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Location: -1380, 365, -65 (ground level, below the fortress)

Location for Map File: P -364.5731, 1380.0809, -68.7971, 0, 0, 0, 1, Delth

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 86
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The First Corruption
# Apr 29 2010 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
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From memory. First thing to do os clear a path from agnus to the 3rd floor. clear all the mobs on the way up, entire 2nd floor too. when you hail argus, he walks up toi belsa, hail belsa walk to grodnus, hail grodnus walk to delth. argus on floor 1, belsa and grodnus are on floor 2, deth is the 2nd set of prison cells on the way to floor 3. at this point you are supposd to hail delth. when you do that, the 4 ofthem walk up to floor 3, up onto the platforms. and about 12 mobs spawn. a mix od apexus and belikos. they attack the 4 npc's. your job is to prevent these mobs from hitting delth so she can cast he spell. these dozen mobs insta repop from 4 differnt places. we used enchanter ( me) to mez 6 mobs around delth and left the rest to grodnus / argus / belsa. when delth got her spell done she gives a message to kill the trash. which we did. killed all but 1. the last one we dragged back down ramp between floor 3 and the prison.
wave 2 pops with 10-ish fire mephits around the large halls. they ae for damage and flux. try to kill fast. they are mezzable and permarooted. once those die, there are 4 telmira attacking delth and the other npcs. mezzed them and let delth get her spell done and then killed all the telmira same way - dragging last one down ramp. when thats done wave 3 spawns. 10 small greken and 1 name. 6 of them charged us down ramp ( I mez and hold them) while the other people went and killed name. in the lava. the other 4 mobs were beating on delht. after my 6 died, i went up and mezzed those 4. which we kill one by one.. dragging last one down ramp again ( was not needed this time). because..
one large apexus ( forgot name) spawned. it slowly walks up towards delth. we dps'd it pretty hard. every 15%? it would turn and whack us for up to 22k and then start moving to delth again. we killed it before it reached delth and that popped final name. medded up. killed name. done. chest loot was a jewel of self.
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