Captain Krasnok  


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Note: The effects listed here are not casted by the Captain himself. They are cast by the room during the fight with Krasnok.

  • Maximum hit: 61k

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Level: 109
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Fight info
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Here are some messages and spells from the fight.
Captain Krasnok goes on a WILD RAMPAGE!
Captain Krasnok begins to cast a spell. <Sweeping Scimitar>
Max hit I saw from Captain was 61k.

During the fight I saw some purple swirls appear on the floor. I assume these are either the "mist" or the "furies". You are probably better off staying away from them, but I'm not sure that this actually avoids their effect. We also read something about safe spots or bubbles to protect from the zone effects. If these exist, I never saw them.

The swirls were probably responsible for this:
You have taken 41956 damage from Call the Mist by Hateful Mist
But I could not target them to confirm the name.

We didn't get Krasnok's health down too much, so he may have more tricks than what I saw.

During the "mini" fights in the rest of the zone, you'll see this message occasionally:
Tendrils of magic shoot to Krasnok, infusing him with power.
I don't know if there is any significance to it. Infusing Krasnok, or the mini you are fighting at the time? Don't know. No obvious spell associated with the message.
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