a master soldier  


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In the Foundation: Max hit ~8,500.

In the Underquarry: One known spawn location is in the southernmost-center cave of the cliknar tunnels (-730, -950, -490).

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Level: 87
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Spawn location and Phs around him
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its spawns at master camp which is where a master scout, soldier and tracker spawn also.

How to get there:
in the foundation you get there by hugging you left along the zone in take the first tunnel on your left go straight in (watch some of the burnyai see invis) once you go straight in take the left and you will find an opening and straight from that opening there is a bubble with 2 connection tunnels to it, the camp is the right tunnel good luck if you avoid the SI along the way some of the time when running into that tunnel the 3 burnyai see you which are all place holders to Trag.

once you get to the camp at the opposite direction of the clay golem which is the brass golems ph. all of the cliknars back there by the safe tunnel which looks like an L on the map are all the masters place holders.

also if you know them red gold golem, brass golem, Trag, a flint genati also spawn in that area as well.

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Tough Fight
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Hit 85 paladin for 8500ish with max shielding. Was in full T5 gear with 5000 ac and paladin's hp looked like a yoyo on crack. After disc dropped pally's 39k hp dropped below 10% a few times... could have gone either way. Spawned in tunnels just south of the first Cliknar room you come to but probably has multiple ph.

Cast Phantasmal Transformation a lot which seemed to do nothing, but pally had an illusion on so might have blocked.

And Unbalanced Masterthrust rarely which had a small dd component put the Unbalanced Masterthrust Distraction debuff on tank for 30ish seconds, lowers crit chance with all skills by 50%.

Dropped Shield of the Vanquished
Tough Fight
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This dude cannot drop Shield of the Vanquished unless he drops 3 unique items plus armor piece which would go against what every other mob drops. Ive personally gotten


these 2 to drop from him so he cannot possibly drop the shield to. You have to be mixing up the zones since UQ and a Foundation have some of the same named mobs A Master Hunter, Soldier, Scout spawn in both zones and all 3 have completely different loot tables.
Tough Fight
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Yah, I did a search for master soldier and did not pay attention to the zone. Shield drops off him in Underquarry not foundation.
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This one is the same deal as a master hunter and master scout. All there PHs are near each other and any Soldier with same race can spawn the named. Ive personally seen all of them in more then 3 different spawns.

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This is a named.
Dropped Celestrium Encrusted Thoracic Clay( chest ) and http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=109517

2nd kill he dropped Soldier's Striker War only 1hs

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