Vylleam Vyaeltor  


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Warrior Storm Giant

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 30
Expansion: Scars of Velious
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Known Habitats:
  Kael Drakkel
Factions Increased:
  Claws of Veeshan +25
Factions Decreased:
  King Tormax -12
  Kromrif -12
  Cleric Kael Armor

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how do i get the right faction?
# Jun 29 2003 at 10:15 PM Rating: Default
If I have killed alot of Kael Giants, does that hurt my chances of getting the quest? If not what do I have to kill to get good faction?
how do i get the right faction?
# Jun 29 2003 at 10:14 PM Rating: Default
# Apr 24 2002 at 6:54 AM Rating: Default
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where in kael is he?
RE: where?
# Feb 03 2003 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
He is located behind the throne room of King Tormax. He is indeed on Zek faction as are all the other quest NPC's in the room. If you are KoS to the other factions: Tormax and Rif, you are going to have to watch your step getting back there. Invis up and follow path across ice bridge into the main throne room. Hug either the right or left wall and you can make it to the door directly behind where Tormax spawns. VV is located next to the throne on the left in the back anti-chamber. Do NOT open the left door in this room if you are KoS to other factions. You will be killed. The right door has a bank and a vendor. Nice place to collect your loot from doing MQ's.
85 Cleric of Brell, Quellious
Formerly of Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife
~Dol Amroth~

# Feb 20 2002 at 11:40 AM Rating: Default
How would you riase faction for this? Kill Dwarves in IceWall keep?
Wrong faction
# Mar 25 2001 at 5:10 PM Rating: Default
He is Tormax faction, not Storm but there are a lot going in that are Storm
RE: Wrong faction
# Jul 12 2001 at 11:47 PM Rating: Default
No, he IS on Kromzek faction. I'm dubious to Tormax and he regards me as an ally. Only ones I know that are on Tormax are: Dlammaz Stormslayer, King Tormax's royal guards, King Tormax, Keldor Dek`Torek, and maybe two others.
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