a mimic  

Runnyeye mimic, found next to the banker

Uploaded July 13th, 2017 by Fimblie

Category: EverQuest

Minimum Level: 19
Maximum Level: 21
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No Faction.
# Oct 19 2015 at 11:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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a mimic is not a treasure chest!
a mimic's corpse collapses, spilling coins upon the floor.
No Faction.
# Oct 21 2015 at 8:23 PM Rating: Excellent
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Nniki wrote:
a mimic is not a treasure chest!
a mimic's corpse collapses, spilling coins upon the floor.

Updated the (no) faction hit information. If someone would like to get a pic of this NPC and upload it that would be great.
It's the Chest . .not the Mimic for the SK epic...
# Feb 02 2004 at 8:51 AM Rating: Excellent
The Mimic in Runyeye is in fact level 19-21.

The ERROR confusing this is the fact that the Shadow Knight Epic, Cell key dropping mob used to be called a Mimic.

Follow this link :

To get the (correct) mob, level and location.

# May 09 2002 at 7:35 PM Rating: Default
I think this guy is lower, because I went in there with my clan today we killed the banker then this thing jumped up on me shortly after, and we took it down with ease like a greenie. It was green to a lvl 20 cleric, (me)
The Luggage
# Mar 12 2002 at 12:23 PM Rating: Default
Hehe just a plug for all the Pratchett Fans out there.
RE: The Luggage
# Mar 26 2002 at 7:13 PM Rating: Default
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In that case, it needs to be -=MUCH=- higher level. :)

Morrolan (Ranger 30) & Aziraphale (Wizard 21) of Torv
RE: The Luggage
# Oct 16 2003 at 2:50 PM Rating: Default
noo save the pratchet fans! make it lower level!
Leraz 70 Lord
7Th Hammer... PST :)
King Ralo
# Nov 10 2001 at 10:09 PM Rating: Default
we'll if you haven't seen him ,and you know somethings about d&d monsters then you should know that a "mimic" [like in ff9] is an "evil" treasure chest.to put it plainly.
A Pic of this MOB
# Oct 29 2001 at 8:31 PM Rating: Default
Was just checking out information on this zone and noticed there was no pic of this MOB, so i got one, HOW do i send it in?
It spawn in the back right corner of room, if you Facing the Banker Goblin, im lvl 40 might of hit me for 1hp of dmg, could be wrong...hehe, runs fast though. O well, im on Luclin Server, Name is Eihwaz Nitebreed, PST if you can tell me how to send in my Screenshot.

Eihwaz Nitebreed
~Luclin Server~
RE: A Pic of this MOB
# Nov 17 2001 at 8:59 PM Rating: Default
you click "Click here to report correction
# Oct 01 2001 at 8:03 PM Rating: Default
he pops in the bank behind the banker. He looks like a chest. theres 2 or 3 back tehre not sure how many. didnt drop anything when i killed him though.
# Sep 17 2001 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I saw one in the bank after i had banked then killed the banker (i was banking as he hit me)

I just left them there as they seemed happy enough and green (would have left the banker if he hadnt picked a fight)
i never been there.
# Sep 10 2001 at 10:07 AM Rating: Default
im a lvl 12 war i wanted to come there cause i looked it up and it said levels 10-20 i want to
go there pls post some info
# Aug 23 2001 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
I have found him in the bank. He looks like a chest.
um, photo please
# Aug 22 2001 at 6:45 PM Rating: Default
Photo please, ive never seen this guy in RE and isnt on track...whers he spawn too?
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