Wraith of a Shissar  


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In the Plane of Fear: Warrior; Wraith of a Shissar is the bottleneck in the Enchanter Epic. She appears in the very top floor of the temple between two phoboplasms. A Druid with maxxed out tracking skill was able to track her from the zone in.

In Fear Itself: Hits for a max ~11,500. Spawns from gorgons in the pit in the northwestern part of the zone. Note: For all map points of nameds in Fear Itself (for "thuledream.txt" map files), see this quest entry.


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Level: 93
Effects Used:Shissar Venom
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spawned for us at
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p 1190 x p1265 x n66. deep inside the ravine at the bottom on the left.
spawned for us at
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spawned bottom right for us
Fizen Dirtnap
More info
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Uses the ability Shissar Venom. Both times we saw it, she spawned in the first static spot on the left as you head down into the gorge. Dropped Gorgon-Skin Bandana, which I have to say was a terrible disappointment. She also dropped an Ambiguous Remnant of Truth and Gorgon's Earring (on two separate kills), which are already listed here. Max hit on me (6500ac, max defensive AAs) was 9047, which is in line with pretty much all the other named in this zone.
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Dropped Shissar's Talon and Ambiguous Remnant of Fear
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