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Level: 10
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# May 30 2017 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
Drops a Black Wood Chip used in the Nitrates and Assassin quest
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AndrewAcropora wrote:
Drops a Black Wood Chip used in the Nitrates and Assassin quest

Hmmm, peculiar. This would mean you could just kill the beggar to skip straight to the end of that questline. Went ahead and killed him myself and sure enough. Guess this accidentally got added to his loot table at some point.

Added both the wood chip and faction hits to the beggar.

Edit: Interestingly enough if you ask the beggar about "Gash Flockwalker" he will give the same text that Raffel Minnmorn responds with during the Nitrates quest. Other dialogue prompts don't appear to work for the beggar however. Considering he has the same loot table as Raffel, says the same flavor text in combat/death, has the same faction hits, and has the same response for a quest trigger phrase I speculate that Raffel's NPC was possibly the base that was used for the Beggar NPC for whatever reason when it was put into the game.

That or possibly the beggar is an undercover Unkempt Druid that was also sent to kill Gash Flockwalker or Raffel in disguise Smiley: wink

Edit2: The "a beggar" refuses to accept the Wood Chip and will give back all coin/items you attempt to give him with the typical "I have no need for this item PLAYERNAME, you can have it back.". However handing him a rusty dagger or a tradeskill mat prompted the text, "I accept your donation to our worthy cause", though the item wasn't actually taken. Quite possibly there is some quest item you can give him that he will accept, though it is possibly just another remnant that got copied over to him (though I'm not aware of any items you are supposed to give Raffel during the nitrates quest). Does anyone know if there's an existing quest that has the text of "I accept your donation to our worthy cause." as an NPC reaction on a turnin?

Very peculiar indeed...

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Someone else posted this under Faldor saying it was for the beggar.

Unkempt Druids: -5
Guards of Qeynos: 1
Jaggedpine Treefolk: 3
QRG Protected Animals: -2
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