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I wanted to kill at least one of these to clear the way for the named "The Ul'len Depthkeeper" . I had never done so before. I know i can't attack it from land while it is under water. So i go down into the water. I can cast it on with shaman and druid but none of the dots actually stuck. Tried moving mountains with my monk to move the **** thing. Nope no luck. Tried running right up to it to auto attack. Nope. I could hit it with my monks Shadewalker's Synergy but otherwise couldn't melee it. I figured i would try to run after damaging it so that it would summon me to it. It did summon me but it was still at the same exact spot and i couldn't hit it with auto attack. I tried to run and it would just summon me from where it was standing. It would not move. I guess it was a mob that i needed to have my druid and shaman close to it to have the dots actually land. It just seems to be standing there. Not even swimming around. I guess ill just avoid that mob. Still weird though. I have fought other mobs that were perma rooted. Though honestly i don't think i have fought any perma rooted mobs underwater.

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