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He can rarely pop in a few places, but his main location is on the Elite Ledge.

Zone in from Qeynos Hills, stay to your right until you see a wooden door. Go thru the door and down the long tunnel. When you reach the two bridges continue straight ahead across the thinner bridge. You are now on a little island with another bridge going up to your right. Top of that bridge is the elite ledge. back side of the island away from the bridges is safe spot to camp.

He doesnt pop as frequently as some of the other nameds so be prepared to camp a while.

Good Luck
Spawn Location
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Spawns on the "Elite Ledge". As your looking up at the ledge, he pops in place of the right side elite gnoll. Got him 2 out of 4 spawns. Dropped Claymore first time and his belt the second time.
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Also drop
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Also drops this
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