Rampaging Ghoul  


Level: 88
Effects Used:Ghoul Root
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spawn loc, Rampaging Ghoul, cooling chambers.
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-2423, -1981, -471

PH is a creeping ghoul
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My Strategy
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The strategy that I use is to set up camp up the wall in the little cubby farthest to the east. Unfortunately, the ground is too steep for a campfire, but the good part is that this is out of aggro range of all mobs in the cave. Levitation helps get up the wall and stay there.

From that "safe" spot, I kill the static mob just to the north. Nothing will aggro as long as you keep that mob in place or close to the safe spot. After killing that one, I wait for the roamer to head south back down the tunnel, away from the cave. When it wanders off, I engage the Rampaging Ghoul with everything I have, including using the multiple pet AA (called Host of the Elements for magician, Spirit Call for shaman), parking my pets when the mob is around 20 percent health (to avoid enrage). I change my merc wizards stance to "burn" and begin nuking and sending in Rumbling Servants. I often lose one pet anyway, sometimes a merc.

Mine is a pure pet fight so don't know any melee statistics.

EDIT: By the way, the respawn rate for the undead named are pretty high.

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EDIT 2: In 6 or 7 kills, only 2 clays have dropped.

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EDIT 3: Picked up chest clay

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Today dropped:

Stellite Encrusted Tarsal Clay
Faintly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard
Paladin Thucidyes of Test
Druid Palida of Test
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Pretty Tough
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Drops [link=http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=86713]. Tough mob for sod t5 tank.
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