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# Mar 18 2010 at 8:54 PM Rating: Good
GBATE!! Never saw it coming
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an undead ringbearer

loc -900, +50 just at the crossroads

ran at ~40% health

~275 HP

MAX hit me for 28 with me at 527 AC

no loot


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Alchemist Irontooth
# Nov 11 2007 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
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/loc: -730, 275

Related to the Fun with Explosives task from Commander Gearswitch in Steamfont Mountains.
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translocators gone
# Oct 17 2007 at 5:28 AM Rating: Decent
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oh my .. they took the translocators off the docks and we are back to waiting for the boats to FV or OOT .. wow

The Seaking?
# May 14 2007 at 11:24 AM Rating: Decent
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I just encountered 'The Seaking' in Butchblock swimming of shore at the dwarf seaport. He was red to a lv45 and looked human. I've never seen him before and he swam off insanely fast!
The Seaking?
# Jun 02 2007 at 1:18 AM Rating: Default
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It is a Ship
The Seaking?
# May 23 2007 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
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It is a ship :p
Signus now Sigmas
# May 05 2007 at 4:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Old-timers will remember that there have always been TWO Signus Boran's in Butcherblock Mountains, one by the chessboard and the other in a cabin south of the bandit camp. Was wandering BB Mts for ole-time's sake this evening and I noticed that the one in the cabin has been renamed Sigmas Boran.

I always figured this was an error that went back to "Day One." Amazing that someone at Sony finally got around to fixing it.

They didn't "fix" everything tho... while the one in the hut can't be attacked anymore like most of the Kaladim Citizens in the zone, the one by the chessboard can still be aggro'd and killed. These mobs were prime hunting prey for druids and necros back in the olden days.... I have no idea why they made most of them immune to attack.... since they're not vendors or quest-givers, by making them immune they've made these mobs entirely useless to everyone.

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The Seaking
# Apr 22 2007 at 7:23 AM Rating: Decent
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I noticed a "Doug" in the BB Mountains swim in towards the Docks stop for a bit at the middle one and then swim back out to zone line. I am assuming this is a placeholder for a new Boat called the Sea King.
The SeaKing
# Apr 20 2007 at 8:56 AM Rating: Decent
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What is this mob for is not in list is it a quest mob ?
new mob
# Feb 04 2007 at 11:17 PM Rating: Decent
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new mob at the adventure camp, Emissary Farith , high elf male wearing a red robe. .. Quest giver.. he is level 4 quests:

Minor Corrupted Sunshards
Lesser Corrupted Sunshards
Corrupted Sunshards
Greater Corrupted Sunshards

all of these appear to be solo tasks.
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New X-Mas MOB
# Dec 12 2006 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
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A new MOB is walking the Butcher path: Santug Clause (sp). An Ogre in Red, blue to 52, pet wont attack, doesn't take melee damage, will fear, mez, snare, etc. Followed by grimps, little imp like creatures that are low level and drop clues when killed.
Aqua goblins
# Jun 29 2006 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
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in the water near the docks, there are aqua goblins. cond light blue to lvl 24 bard
# Oct 10 2005 at 9:10 AM Rating: Decent
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I like to kill the dwarves in the dwarven village. Sure, it makes the dwarves hate me, but it's easy to kite them with a 35 druid.
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Monster missions : from Depths of darkhollow
# Sep 16 2005 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
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To the right of hte butcherblock docks there is a boat. On the shore is an npc named Mister Squichy(sp?). This guy gives out a monster mission. THis one took us to free port. Poisonous flounder i think it was called...kinda cool, was a bit laggy, but in the roughly 30-45 minutes i was there, earned roughly 1 aa + a little bit. not bad for hte work we did.

There is also a guy in the lavastorm mountains called a weary traveller(i think) he gives the nagafen mission. that was cool. we tried it a few times failed at first. some of our group were not exaclty prepped for hte mission. but it was way fun none the less.
RE: Monster missions : from Depths of darkhollow
# Sep 25 2005 at 11:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah Mister Squich does the Poisonous Flounder Mission in Eastern Freeport, your a Pirate and Get to Plunder East Freeport. Missions Objectives are to port in, port out, (opt) Loot 100 Plundered treasure, (opt) loot atleast 30 plundered treasure in 45 minutes.

The more you loot in that 45 minutes gives a better drop, the items thats drop are a pair of boots or an aug to my knowledge, as thats all I've seen in the 20+ missions I've done there. and the exp is about 20% for a lvl 56, not sure if the exp ratios vary for other lvls.

Now the Weary Traveller is a Naggy Mission where you try to strop a raid, I believe there are 5 waves of the raid, really easy with a full group. we did 2 of them today had 3 clerics, naggy, king, and warlord. kept everyone close to naggy so that we all could kill the sames targets and pick off the ones that naggies breath took down far enough.

this mission was fun, it took us about an hour to complete, and the exp pay off wasn't as good as the pirate mission in my eyes, but well worth the fun if you have ever been on the recieving end of naggy. some of the comments the corpses make are worth going to see themselves.
Savil Tranquilsong
# May 14 2005 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
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The Mission Guy that was placed in BB for Unrest, Savil Tranquilsong, stands at the GFay entrance. The quest is pretty much a 'go back in time and fix this tragedy' scenario mission. Your group has to go To DC and meet with his apprentice after you get the mission. At the time I checked I was alone so I wasn't able to check it further than the initial text.
Firiona Is Back- quest (torn fabric)
# Jan 10 2005 at 10:33 PM Rating: Good
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Okay, for the torn pieces of hte robe, and everything...

Go to the dwarf at the docks. Target him, and say "You saw Firiona Vie?". Then say, "What crest?". Take the crest and take the translocator to The Ocean of Tears.

Go to the merchant and hand her the crest. She wants you to look thru inns. As FV was headed to Freeport, take the Translocator there to EFP.

Go to the first inn, Freeport Inn, on the way to South Ro (where the Soulbinder is standing in front of). Innkeeper Hunter (I think that's his name) - hand him the crest. THen say "I will stay". Hand him 5pp. You'll get back a scrawled note.

Go up the stairs and go into the first room on your left. A bag will appear on the dresser/table - it is a diary page (actually has another name, but is a diary page).

Go back to Felwithe, turn in the diary page to the High Guard. He will give you the following ring:

Ring of the Koada'Dal
AC7 DEX7 WIS7 INT7 AGI7 HP45 MANA40 END30 SvD7 SvM7 SvP7 Class ALL Race ALL WT 0.6

Now, starts the next part of the quest.

There are two torn pieces of FV's cloak in BB and GFay. The two in BB are just before the second guard hut coming from the docks on the path, and the second is just a little bit before the crossroads. They are both ON the path itself (they look like little glowing balls).

The other two are in GFay - the first is at the first path fork before the Luclin Spires, and the second is at the path fork where it splits to Felwithe and Kelethin just down from Kelethin itself.

Take all four of those to the High Guard in Felwithe. You'll get a bundle of fibers (or something like that).

Now, he wants to to find Tailor Charlene. She's in the caster guild in the other Felwithe Zone (South Felwithe)? Hand her the bundle, she'll return a note.

Hand the note to a female baker in (H'mm..can't remember, she's on the bottom floor, High something or other) in Felwithe (NOT the caster side). Take her note to the High Guard, and you will get the following :

Drape of Firiona
Wt. 1.0 class All Race All


However, they can't be 'farmed' as each character, as far as I can tell, can only do them once. Each time you finish, it gives your character some kind of 'flag', and then they can't go back and do it again.

On MT, I created a channel called ring:new and we posted in it to find out the next parts and help each other out. Please do the same on your server, at least until SOE nerfs it all the heck!


Thanks to Shezi (Iceblossom) on MT as well, as they worked on 2nd part while I was checking other things. =)

I'm guessing next part may be in WC/EC ... is FV retracing her footsteps to Kithicor? Only time will tell.

Take care.

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RE: Firiona Is Back- quest (torn fabric)
# Jan 11 2005 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
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the next few steps:

Go to North Ro and talk to Ticket Collector Beppi. He will whine about losing all this money paid to him (by Firiona) for passage to Iceclad. Go kill Scoundrel Variana (think i mispelled the name) at the derv camp a lil NW of beppi. Get a pouch of platinum off her dead body and return it to Beppi. he'll talk then give you a torn silk pouch.

Hand this pouch in the High Guard for:

Pristine Mask of Truth
Magic Lore
10ac 7str 7dex 7sta 40hp 0mana 45end
7fr 7mr 7pr
req 40

Follow Firiona's track to iceclad and talk to Addison Stubblechin at the gnome pirate igloos. He thinks he saw Firiona but can't remember so well. He wants some Hot Oatmeal from his mom Celine of Ak'Anon. He hands you Addison's Baby Trinket to give his mother. Celine is located in Steamfont mountains (SE merchants). To make oatmeal for her son she sends you to Rivervale to get oats. Get the oats, bring them back to her, and recieve the Hot Oatmeal. GO through the dialogue with Addison after hading him the oatmeal and recieve a no stat addison's gem of cowardice (or is it loyalty?).

Hand this gem into the High Guard for:

Addison's Gem of Cowardice (statted)
Magic Lore
8ac 7dex 7sta 7wis 7int 45hp 40mana 40end
7fr 7dr 7cr

Addison further directs you into ToFS which is as far as I went solo. It seems ToFS has been revamped and "a greater ice shade" on lvl 1 cons red to my 69 warrior. see recent posts under ToFS bestiary for some info.

RE: Firiona Is Back- quest (torn fabric)
# Jan 11 2005 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, the next step has you hailing A tunarean scout near the entrance to ToFS. Once you go through his script a blue con to 68 Dark elf A tower scout spawns. This mobs has a bit less HP then say Lodi but he hits harder, max my paladin was hit for was 471, the mob doubles and mitigated my 53 beastlords slow. Once dead he drops some shattered teeth which must be brought back to the tunarean scout. Next step is to Thurgadin where you find Firiona's Bodyguard Galeth. Talk to him then follow him through GD where he will get ambushed by 3 Shadowed Ambushers(name??) I haven't quite gotten to that part but there are atleast level 59 since they conned red to a level 56. I haven't got to that part yet as I have to finish registering for school and then hit work =( If not already finished ill see what i can do tonight.
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RE: Firiona Is Back- quest
# Jan 11 2005 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
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I am willing to bet there is a evil (lanys) version of this quest as well (or that will be live soon). This seems to be leading up to the new expansion (which pits FV vs. Lanys in the lands between Halas and lavastorm).
RE: Firiona Is Back- quest (torn fabric)
# Jan 11 2005 at 3:36 PM Rating: Good
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Okay, put walkthru on other boards, will cut/paste second half here for completeness sake's (you have the mask and range item here already, too! Grats on finding 'em!):

Link to full post:

Did the next part, and here it is:

[Mon Jan 10 22:56:05 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 22:56:14 2005] You have entered The Northern Desert of Ro.

[Mon Jan 10 22:56:25 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'I can't believe it's gone! That was more money than I have seen in my life. Woe is me.'

[ Got to Ticket Collector Beppi at the IC docks in NRo. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:01:22 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Hello there friend! Are you interested in a ticket to Iceclad? Oh, I hope so. I really don't get much business out this way anymore. It would seem the world has moved beyond such things. Or are you perhaps on a [quest]?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:27 2005] You say, 'I am on a quest'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:28 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'What sort of quest would that be? Are you a gallant knight? A lowly apprentice? Or are you perhaps trying to rescue a [princess]?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:44 2005] You say, 'I am trying to resuce a princes'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:45 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Now that is a noble quest indeed. I used to see all sorts come through this way, high and low alike. Now business has slowed to a crawl I'm afraid. Everyone has alternate means of transportation it would seem. Although, just a few days ago I did have a strange [passenger].'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:49 2005] You say, 'What strange passenger'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:50 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Aye, it was a woman I believe, but she was very secretive. Wouldn't tell me her name and paid in platinum coins she did! Worse for me, that was. Overpaid by half and that very night I was [robbed]!'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:53 2005] You say, 'robbed?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:53 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'A [scoundrel] it was; these sands are full of them! She must have seen the lady paying me, or mayhaps just that it was paid in a fine silk purse. High quality it was, and not like any I have ever seen.'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:56 2005] You say, 'scoundrel?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:01:56 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Indeed, she heads a band of brigands over yonder. Never messed with me before, as I said I don't get much business nowadays. I sure could use the money. Say, you wouldn't be able to [get it back] would you?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:02:00 2005] You say, 'get it back'
[Mon Jan 10 23:02:00 2005] Vervain shouts, "Can't anyone around here work a little harder? Lazy mutts. Step it up, would ya?!"
[Mon Jan 10 23:02:00 2005] Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Great! Bring it by here if you do.'

[ Vervain spawns near Dorn camp, blue to a 63 RNG, hits in the 300-400’s. SHM just slowed, dotted, and ran it around, DRU dotted, RNG used /autofire. Died pretty quickly. Drops a Purse of Platinum of Platinum Pieces (think this is the name. Turn this in in back to Beppi. Beppi will give you back a Torn Silk Purse. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:20:26 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:20:33 2005] You have entered Northern Felwithe.

[ Turn in Torn Silk Purse ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:20:43 2005] High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Indeed, that is the princess' purse. She has several, but they are all in the same style. At the port to Iceclad did you say? I will inform the king at once. We need to start sending some scouts to Iceclad at once!'

[ Receive Pristine Mask of Truth ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:23:59 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:24:10 2005] You have entered The Iceclad Ocean.
[Mon Jan 10 23:24:47 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Yarrr. Shiver me timbers, it's as cold as sin out here today! That fine lady could've offered me a pint, that she could.'

[ Adisson Stubblechin is at the main pirate camp, standing outside Captain Nalot’s igloo thingy ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:27:07 2005] You say, 'Hail, Adisson Stubblechin'
[Mon Jan 10 23:27:08 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Shiver me buckles and swash me timbers. What are ye wantin? Talkin ta you is cuttin valuable minutes outta me [yellin] time. What do ye think, yer [royalty] or somethin'?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:27:15 2005] You say, 'What yellin time?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:27:16 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'I be the first mate so me job is yellin and pointin. That's what I'm good at so that's what I do.'
[Mon Jan 10 23:27:55 2005] You say, 'royalty?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:27:55 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'The other night, I thought I saw one, a princess that is. Well, I'm not sure twas. Me pirate bones could have sworn I saw fair [Firiona] traipsing across the snow just over there! Of course, I blame the rum.'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:02 2005] You say, 'Firiona?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:02 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ah, well now the details are a bit fuzzy you see. Don't get much to eat out here outside of fish and the rare trade with passerby like you. What we don't outright steal, of course. What I wouldn't give for some of me mum's [hot oatmeal] here and there.'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:12 2005] You say, 'Hot oatmeat'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:18 2005] You say, 'Ugh. Oatmeat! I meant hot oatmeal'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:19 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Me mum makes the best honey oatmeal you ever had, by gods! Course I haven't seen her in many a moon now. Say, if you [bring] me some I just might be able to remember a bit more.'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:24 2005] You say, 'I will bring you some'
[Mon Jan 10 23:28:24 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ah bless ye child! I don't quite think she will believe ye saw me. Take this with you to help her rememberin'. Her name be Celine, of Ak'Anon.'

[ He hands you a doll of some kind, get name from screenshot ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:30:00 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:30:14 2005] You have entered The Steamfont Mountains.

[ Hand her the doll ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:33:27 2005] Celine says 'Talked to Adisson did you? I can hardly believe it. That good for nothing hasn't been home in years! I bought this for him when he was just a wee tyke. Why did he send you?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:33:27 2005] You gain party experience!!
[Mon Jan 10 23:33:44 2005] You say, 'He wanted some hot oatmeal'
[Mon Jan 10 23:33:44 2005] Celine grins. "I haven't made that in ages! I would be happy to make some for him, but I am afraid I am out of honey oats. Would you be a dear and [pick some up] for me?
[Mon Jan 10 23:33:53 2005] You say, 'I will pick up some hot oatmeal'
[Mon Jan 10 23:33:53 2005] Celine grins. "I haven't made that in ages! I would be happy to make some for him, but I am afraid I am out of honey oats. Would you be a dear and [pick some up] for me?
[Mon Jan 10 23:34:01 2005] You say, 'I will pick some up for you'
[Mon Jan 10 23:34:01 2005] Celine says 'Here is my order then. Talk to Bartle in Rivervale and he should be able to fill it right up.'

[ She hands you an Order to Bartle (something like that) ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:37:19 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:37:28 2005] You have entered Rivervale.

[ You can use find to get to Bartle. He’s near the RNG/DRU guild, I think Shakey is nearby. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:38:09 2005] A mystical path appears before you.
[Mon Jan 10 23:39:13 2005] The mystical path fades away.
[Mon Jan 10 23:39:15 2005] You say, 'Hail, Bartle Barnick'
[Mon Jan 10 23:39:15 2005] Bartle Barnick says 'Good day Arvarien! If you are a new Druid of the Storm Reapers I have promised Hibbs that I would assist in getting you outfitted for ventures beyond Rivervale but you must bring me a note from Reebo as proof that he sent you. There are many dangers outside of the shire so often leather clothing and a weapon become necessities for a traveling druid.'

[ Hand him the Order from Celine ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:39:23 2005] Bartle Barnick says 'An order from Miss Celine? I haven't seen her lovely face in quite awhile now. Do send her my best.'

[ He hands you the Honey Oat something or other, get name from screenshot ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:40:56 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:41:08 2005] You have entered The Steamfont Mountains.

[ Do turnin of the oat honey whatevers to Celine ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:45:06 2005] Celine says 'Ahhh, so fresh! Bartle always did have the best. Here is your oatmeal dear, best hurry back to Adisson.'

[ She will hand you hot oatmeal. It is a SNACK, and can be eaten by YOU. Make sure it’s farther down your inventory or else you’ll eat it..head back to Iceclad. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:45:47 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:45:57 2005] You have entered The Iceclad Ocean.

[ Hand Aldisson the hot oatmeal ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:48:54 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ahh, that's the stuff. I should make a point to head inland more often.' Adisson belches before continuing. 'Now now, what was it I be promisin' ya? Oh yes . . the other night. Well, I had a wee bit too much rum and was doing my necessary over there behind that tree. Then I saw her. As I live and breathe it could have been no other but fair Firiona herself. She looked a bit rough, as though she'd traveled quite aways. I saw her heading over towards the tower there.' Hanging his head, he says 'I saw [something else], too . .'
[Mon Jan 10 23:48:54 2005] You gain party experience!!
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:06 2005] You say, 'You saw something else?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:06 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Well, she seemed alone you see. Then I saw these . . . things outside the tower. They struggled and she went inside. I ran. I didn't tell anyone either, just holed up with some rum and went to sleep. I reckon Thex would have my head for that. Don't be tellin' him, ya hear? I can buy a bit of [loyalty].'
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:18 2005] You say, 'What loyalty?'
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:18 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Arr, I'm not entirely without my spoils. Take this and tell not a soul!'
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:24 2005] Brylee says, 'What loyalty'
[Mon Jan 10 23:49:24 2005] Adisson Stubblechin says 'Arr, I'm not entirely without my spoils. Take this and tell not a soul!'

[ You receive an Adisson’s Gem of Cowardice. Head back to Felwithe. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:54:39 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Mon Jan 10 23:54:47 2005] You have entered Northern Felwithe.

[ Hand the Gem to High Guard Ivyleaf. ]

[Mon Jan 10 23:55:29 2005] High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Cowardly pirates! If we had this information at once, things might not be so far behind. Thank you for your help, here maybe you should keep this. Guards! To me!'

[ He hands you back the gem, which is now (see name from screenshot), and has stats. ]

[Tue Jan 11 00:58:13 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Tue Jan 11 00:58:23 2005] You have entered The Iceclad Ocean.

[Tue Jan 11 01:01:52 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Be quiet, blast it! Don't let those in the tower hear you!'

Run to the tower, there should be a Tunarean Scout nearby near a small copse of trees.

[Tue Jan 11 03:40:29 2005] You say, 'Hail, a Tunarean scout'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:29 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Quiet, you! I heard you a mile away, and there are [ears] about you'd best not alert.'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:30 2005] Beal tells the raid, 'Pulling a scout'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:31 2005] You say, 'ears'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:31 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Something very important is going to happen here soon. Shh! Sir [Galeth] himself has gone to seek a blessing.'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:35 2005] You say, 'galeth'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:36 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Why, Sir Galeth! He is the bodyguard of fair Firiona. He set out this morning to restock at Thurgadin before completing his religious rites in preparation for [battle].'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:38 2005] You say, 'battle'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:38 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Yes, I believe we will be sieging the tower soon. I am afraid I can give no more information than that seeing as how you are not in our regiment, the king would have my head. Are you loyal to the [king]?'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:41 2005] You say, 'king'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:42 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Good for you. In these tumultuous times one never knows who deserves to be trusted. Why don't you prove your [loyalty] to our king here and now?'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:45 2005] You say, 'loyalty'
[Tue Jan 11 03:40:45 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'There have been some scouts lurking about from within the tower. If you take care of one of them and bring me their teeth as evidence, I may be able to send you on a mission of honor, so to speak.'

[ Bring him a Shattered Scout Teeth from the Tower Scout (blue to 63, drops only one tooth, spawns when you say ‘loyalty’ to the Tunarean scout. Put raid force at spawn point and just chain spawn him to get everyone a tooth. Once someone gets a tooth, they run to Tunarean Scout, give him the tooth, and then follow the next text (see below). The Tunarean scout will despawn and then respawn, ready for the next person. ]

[Tue Jan 11 03:38:56 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Well done. Perhaps your loyalty lies with Felwithe after all. You see, I am a bit [worried] about Sir Galeth personally.'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:04 2005] You say, 'worried'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:05 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Well, shortly after he departed one of our lookouts thought they saw something strange following him. Unfortunately, we had our hands full with these scouts. Sir Galeth is well able to take care of himself, but I fear should we lose him before the battle the tides may be turned against us. I wish I could go [protect] him myself.'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:10 2005] You say, 'protect'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:10 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Honestly, I could have gone with him. The problem is not my duties here but the king, and do not repeat that. He does not think too highly of Sir Galeth as of late, and I fear to be grouped with him may diminish my standing in his eyes. He is a good man however, and I worry for him. Would you be up for the [task]?'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:22 2005] You say, 'I am up to the task'
[Tue Jan 11 03:48:22 2005] a Tunarean scout says 'Wonderful. Seek him in Thurgadin and lend him your protection. I would suggest that you make haste, for he shall not be there long. I am sure that fair Firiona herself would appreciate the gesture.'

[ Head to Thurgadin. You’re looking for Galeth. He spawns in the bank (perhaps randomly, perhaps right after the scout finishes his text and he tells you to go to Thurg. ]

[Tue Jan 11 04:13:17 2005] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Tue Jan 11 04:13:26 2005] You have entered The City of Thurgadin.

[Tue Jan 11 04:48:41 2005] You say, 'Hail, Galeth Veredeth'
[Tue Jan 11 04:48:41 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'I am afraid that I have not much time to chat, young one. There are important matters that weigh heavy upon my heart. I must hurry to the Plane of Growth in search of forgiveness, for I fear that I have gravely wronged those that I hold most dear, my beloved Firiona and Tunare herself. I fear that I cannot enter battle with this guilt spread through my soul, without this forgiveness this blade may as well pierce my heart where I stand. Come if you wish, but please give me silence within the plane.'

He starts walking out of the bank towards the Thurgadin entrance. At this point, it is like a protection mission (like so many others) – you have to protect him from whatever spawns cross this path that may agro while he walks through Great Divide, to Eastern Wastes, through Kael and Wakening Lands to the Plane of Growth – he will not get attacked in PoG.)

Mobs will spawn at various routes along the way that are mobs that spawn to attack him (all you see is a scythe – normally named shadowed ambusher) that hit in the mid 400’s-500’s (to a 63 RNG, but I’m gimp). I couldn’t snare them, but they were rootable. You need to kill them quickly, as Galeth will attack them. We did not have an ENC with us, so it may be useful to have one to mez/memblur (if it’s even possible) like it is done with Thelin in the Hedge event in PoN.

Loot ALL the shadowed ambushers. Make the whole raid looters if you need be. Items (Shimmering something or others) drop from them – a cloak, an eyeglass (compass), and some other stuff..not bad stuff. And it’s not NO DROP, so it can be sold.

He will walk from Thurgadin down the stream to almost directly west of the Nexus Spires, turn left, and head straight past the Spires to EW.

In EW, he will walk up the incline, turn right, and make a beeline for Kael (Had 2 or 3 spawns of mobs on the way).

In Kael, he’ll follow the direct route to WL – there were two or three spawns in here (I died in one) of ambushers, plus the giants roaming around if you are KOS.

At WL (get an tracker in first to verify Wuoshi isn’t up…that would be sad to see, Wuoshi dropping in on you unawares – not sure what his agro range is, so you may be safe. He wasn’t up on Morell-Thule when we did this.

Just a precautionary warning: You need to get your whole raid force into PoG to get the reward. Even if they’re KOS, or else they will not get the reward item from this protection quest. Invis them, use SoS (or whatever), it doesn’t matter. Get them into PoG and stick them somewhere where they won’t get into trouble. They MUST be in zone.

Another precautionary warning: If you don’t have an ENC to memblur, and you get agro on Galeth..well…hopefully you run into more shadowed ambushers and you can give those that have agro the time to camp out, Egress/Succor, zone to PoG (and then get back to WL quick enough to help, if possible, otherwise, stay in PoG if there’s enough people to kill the ambushers). We had three people get agro on Galeth, and he RUNS just a little bit slower than SOW speed. If you want to get to PoG faster (or thru Kael faster, or anywhere) I suppose you could get a monk to agro him, run him (and the rest of the raid force) to the next set of ambushers, monk FD’s, raid force kills ambushers, he gets memblurred, continue on. Would be faster than the oodles of time we walked with him. Do this at your own risk, maybe we got lucky.

A Final Precautionary Warning: Group/Raid/Guildchat is okay. Galeth wanted quiet, remember, and you should give it to him. Do not /say ANYTHING in PoG. Who knows what could ***** up the script. Don’t hail Galeth, don’t hail the Avatar of Growth, zip.

Anyone else who isn’t KOS, well, follow Galeth. He’ll go to Tunare’s tree, and will be met by the Avatar of Growth.

[Tue Jan 11 05:58:57 2005] Avatar of Growth says 'I see you have returned to our fair plane, Galeth, wayward child of Growth. What brings you back to this grove after so many seasons?'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:03 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'I seek the Mother's aid to find my way to Firiona and other matters. I wish to speak to her alone and without prying minds and ears. I have much to say before I begin my quest.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:09 2005] Avatar of Growth says 'Indeed, I do believe I know what you seek. Tunare may not hear you. I am urged to tell you that she cannot. It has been forbidden among the gods. While you are special to us, I do not expect that it will make a whit of difference.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:15 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'Then I will search my heart and spirit to find the voice to reach her. There are things I must tell her that cannot wait. I must confess and beg her forgiveness. I must do this.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:21 2005] Avatar of Growth says 'You may speak to her through me, Galeth. I am Growth itself and entwined fully with the Mother, Tunare. I shall hear you should you wish to speak.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:33 2005] Avatar of Growth says 'Very well, child of Growth. Speak.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:39 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'Blessed Mother, I have caused so much heartache. I lost the woman I loved because I did not have the will and honor strong enough to see past my heart. She died because of the strain of bringing a child of immortal and mortal essence into the world -- my child.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:45 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'Now, I have lost my daughter a second time. I feel I can endure no more and my work is not done. I still strive to aid my child in striking a balance in this world -- a task you charged her with.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:51 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'I beg you, merciful Tunare, help me. Give me your blessing to aid me in finding your chosen and my child.'

[Tue Jan 11 05:59:57 2005] Galeth feels a warm rush of air blow the hair off of his face. He turns his head and a smile begins to lighten his tortured heart.
[Tue Jan 11 06:00:03 2005] The Avatar of Growth whinnies as the sign that Galeth has been forgiven and heard by Tunare rushes on the wind, though she could not speak it herself.

[Tue Jan 11 06:00:09 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'Thank you, oh Mother. You have my love and allegiance both. I shall never forget my life here as one of the very children of Growth. I shall not rest until I bring Firiona to safety.'

[Tue Jan 11 06:00:16 2005] Galeth mounts the steed, Tunare's gift to him, and sets off to find his daughter.

[Tue Jan 11 06:00:21 2005] Galeth Veredeth says 'I greatly appreciate your help. My heart grows light with hope for her safety. Please accept this with my utmost gratitude.'

At this point, each person who helped on the raid (perhaps who as in raid when he originally was /hailed in Thurgadin, or everyone in PoG, not sure how this is determined) receives a CLASS SPECIFIC REWARD.

Priest Classes get the Pendant of the Fearless Guardian.
[ Add Picture ]
Hybrid Classes (chain) get the Girdle of the Fearless Guardian.
[ Add Picture ]
Plate Melee Classes get the Cloak of the Fearless Guardian.
[ Add Picture – Don’t have one – I think Animalis got it. /bug him for screenshot. ]
INT Caster Classes get…no idea. We didn’t have any with us.

Once that’s done, it seems the final battle is at the Tower of Frozen Shadow.

We did attempt TOFS before finding the scout, and this is the text we received when zoning in (comes to different raid members as tells, there are three of them):

[Tue Jan 11 01:33:12 2005] Firiona Vie tells you, 'Is someone there? I could sense your presence, faintly, when you breached the door of the Tower. Take extra care in this cursed place. Tserrina and her minions draw upon my strength and grow ever more bold.'

[Tue Jan 11 01:36:12 2005] Firiona Vie tells you, 'Has Tunare turned her back on me? It is . . . so cold. Please, help me. Don't let this be my end.'

[Tue Jan 11 03:15:13 2005] Firiona Vie tells you, 'Tarry no longer, adventurer. The more you delay, the more we are all placed in great peril.'

We couldn’t get past the main mob, it’s possible that you need to have done ALL the quests to get Galeth down there (since they talk about the siege and everything). People fighting in TOFS were ported out by Tserinna, and the entire zone repopped new mobs (yellow/red to a level 70). Green’s on the 1st floor hit in the 200’s. LB/Blues hit higher.

You cannot use your old keys either after the tower has repopped as Firiona Vie tells you that Tserinna and her ilk have taken control of the portals. The message you get from the portal if you try to click them (I assume you need to wipe all the mobs out first):

[Tue Jan 11 03:22:38 2005] You touch the shimmering portal, but nothing happens. Tserrina's followers on this floor must be destroyed and her puzzles deciphered before you can ascend any further.

All in all, we were linked an item (The LifeGuide) by someone in raid while in TOFS – I don’t remember much about it, except it had a melee proc that healed 500hp and gave 500mana to the user. And, of course, it had impressive stats.
It was also an ARTIFACT, so you guessed it, one per server.

Was a lot of fun. Not bad (the final guiding part) being done by one group. And the people that showed up for the impromptu raid (led by Alchem for attempting strat after strat..until they found the Tunarean Scout outside), and for all the people that stayed up 12+ hours doing the whole quest…I salute you. It was a masterful job, and even though we didn’t finish it all, we did pretty darn good.

And YES, Firiona Vie *IS* trackable from the zoneline. Kind of gives ya shivers.

Fergus Stonetosser
# Jan 10 2005 at 6:25 PM Rating: Decent
NEW NPC, Fergus Stonetosser... at the docks.

I was running thru to go to GoD, when in yellow he said he swore he saw firona at the docks. So i go over there and no Firona, but he's there. I hail, and he says greetings, how may I be of service.

no [ ] words or anything. Wouldn't respond to any questions at all.
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Fergus Stonetosser
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16 posts
RE: Fergus Stonetosser
# Jan 10 2005 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
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you ask him "what of Firiona?" and he gives more text with [crest] mentions, ask about the crest and you get Thex Crest, and mention that Firiona was headed to Ocean of tears looking for a kiola nut.

Proceeded to OoT and gave the crest to the vender that sells the kiola nuts and she tells you she saw Firiona and she went to Freeport, check the innkeepers there.

Went to Freeport and in EFP in the Freeport Inn near the gate I handed the crest to the male innkeeper, he said he didnt speak about guests but he might if I [stay] the night. I said I would stay and he said he'd give me her room for 5pp, got item (scrawled room receipt) went upstairs, first room on the left had a little bag on the dresser, picked it up and it was "delecate diary page" which identifies as "Item Lore: a page from Firiona's diary"

I'm stuck here, no other clues describing where she may have gone or what to do with the diary page
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RE: Fergus Stonetosser
# Jan 10 2005 at 9:32 PM Rating: Default
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found some more, so continuing the last post,

from East Freeport you go to Northern Desert of Ro and another zone wide message about Ticket Collecter Beppi complaining about loosing so much money. He is at the docks to Iceclad, Speaking to him prompts a mob to spawn at Derv camp 1, she is called Scoundrel Vervain, dark blue to 65, light blue to 67, went down easy, unsnareable

handing in the purse she drops to Beppi and he gives you a empty purse, no more info

Headed to Iceclad and another gnome here is talking about Fironia. Adisson Stubblechin is at the pirate outpost, he asks you for some oatmeal from his mum, Celine of Akanon. Can't find her yet
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New Quest?
# Jan 10 2005 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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I was running on the path in Butcherblock, south from the POK book, and near the hut at the turn to the Wayfarers camp, I noticed a sparkle on the ground. I thought at first it was a ring on someone who was sitting there invis, but when I clicked on it, I was suddenly holding "a torn piece of fabric". Lore, No Drop.

I identified it and it id's as "it looks like the same fabric as Firiona's cloak".
I found another one on the path from BB/GFay zoneline to the GFay POK book.

I went to FV looking for NPC's that might have info on the quest, but had no luck. So I checked Lucy and it was added there on 1/8.
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Undead Queen?
# Jan 05 2005 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
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While running through Butcherblock on 1/5/05, a shout came over from the Undead Queen challenging anyone in the zone. I ran into her, an Undead Rook and an Undead Bishop near the Wayfarer's camp. I couldn't attack any of them with my 45 Beastlord but my pet could. They were all green to me, and my pet easily killed all three of them. They dropped a Robe of the Oracle some fine steel weapons and a few other items. In all the years I have been playing EQ, I have never seen this trio wandering around in the zone challenging people via shouts. These weren't the normal mobs from the chess board as they were taller and colored similar to the skeletons during the Halloween events. Perhaps this was a GM event of some type. Please post if you have any information on these mobs as the Undead Queen is not listed here in the bestiary.
whats up with the dwarfs?
# Nov 07 2004 at 3:58 AM Rating: Default
257 posts
Ok i used to fight these dwarfs you know the girl dwarfs that are spread across the zone. Well just bout every one of them is unfightable. you try to cast a spell and it says spell wouldnt take hold. go right up to to attack does nothing. Of course you could fight the red one at the chessboard but it takes way to long to be worthwhile and then you spawn a mob that hits for 970 or something like that. Its crazy why did sony make so many mobs useless? if this is there plan they should of just taken all these mobs out. and if there gonna make it so people cant solo anymore i might just be getting out of eq. i like eq alot been playing 4 years. but doing this to one of the zones i like to level in my 30's and lower 40's really dampers me leveling my new cleric. oh well thought id give my 2 cents. maybe i should join all my friends that went over to UO lol :)

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# Nov 02 2004 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Need to add the following mobs for the halloween/aniversary event:
A skeletal footsoldier
A skeletal conscript
A skeletal Lieutentant

Qeynos Hills
Toxxuilia forest
East commonlands
New Dwarf
# Oct 07 2004 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
Tok Skan

He's standing to the SW of the Chessboard. Responds to Hail with:

"I'm afraid I can't speak right now, Merck. I'm waiting for someone very important to arrive."

Cons Light Blue to a 66.
Merck <Court of the Crosswinds> *retired*
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RE: New Dwarf
# Oct 31 2004 at 3:23 AM Rating: Default
123 posts
Umm thats nothing big - just part of the task system. Almost all people who are part of a task say that. Amazingly, overnight, Norrath's population doubled, nay, tripled! Maybe even Quadrupled or 5x-upled!
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RE: New Dwarf
# Dec 03 2004 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Yeah, a lot of those people were actually confused as part of various epic 2.0s when the expansion first went live.
dwarves changed
# Oct 03 2004 at 3:32 PM Rating: Default
20 posts
Sony in their infinite wisdom have changed the dwarves in Butcherblock. They are no longer kitable for druids. I'm getting to hate Sony.
Next thing they will get rid of manaburn and not allow bards to kite either...oops too late.
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Scaley Scale and Smooth Scale
# Sep 06 2004 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
80 posts
Two corpses with a nice newb weapon on each, but can't be looted, anyone know what is up with these? They are at the LDoN camp.
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RE: Scaley Scale and Smooth Scale
# Oct 22 2004 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
They are (or were) quest NPC's. Judging by the lack of respawns, they were probably a mini-event. Unlootable corpses sounds like GM's too. Now I'm stuck holding items to turn in. >:(

Edited, Fri Oct 22 01:41:05 2004
the 3 dwarfs
# Aug 16 2004 at 11:49 AM Rating: Default
240 posts
You know those 3 dwarfs by the water? Id reccomend killing those if you're a kiter (necro druid) the only faction hits i got were for the people inside kaladim NOT the guards. Best experience i got from 34-39 and they have ok loot.
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bunny rabbit
# May 05 2004 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
84 posts
at they say there is a strong bunny rabbit.
Is it a real monster or just a stupid prank??
Were help
Great map
Quest help
RE: bunny rabbit
# Jun 15 2004 at 10:02 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
There is a strong bunny rabbit called the Bunny Behemoth. He is level 65 which lives in the Plane of Mischief.
Fabled Corflunk
# Apr 06 2004 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Just to let you know, there is a new fabled in Butcherblock: Fabled Corflunk.

I was running my 25 druid to Dagnor's to track an npc to speak to for adv information. I was running with Superior Camo on, just in case the Greenbloods decided to act up (I really was not in a mood to get into unnecessary fights).

Coming up the path toward Dagnor's Fabled Corflunk appeared. Somehow he saw through the camo, since next thing I know he's swinging at me. He was green to my 25, but having heard about the other Fableds, I decided not to take any chances. Besides Dagnor's was only about 30 seconds away.

Well, he couldn't keep up with SoW. I turned around just before the zone to see if he was still following. About ten seconds later he's showing up, still chugging after me.

On a whim, since I had the zone line at my back, I dedided to see if I could take him. I cast Root at him and was very shocked to discover that he could not be rooted as he could not have his speed altered.

Discretion being the better part of valor, I zoned. Technically, he never hit me, so I don't know how much he hits for.

However, I'm going to take my 49 shaman and see for myself. I'll let you know how hard and what he dropped, if I can find him.
RE: Fabled Corflunk
# Apr 12 2004 at 9:21 PM Rating: Good
261 posts
The Fabled Corflunk jumped my little level 12 bard this night when I was sitting down to camp. The first thing I thought was to run to zone, but then I remembered how powerful the bard class was at all levels. I ended up kiting Corflunk around with Selo and Bellowing for 7 damage for roughly ten minutes. He did hit me a few times though and I can say the highest number I saw was 34. The Fabled Corflunk was level 15 and dropped the Fabled Darkforge Gauntlets which I ooc'ed because I had better.

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