Thach Jerden [ Armor Quests ]  

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  • This mob spawns at -350, 517, -124
    Behind the Blacksmithing building (south side of central zone).
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): No


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Level: 85
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changed place
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He have been moved to /loc -348 , 511, after the revamp of PoK for the 13th anniversary

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Quest Info & Location
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This NPC was added as part of the EQ 10th Anniversary zone revamps of BlackBurrow and Cazic-Thule.

Thach Jerden exchanges Glowing Athlai and Othni armor pieces (which drop in the revamped zones) for a level 71+ visible armor upgrade usable by the PC that hands it in. The armor slot and stats depend on the Glowing piece handed in. See quest link for more detail.

PoK location: -350, 517, -123

For those who are "loc challenged" :) here is how to find this guy:

1) Stand at the BOTTOM of the spiral tower ramp at the south east corner of the Library mountain. This is not too far from Shroudkeeper Learu.
2) Head due SOUTH towards the Smithing/Tinkering tradeskill building.
3) Thach Jerden is right there outside the building, north side, in the corner.

Full NPC dialogue:
You say, 'Hail, Thach Jerden'
Thach Jerden says 'Greetings, adventurer. Have you perhaps heard of these strange [changes] that have been happening to familiar areas?'
You say, 'what changes?'
Thach Jerden says 'They're very odd. For a brief period suddenly areas that we thought we knew will be transformed. The monsters that used to inhabit them will suddenly gain in strength and abilities, and their [equipment] will be changed as well.'
You say, 'what about their equipment?'
Thach Jerden says 'Some of them have come into possession of some wonderful [glowing] armors that I find endlessly fascinating, but I have not been able to obtain them on my own.'
You say, 'tell me about the glowing armors'
Thach Jerden says 'Have you found some? May I have them? I'll offer you a piece of [armor] from my own collection in trade. They're... very, very nice.'
You say, 'tell me about your armor collection'
Thach Jerden says 'I will match whatever type of armor you bring me. An arm for an arm, you might say. I have several different types of bracers or wristbands, though, so if I give you one that you don't want, hand it back to me and I will exchange it for another that you can use.'
...upon handing in an armor piece...
Thach Jerden says 'Ahahaha! It glows! This is wonderful, PCNAME. Thank you so much. Here is a matching piece of armor, as promised.'

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Quest Info & Location
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The NPC also takes the Othni and Athlai from Unrest and Lower Guk.
Level 70
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Cons Dark Blue to level 80, so 75-79 .. actually 71, so 66-70, and red to a 66, so most likely 70.

Edit: Cause I took screenshot on a 71 toon and not an 80, and double-checked con again with 71 and 66.

Yther Ore.

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Friar Bijou wrote:
Help me Obi-Wan Yther!!!
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