King Piqiorn  


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Level: 98
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PH correction
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The placeholder is an Ulork noble

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Reducing the adds
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Had to clear the PHs about 6 times but that gave me the opportunity to suss the locals.
Looking into the innter fenced off area, he spawns as part of a group of three.
Just outside the fence, to left (south) of the group, is a static spawn who will add. If you try to fight this one in situ, the three inside will assist, so pull it to side.
On the right (north) side, further out is another static spawn but if you fight this one in situ, just one of the spawns from inside will assist, so do this and the main fight inside will have just one add. There are several wanders in the area, splat them whilst you wait...
Main pig casts similar AOE damage and summons like King Zarq but not as frequent or as brutal, making this an easier fight.

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PH is a Piq`a noble
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I've seen him spawn as a static noble outside thet cubby area in the middle and also as a wandering mob. I'm gonna dare say any Piq`a noble could be his PH. After I killed him for the first time a that first location, a Piq`a noble spawned in his spot.
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Spawn loc, King Piqiorn , Resplendent temple
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+2880, +525, -322.

Facing main temple entrance, head left til you come to tunnel downstairs. He's in same room as the nobles. Kind of a bowl shaped thing with a wall at the back. Looked like he was standing where a king would stand.


think his ph is a noble piq'aa. spawed later at a different .. close to that loc // piq'aa noble site

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Drops Embellished Headdress of Kolos
Carridily, Wizard or Avatar Elite
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