Soliadal the Timid  


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Updated April 21st, 2012

Spawns in the library of the Arcane Pillar.

Emotes for this fight:

  • Soliadal looks upset as it conjures some of it's defenses - adds "(Upset)" to its name; buffs itself with "Arcane Mirror"
  • Soliadal begins to worry and conjures most of it's defenses! - adds "?what?" to its name; buffs itself with "Blinding Arcane Mirror"
  • Soliadal continues to panic as it reinforces it's protective mirror. - adds "(Worried)" to its name; buffs with "Deadly Arcane Mirror"
  • Soliadal looks calmer as it lowers it's protective mirror - resets self-buffs

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Level: 99
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tough fight
# Oct 06 2018 at 4:52 PM Rating: Excellent
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First, I had it spawn at 501,-811, 848 which had a placeholder of an attendant of Melretia.

Second, this is a tough molo fight because of his reflective shields. My merc died to it with the mob at 20% and I died literally with the mob at 0% but not dead. Very frustrating. By the time I rebuffed and ran back the mob was gone. Either he despawned or another player got him. Good for that player, if so.

My next try I will stack druid dots on him and just keep the merc healed so the dots can do their job. I think I died to his spell reflect self-buff as I attempted to burn him down once my merc died.

Will try again and report back. THIS is one Hunter Achievement fight where even a LB named is a significant fight.

BTW, this guy cons dubious rather than hostile, at least to my 110 halfling druid.

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Very Interesting Fight!
# Aug 14 2017 at 4:08 PM Rating: Good
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Outside of raid mechanics, this might be my favorite fight encounter. Some info about the 3 buffs Soliadal the Timid casts:

The three spells:
Arcane Mirror:
**Increase Spell-Damage Shield by 1000
**Increase Damage Shield by 100

Bliding Arcane Mirror:
**Increase Spell-Damage Shield by 20000
**Increase Damage Shield by 1000

Deadly Arcane Mirror:
**Increase Spell-Damage Shield by 30000
**Increase Damage Shield by 5000

Interesting bits from the combat log:

Initial agro:
[Mon Aug 14 15:18:55 2017] Soliadal the Timid hesitantly moves to defend the pillar, 'Leave, before it is too late!'

Buffs cast (all at once) 6 seconds later:
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid begins to cast a spell. <Deadly Arcane Mirror>
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid shines with a blindingly bright aura!
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid begins to cast a spell. <Blinding Arcane Mirror>
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid garners a shining shield.
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid begins to cast a spell. <Arcane Mirror>
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal the Timid garners a dull shine.
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] Soliadal panics and quickly conjures all of its defenses!

Sample of the damage shield:
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] YOU are pierced by Soliadal the Timid's thorns for 6074 points of non-melee damage!
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:01 2017] You pierce Soliadal the Timid for 3441 points of damage.

Not paying attention and I'm dead in 4 seconds, thanks to haste and quad attacks, lol:.
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:05 2017] You have been knocked unconscious!
[Mon Aug 14 15:19:05 2017] You have been slain by Soliadal the Timid!

So basically, just DPS hard for 1 tick, then wait about 2 ticks for the buffs to drop, and repeat. Thanks to the dev(s) that came up with this!
Killed him whilst lagged!
# May 01 2017 at 3:25 AM Rating: Decent
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105 SMolo Mage, Silver

Maps only show one spawn point but I suspect he can spawn at many places on 2nd floor of library in outer ring. Had to do a couple of circuits killing everything before he spawned.
No problem with adds during fight but I had to learn the hard way about those damage shields, tried to burn him down first time, bad idea.
2nd time I just sent air pet in alone and backed it off whenever the DS icons appeared on Sol. Simple. Sol didn't do me much harm and my Bodyguard pets seemed to hold him off. Long fight. I only saw the light icon for the first rank "Upset" DS.
However, when I got him down to about 50% I got hit by the first serious lag I have seen since years back. I spent a few minutes looking at Sol picking his nose, expecting to re emerge dead but when the internet sorted itself out I got a high speed view of rest of fight with Sol ending TU.
Slow but steady is the secret.
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# Nov 04 2013 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Soliadal the Timid in 4s, 1021k @255226dps . That was what i had gotten from Gamparse in one of my attempts. I died instantly. WIth temporary buffs and clickies i was able to get my monks hp to just over 125k. I put down as much dps as i could in that instant. Obviously that won't work. He adapted so fast. I was hoping i could at least get 10 seconds or so in before he started messing around with those self buffs. Or in the very least i was hoping i could stun him to stop him from casting. Its not a cast though its some instant ability. Died with just that one character. No one else in group died cause i wasn't able to do anything with any other characters i was boxing.

Tried again. He was kicking my monks **** in though. Highest dmg hit was 17603. I couldn't even beat on him with 2hb for long before he started using those instant buffs. Third attempt i tried without using any weapon. Just fists. Still triggered the stupid effect. I decided to skip this mob for now. Maybe save him as one of the last mobs for VoA hunter achievement. The rate im going it will take months anyway.

Edited, Nov 4th 2013 4:01pm by Rickymaru
# Sep 15 2012 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
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his three self buffs are:
Soliadal looks upset as it conjures some or it's defenses : Soliadal the Timid (Upset) -
(not sure of the text for this one) -
Soliadal looks Worried as it conjures some or it's defenses : Soliadal the Timid (Worried)Worried -

If you back off you get an on screen warning in green "Soliadal looks calmer as it lowers it's protective mirror." and he'll go down a level and rebuff tot that stage.
# Sep 07 2012 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
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This is honestly prob the easiest and longest fight lol, Just had to figure it out.

I just poped healer mecris, casted Slow/ DS. Revserse DS and only had tank and pet attack. about 10 mins later he was dead and cleric did not even get to 80%. dps is so slow on this guy if your dps is almost nothing.

O and he spawns in Libary in blue tower (arcane)
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Info on fight.
# Aug 04 2012 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Basically the way his effect works is as your DPS (sustained) increases his effects become worse and worse. Also possible it's % based, meaning that if you chunk him down, he'll immediately roll your face.

Either way, I had my pally tank him and bard sing max defensive. Was about a 15 min fight with just 1 person attacking, but he never used any of his effects. I tested several times breaking 10k DPS (by adding my ranger melee) and he would get 'upset' every single time I broke 10k dps.
Triumvirate blood stone
# May 10 2012 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
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dropped off him today - he was up on server up. first one i have seen for a few months even after killing like 80 named in t4. Good luck to everyone.
fun fight
# Apr 10 2012 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
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ok heres how this guy breaks down
he goes into three modes with three different DS, one mode is worried, this i believe is the mode he brings his massive meelee ds, u life for three hits with 80k hp and full ds resists
this spell looks like a skull when u have him targeted

the second is when he is panicking, this is a bright looking shield icon that does massive damage for and dd or dot spells that are cast on him when it is live

the third is concerned i believe and this ds didn't seem to have any significant effect, so i just fought through it as normal.

to box this it is very difficult u need to stop ur meelee fighters in about 4 seconds from when the skull drops or they will all wipe, i managed this with consistent success by using 2 merc clerics and a mage pet tank with everyone else doing spell damage, and i lost the bard couple times due to chain doting, but that was much of a loss anyway.

needless to say 5 wipes trying to figure thi guy out and all he drops is the dumb aug, rings here i come
gl guys this fight requires close attention to detail. u will get green emote every time he lowers his defenses, but u can just watch the spell icons on his target id, its a much easy-er way to watch the fight
PH info
# Feb 15 2012 at 9:06 PM Rating: Good
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PH was a manatender for us - location p452, n676, p849. He stands at the outer bookshelves, top library floor in arcane.
location / loot
# Feb 11 2012 at 5:25 AM Rating: Good
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Spawned for me in the hall in upper library arcane tower. dropped and legwraops.

killed it again - dropped

Knuse, Bertox

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