Royal Armorer Slade  

Quest NPC

Level: 49
Expansion: Scars of Velious
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-09-07 20:51:11

Known Habitats:
  Icewell Keep
Factions Increased:
  Kromrif +10
Factions Decreased:
  Dain Frostreaver IV

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His lvl
# Jan 20 2004 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Conned him with my 56 necro ... he cons dk blue ... so he's not 60. Probably about the same lvl as Kaavin and the Huntsman.
Custom Helms
# Mar 10 2003 at 6:54 AM Rating: Default
3 posts
To let people know,

You will need "Kindly" or above faction for the custom helm quests.
Is this quest still active?
# Aug 20 2002 at 9:29 PM Rating: Good
82 posts
It seems to me from the link below that the graphics are the same as the new "Luclin" look. Does this quest do anything these days?

[Added link to graphics]

Edited, Tue Aug 20 22:18:47 2002
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Yes, the look is only for OLD models.
# Aug 22 2002 at 5:10 AM Rating: Decent
1,075 posts

It only makes the OLD models have a helm like in those pictures, a velious helm.

There are no velious textures for the new models, or different helm look. The new models simply copy some of the velious helm looks by default. For example the troll and ogre are similar with ANY plate helm, while the dwarf is not.

So the quest is still the same, but is only of benefit if you want people with the old models AND velious textures on to see you that way. This is kind of the sad thing about now having THREE different cosmetic possibilities per character (old model, old model with velious textures on, Luclin model) The way players view each other is fragmented, I might look cool to me but look like a doofus to you. You might look great in your default viewing way, but look goofy to me.
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He customs Velious Quest Helmets
# Jul 26 2002 at 4:07 AM Rating: Decent
71 posts
He is the NPC for the custom Thurg quest helmets. He stays in the same room as Grand Huntsman Darral on third floor.

Hail him and he will tell you a list of helmets he will accept, such as the warrior's "Champion's Helmet".

Some helmets are not available, such as Shaman's Chain Helmet.

Give him the helmet and in return, he'll give you a new custom one. New helmet's states will be the same as the old one's.

Someone was very kind to make a page with pictures of the custom helmets. Here it is,

Mith Marr
RE: He customs Velious Quest Helmets
# Jul 01 2003 at 9:45 PM Rating: Default
8 posts
Okay, will my helm, the Brigands Circlet(Rouge helm), be customized by this man?
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