided to use my enduring breath while it lasted, and to swim to the bottom of the Lake to see what was down there. I couldn't see where I was going, but I eventually found my way to an entrance. I had never seen the entrance to Kedge Keep, and assumed that was it. It looked like the tunnel that connects East Commons to Northern Ro, but smaller. I swam through it, adrenaline pumping. When I recieved the message
I waited patiently for the computer to load into the zone. When the screen "unfroze" I was suprised to see that there was a message on my screen that said...
You have entered the Northern Desert of Ro.
It was still early in the morning, so I rubbed my eyes and looked again.
The same message was on the screen.
At this point I was very excited and couldn't think straight. I swam forward through the tunnel until I came to the end of it. Now believe me or not, the choice is yours to make, but this is what I saw...
The zone of Northern Ro, but completely underwater. There were a few other people in the zone, but they were shouting normal things like "LVL 10 warrior looking for derv group"
I swam over to where the normal Cutthroat wall camp would be. But it was empty. I swam around aimlessly. The zone unmistakeably Northern Ro, a carbon copy but underwater. The fisherman huts were there, but where the beach would normally be there was a large stone wall like on the opposite side of the zone. There was an opening in the wall. I swam through a few tunnels when I came to a room with mermaids and sharks in it, yes thats right mermaids and sharks. Though they weren't exactly on good terms with each other. The sharks were attacking the mermaids, and they were outnumbered. I got the message...
a mermaid says "If you value your life stranger, get away from here."
The sharks were ripping these lovely women apart. I was feeling sensitive, so I started to attack the sharks. They were eviscerating me, but I hung in there. Suddenly I started nailing the things. They went down fairly fast. I had a sliver of life left, I would surely die and my exciting adventure would come to an end. The mermaids casted heal on me, and a cleric DD spell on the sharks, so I assume they were paladins. Hot paladins at that. Soon the tide of battle had changed. I gained a level from killing two sharks. Not too long after my arrival at level 2, the battle was over. I looted two piercing weapons with the stats...
an ancient shark tooth
13 damage 22 delay
+5 dex +5 agi +5 str
Effect:Haste (Dont know the percent yet)
Skill Mod: Piercing +10%
The mermaids thanked me, and asked me...
"Want to see something that will [change your life]?"
I took the message the wrong way, and through trembling fingers I typed...
"I want to see something that will change my life."
When she replied...
"Follow me then"
Slightly dissapointed at the message I realized it was a only a game. But I had no reason to be dissapointed at what she took me to. She lead me to a room full of crystals, much like the crystals in the dwarven mines near the bank in Kaladim. But these glowed like the blue from a healing spell. The mermaid said...
"Go on, take one."
I clicked on one of the crystals. It made a colorful spell effect graphic that looked like a combination between a healing spell and a multicolored high level HP/AC buff like Skin like Nature or such. Then an item appeared on my cursor that looked like a glowing black stone. I put it in my inventory, and immediately looked at it's stats. Which read...

A glowing sea crystal necklace
Race: All
Class: All
Slot: Neck
Effect: Enduring Breath
+20 HP
Skill Mod: +100% Swimming

When I equip it it casts a blue light that looks exactly like the healing spells but doesn't have a sound.
The mermaid then said...
"I hope this aids you on your travels little one."
I was bound to be the best swimmer in all of Norrath. I bid them farewell, then swam out of the tunnels and back into the "main area" of Northern Ro. I swam to one of the buried-in-sand towers. I swam to the floor of it. There was another secret passage! What now, I thought. I swam through the tunnel. Again, I got the message.
and then...
You have entered Erud's Crossing.
I went through a winding tunnel which was, again, like the one in East Commonlands, but there were a few differences. Firstly, it was absolutely colossal, and huge granite pillars supported the cieling of the tunnel. The floor was cobblestone with some weeds growing out of it. Secondly, there were maps of each continent on the walls. These maps were in the form of huge murals painted on the walls. I proceeded down the eerie corridor, until I came to an even bigger room. This room had a few erudites in it called
"an erudite scholar"
There were several glass (I guess it was glass) tank type things holding sharks, a large turtle like Lodizal, and one enormous pirahna, among a few other interesting sea creatures like absolutely gigantic snakes. They paced back and forth muttering things like
"hmm.." and "thats interesting"
I hailed on of them and got no reply. I went down the hall a bit farther until I came to a large stairway. At the top of the stairway was an erudite caster type, named Loremaster Voraelis. He was in a white and blue robe, and had a staff that was on fire like the SoulFire. I hailed him and he said.
"Have you come here to learn of the [ancient lore] of Norrath?"
I replied...
"I wish to learn the ancient lore of Norrath."
He handed me a book that looked like the Testament of Vanear. I opened it up and was upset to find the text in gibberish, which only ment I didn't know the language in which it was written in. I said...
"I can't read this"
The erudite cast a spell that looked like a teleport spell. Then it said...
"Ancient knowledge fills your mind"
I opened up my skill thing under Persona and scrolled down the the language section. It had every language skill maxed out, and one that I never heard of before called Ancient. I opened up the book to check to see if I could read it, of course I could. I didn't have time to look through it now though. The erudite then said...
"This is and ancient family heirloom. I have no use for it, for I never go into battle. But for an aspiring little adventurer such as yourself could do great things with a relic such as this. Here, take this and use it to help you gain knowledge of the world. This is what it was...

an ancient granite stone
Slot: Range
Effect: Rune III(Clickable, about a 30 second recast delay)
Skill Mod: Offense +5% Defense +5%

He then said...
"Go through this hallway if you wish to continue your journey, and return to me when you have learned the true history of Norrath."
That't exactly what I did. There was an endless flight of stairs...then a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff was the water. The cliff was the size of the cliff in Paineel that goes to The Hole, only this had a huge, majestic waterfall that rolled off the edge of the cliff into the sea. "This is gonna be fun." I thought. I switched to Third Person view, and laughed as I watched my pitiful dwarf flail his arms helplessly as he fell into the blue abyss of the sea. He fell for roughly 10 seconds then plunged into the water. There was a small bag at the bottom of the sea floor. I clicked on it and I found that it was actually an item of value...

An tattered fish net
+15ac +10 agi +10 sv vs magic
Skill Mod: Hide +10% Sneak +10% Fishing +5%
Effect: Camoflouge

I went through a brick passage and found myself staring at yet another...
as I stared at the message I thought where the next section of my adventure would take place. Then I got my answer.
You have entered Southern Felwithe
I found myself in a river being swept swiftly downstream. Then I plunged down a large waterfall into one of the pools. Though this wasn't the fluffy love bunny city of Felwithe that I was used to. The water was black, the buildings were in ruin, the sky was red, and instead of ivy creeping up the stone walls, giant veins took their place. Certainly this had been turned into a kind of worship site for Cazic Thule. Undead high elves roamed around the city. I made a mad dash for the paladin's guild, skillfully avoiding the disturbing elves. I successfully made my way into the Paladin's guild. There was a small resistance group in there. I hailed them and they said something like...
"Cazic Thule has corrupted Felwithe, and will soon do the same to the rest of the world if we do no act quickly. You must help us defeat the minions of Cazic Thule while some of the leaders attempt to kill Cazic Thule himself. I have gathered some leaders from Kelethin, our Cleric friends, and some highly skilled spellcasters from North Felwithe. We will be the party to destroy Cazic. You will not be alone in your battle. Some young paladins, clerics, and spellcasters, as well as some of our wood elf friends from Kelethin, will join with you to destroy some of the lesser minions of Cazic and our fallen High Elf friends. I have armed them with some armor that was made for the more skilled members of the resistance, but I give you a suit of armor for your battle against the powerful minions of Cazic Thule."
The armor was called Defender's Ringmail _______
Since there was a full set of it, it would take me to long to post all of it here. But it had good ac and a few skill mods. Some had effects too. I was assigned to be the leader of the lower end npcs. Not long after we had all gotten our armor, a horde of High Elf zombies came pouring in through the paladin guild entrance. We were all forced to fight. One zombie would have sliced my head clean off if one of the wood elf archers hadn't dug an arrow into it's skull. We defended the guild from the invading undead for quite some time. After the little invasion was over, a small squad of 5, me a npc cleric, wizard, and a wood elf ranger,and a wood elf warrior were assigned to clear the shops and inns of undead. The higher level npcs would go to the north part of town, near the entrance to Greater Faydark and kill Cazic Thule. Then they would rendevouz at the paladins' guild. The warrior died, and shortly after the wizard died. They were both killed by a group of ogres. I gained several levels in the first 10 minutes. We cleared out 3 more shops and I got to level 10. I couldn't backstab yet, but I happened to find a halfling rogue NPC hiding in one of the rooms in an inn that would teach me to backstab. After we cleared out the shops, we gathered hiding people and took them to the paladins' guild where we guarded them, and gave them food and drink. The cleric cast heal spells on them. I was level 13 when we were back at the paladins' guild. My halfling rogue friend tought me to dual wield and I can attack with both of my shark teeth now. This will make me much more effective. More undead and ogres poured in through the paladin guild door. I got tired fighting them, and I also got rich. Many of them were wealthy undead people from the palace and had lots of money with them, along with fine jewelry. After we were finished defending the Guild, there was a yell from the paladin guild leader. They needed help at the bridge. I ordered some people to stay in the guild and defend the helpless people, and got a group of my own to help kill Cazic Thule. The halfling rogue Tobik came with a few others. When we got to the bridge, Cazic was shredding the high level npc's to pieces. I climbed up on top of the castle while Tobik tied a rope around Cazic's feet. I jumped on top of Cazic's head and viciously stabbed him in the head. Then I buried my shark teeth into his ears. Then I tied a rope around Cazic's neck and descended from the top of his head down his frontside, since his back was full of spikes. I sunk my ancient shark tooth into his frontside as I let go of the rope and fell down the front side of his body holding onto the shark tooth buried inside his frontside. Some fastened a boulder to the end of the rope around his neck, and around his legs, while the wood elfs riddled Cazic's body with arrows. I helped push the boulder off of the bridge into the water, and the group that had the boulder attached to the rope tieng his feet together pushed the boulder off the other side of the bridge. Cazic was being streched like plastic wrap. His head dangled over the water. I climbed on his neck, and thrusted my weapon into his neck until his head plunged into the river. The instant Cazic died, the skies returned to blue, the water to a clear-light blue color, and the giant viens turned back to ivy. The city had to be restored but they had released it from Cazic's grip. The High Elves showered me with gems and gold and jewelry, and most of all cheering. That was when there was a loud screeching noise in the air. There was a large blue object moving fast in the direction of Felwithe. It was a dragon. But somehow it didn't look like it wanted to charbroil the high elves and himself. It looked somewhat friendly. It got bigger and bigger as it approached, then came to a screeching halt at the bridge. There was a piece of paper that said
"a gift to the dwarven hero".-Voraelis
The dwarf hopped on the dragon, and signaled for Tobik to come along. Tobik crept out from a nearby corner, then got on the blue dragon. The high elves waved goodbye to their two rogue friends as the dragon took off into the sky. The dragon flew them over Felwithe, flying low in the Butcherblock Mountains, Steamfont Mountains, and Lesser Faydark. I also got a glimpse of Dagnor's Cauldron, where the adventure started. I fastened 2 ropes to the dragon's harness and then made 4 little loops in each rope, for my hands and feet.
I stood on the foot loops and hung onto the hand loops, and Tobik cautiously did the same. Then we jumped off the dragon. We were hang glidin' over Norrath! We could see the Feerrot, the Desert of Ro, which looked like it normally did, a desert, they could see the Commonlands, the Plains of Karana, HighKeep, the snowy land around Halas, Freeport, Qeynos, and then they flew low over Rivervale. Tobik was terrified, and wanted to go home. The dragon flew low, then Tobik wriggled out of the loops and plopped onto the ground. Then I got out of the loops and stepped onto the ground of the Misty Thicket. I decided I liked it here and decided to stay for a while. In one of the packs on the dragon there was an item called...
A dragon caller's stone
Effect:Call Dragon

That is the end of my little dwarf rogue's adventure.
I hope you enjoyed my story because it took me a while. My hope of doing something unique in EQ actually came true. The best part of the adventure was finding something new and having fun, not the loot. Thats what I hope you learned that there is more to do than level level level and get good items and everything. Theres a secret passage that connects every city by water, all you have to do is look for it.
RE: Secret Passages
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what kinda hippy grass was you smoken
RE: Secret Passages
# Oct 07 2003 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
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That is one amazeing story, i like the part about the Erudite place w/ the tanks...
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RE: Secret Passages
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I loved this story!! I'm glad I stopped to read it! GRATZ! ( :P ya I believed it too for a second.. hmm.. i wonder if there are cool quests like that ) That would make an interesting epic.. maybe with a few additional twists..
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RE: Secret Passages
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lol, ok the fact of the matter is that I wrote this story starting at 11:30pm and ending at 4:30am. So i sorta screwed up the end........I'll write another one soon..............................................................hope u look forward to it
RE: Secret Passages
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LOL this whole story is BS!
RE: Secret Passages
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Did you make that all up? doesnt sound like it really happened.... you tied ropes around yourselfs (you and Tobik) to keep on the dragon? Oh and a bunch of lowbies killed Cazic thule? Jump on his head and stab him and such. and you where assined a group of npc's to kill stuff? a npc rouge taught you backstab and duel weld but nothing else, and you spoke like you could do anything almost, you heard npc's say things like they walk around muttering stuff. To me this sounds like you made it all up, but thats just me.
RE: Secret Passages
# Apr 05 2002 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
Maybe if you made the whole story like the beginning is =) ..gets a little too inconsistant at the end though, nice story though.
RE: Secret Passages
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Agreed, I could tell when the author was getting tired... but it was a pretty cool little story anyhow! Lots of fun... and now I have to swim around Dagnars Cauldron just to see if there really is such a passage.

Gratz, now-Anonymous storyteller!
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RE: Secret Passages
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What are you talking about? I dont lie I just alter the tru..... Hey Pudding!
New Mob answered
# Mar 17 2002 at 9:21 PM Rating: Default
The "New Mob" you're talking about is for a paladin quest. It starts in ButcherBlock, by the docks, with a dwarf who's fishing. It's a LONG quest, called the Chalice of Conquest, I think. Anyway, you can look it up under quests. Good hunting to all (except for the dark elves)
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Fab Four drops...
# Feb 13 2002 at 5:35 AM Rating: Excellent
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The Fab Four drop body parts, various statless jewelry or gems roughly every spawn cycle (jade and mithril earrings, golden pendents, mostly from the wood elf), and the dwarf drops ringmail occasionally. The coin loot is fairly insignificant, mostly 1-2pp from the gnome occasionally. Low-20s research components.

Spawn time is 6 minutes.

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Where the heck is this NPC
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Anyone know the location of Barnacle bones?
RE: Where the heck is this NPC
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He is rare a rare spawn. A zone wanderer.
# Feb 02 2002 at 1:51 AM Rating: Default
is this a well place for level 14 and up
new mob
# Jan 20 2002 at 10:18 AM Rating: Default
i hqve kill the exiled legonnare orc he loot the bloodtained note lore item non drop in che orc scout camp
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 01 2002 at 9:32 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) My Brother was kinda mad at me cause I Put him there.
New Mob??
# Nov 25 2001 at 1:20 PM Rating: Default
Im camping bluge and loked on track and found somthing called a exiled somthing, not sure the last part of name, and was wondering what is it?
RE: New Mob??
# Nov 27 2001 at 11:10 PM Rating: Decent
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i typed the post am i seeing things? and i think we were tracking an exiled emmisary i remembered it started with ex so maybe you should look for it im afraid to sorry
RE: New Mob??
# Dec 17 2001 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
I also tracked and killed this NPC... an exiled legionairre... it droped a note of some kind, but I could not read the text.
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The City Undiscovered
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Rumors have it that either close or at the edge of the island that is off the shore of Dragnor's Cauldron an underwater city used to be there, no one really discovered t and I know for a fact that it's not Veksar's City, cause they say it's in Lake of Ill Omen. If any High Level's eye catches this post, please put a good score on it and then check out what this whole thing is about and then reply thank you...
RE: The City Undiscovered
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The underwater City is Kedge Keep. Not really a secrte though. Some real nice stuff comes from in there!!!
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#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 29 2001 at 8:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hmmm.... could it be KEDGE KEEP, you freaking INBRED?
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 03 2001 at 9:42 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hmmm...U SUK BALLS *****!..what the hell are you talking about kedge keep?!? the guy just asked a simply question u ***** impaired hairy ******** fluffer!!
RE: The City Undiscovered
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Hey Hey Hey...
My 12-year-old son reads these posts; I don't think there is any reason to get so vulgar. Please tone it down a little, I understand animosity, but to put this crap on a message board isnít cool dude. Take your medication and go pass out somewhere.
RE: The City Undiscovered
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im sorry (serious) i never thought about young peeps on here.

p.s. please do not reply with a rude comment..i apologize for the bad language.. = )
am i seeing things
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when i used to go to unrest i went through here snd i tracked something called a something emisarry on tracking has anyone seen this
giant snake?
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Im not sure if its true but i heard on this one site there is this rare spawn lvl 53+ giant snake. Has anyone seen this?
RE: giant snake?
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The giant sea serpent was a very old GM event in Lake Rathetear. TO the best of my knowledge that is the only sea serpent/giant snake in the game and it was removed due to pathing issues. IT was so big it go hung up on stuff and the people could pick it off from a distance with no chance of dying.
Dwigus and the four heroes
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I was on my way to Unrest today whe, lo and behold, there's an aqua gobbo on the roof of the tent by the four NPCs. I must have arrived seconds after Dwigus, and I watched as he methodically destroyed each one of the four. One by one, he squished them like bugs. When he got to the last of the four, I decided I didn't want to be a fifth hero, and took off. I kept Dwigus targeted though. He was down less than a sixth of his hit points, if that, after trashing all four NPCs. Impressive. I ran like hell and let others in the zone know about him being out. If he's 35, he's got to be a severe undercon. I mean, he lost next to no hit points battling those four 20 level NPCs.
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