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  • This mob spawns at +716, +336.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

A window pops each time she answers you.

You say, 'Hail, Scholar Werum'

I am Scholar Werum. There have been vast improvements in numerous fields of science and technology since you have last adventured out. Some have allowed adventurers shortcuts to destinations that would take a great deal of time to traverse, whereas others help strengthen adventurers. I can help you sort through all of the new technology. If you are interested in any particular process, please let me know. The technology I am most familiar with is Group and Raid Leadership, The Task System, Guild Hall and Lobby, Monster Missions, Spirit Shrouds, Evolving Items, Buff Filters and Auras, Corruption, Considering Mobs, Out Of Combat Regeneration, Energeian Items, Fellowships, Guild Banners, and Heroic Stats.

You say, 'Group and Raid Leadership'

Similar to normal alternate advancement experience, Leadership alternate advancement is an Opt-in system. Once opted in, 20% of the group leader's experience will go to Leadership abilities that will enhance play when they are the leader of a group or raid. Leadership abilities include features like an increased mana pool, increased hit points, increased HP regeneration, increased attack power, special targeting circles to help the group target the correct creature, and marking a path to lost players.

You say, 'The Task System'

The Task System is intended to allow players to help other individuals in need of aid. Citizens of Norrath all over the world provide quick individuel content while waiting for other allies to join in adventuring.

You say, 'Guild Hall and Lobby'

Guild Halls

While everyone in the guild that owns Dragons of Norrath can deposit and view any of the items in the guild bank, you can only withdraw items that have been designated for you or for all guild members to withdraw. Guild Banker Members can perform these designations and withdraw any item. Only your guild leader can designate guild bankers. You can tell that a member is a banker by the 'B' next to his membership rank (M, O, L) in the Guild Management Window. Only guild members who can use that item (for equipment, this means "can wear the item") are allowed to withdraw an item with that designation. You must own Dragons of Norrath to enter the Guild Hall.

Guild Lobby

The Guild Lobby is accessible to anyone, even those not in a guild, as long as they own the expansion. Using the altar in the Guild Lobby you can summon your corpse from anywhere in Norrath, however, there is a cost associated with summoning your corpse, dependent on your level. The Guild Lobby can be accessed from the Plane of Knowledge. It is located on the western side of the central section of the zone.

You say, 'Monster Missions'

Through recent advances in the magical arts, we are able to view Norrath through the eyes of some of the most fearsome and powerful creatures, allowing you to step into their form and do battle against their ancient foes. The Academy of Arcane Science has spent many years working on this magic, allowing us to venture back and experience the battles that took place in Runnyeye, Splitpaw, and even within Nagafen's Lair.

You say, 'Spirit Shrouds'

Though being able to experience the historical past of Norrath is certainly exciting, the Academy has also made some breakthroughs in other aspects of shapechanging, the most recent of which would be granting us the ability to take on the form, abilities and skills of many of the more recognizable creatures on Norrath. This magic gives us the ability to share experiences with our lower level friends, while at the same time exploring some of the strengths and weaknesses of our foes.

You say, 'Evolving Items'

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity in Norrath has come, not of the advances in modern magic, but instead between the melding of Norrath's innately arcane nature with the physical materials that exist here. This union promises to offer greater flexibility in weaponry and armor by allowing it experience the very same adventures that its owner does, ultimately adapting it and growing in power based on those experiences.

You say, 'Buff Filters and Auras'

Buff Filters

Players can now filter beneficial spells cast upon them and their pets. By right-clicking on any active buff showing in your Effects window, you can select to remove it and/or select that it will never be allowed to take effect on your character again. Pet owners can also click off buff icons in the Pet window and apply filters to them. The list of spells being blocked can be found in the Blocked Buffs or Blocked Pet Buffs windows in the Character section of your EQ menu.

Spheres of Influence

Spheres of Influence or Auras will appear in expansion zones as visual effects, like soft blue lights, whirling winds, or spinning axes. Any player or non-player character that enters the area of the sphere is subject to its effects. In order to see Spheres of Influence, you must have Player particles enabled in your display options.

You say, 'Corruption'

With "The Serpent's Spine" Expansion EverQuest introduced a new resistance type, Corruption. Along with Magic, Fire, Ice, Poison and Disease, Corruption is one of the weaknesses that an NPC can target when it casts a spell on you. Originally used mainly for raid encounters in TSS, Corruption Resistance has been incorporated in a number of encounters in the Group game in the Secrets of Faydwer expansion.

You say, 'Considering Mobs'

With "The Serpent's Spine" EverQuest made a modification to the /con color scheme to better fit with established industry standards for /con information. Anything more than 3 levels higher than your level will still be "Red" to you, indicating a large challenge. An NPC that is 1 to 3 levels higher than you will be a "Yellow" con, indicating a strong challenge. An NPC that is your level will be "White" to you while anything 1 to 5 levels lower than you will be a Dark Blue. Anything lower than 5 levels will be "Light Blue" (and the number of levels below you that an NPC remains Light Blue varies based on your level.) After "Light Blue" comes the /con color "Green" which indicates a nearly trivial NPC that will give a very small amount of experience. Finally there is the "Grey" con which indicates an NPC that should be completely trivial to you and yields no experience when killed.

You say, 'Out Of Combat Regeneration'

With "The Serpent's Spine" EverQuest introduced a large change to how hitpoint, mana and endurance regeneration operate. While you are "in combat" (indicated by the "Two Swords" icon next to your name in the default U.I.) you will use your normal regeneration from items, spells or AAs. Out Of Combat Regen (or OOC for short) will become available to you a short time after you exit combat (usually by killing whatever you are fighting, zoning, etc.) Depending on the encounter you will have a short period to wait before the OOC can be used. For Group Content you have a 30 second pause after combat ends before OOC Regen starts. In a Raid there is a 5 minute wait after combat ends before OOC regen begins. There will be an "Hourglass" icon next to your name to indicate you are not yet ready for OOC regen. You must be sitting to enter OOC regen but when you do your health, mana and endurance will all regenerate at an accelerated rate - 3% of your total health, mana and endurance will be returned each 6 second "tick."

You say, 'Energeian Items'

Power sources are used to power any armor with the "Purity" stat.

When you equip a power source, other equipped items with purity will gain additional stats depending on the type of power source you are using.

The purity stat on items determines the percentage of the power you can receive from power sources. The purity stat can be increased using purity augments that fit in type 13 and type 14 augmentation sockets.

Power sources are expendable and come with a limited charge that will drain over time; generally lasting 12 hours or more depending on the number of purity items being powered.

Lower level power sources can be tradeskilled, higher level power sources can be bought in Katta Castrum from the Combine Empire Merchants.

At the group level, power sources can be obtained from Trader Vallarines using Orux currency after obtaining an appropriate level of faction.

At the raid level, power sources can be obtained from Master Pokk using Phosphite currency after obtaining an appropriate level of faction and defeating different raid NPCs in Solteris.

You say, 'Fellowships'

A Fellowship is like a mini-guild for those who play together regularly. Fellowships have a maximum of six players and exist in addition to guilds. All members of the Fellowship get a token, access to a Fellowship-only channel, and the ability to create campfires when at least three "fellows" are in the same area. Fellows use their tokens to transport directly to the campfire allowing them to catch up with their regular playmates quickly. Campfires can be upgraded to provide effects to nearby Fellows. These upgrades are expendable and need to be repurchased. A Fellowship can only have one campfire active at a time. Randall of the Fellows in the Plane of Knowledge will register Fellowships. Fellowship items are also available for sale in the Plane of Knowledge.

You say, 'Guild Banners'

Guilds can create a unique Guild Banner from a large selection of symbols and colors. The banner becomes the mark of the guild and when enough guild members are in the same zone (two groups), the guild leaders or officers can plant the banner in the ground. While a guild banner is planted, members can use the Guild Hall portal to teleport directly to the banner. This allows players to easily catch up with guild mates. The guild banner can also be upgraded to provide different effects, like regeneration. Upgraded Guild Banners are expendable, but provide an effect to everyone in the guild who is in range of the banner while it is planted. Guilds can only have one standard up at a time. You can access Guild Banner information through a tab in the Guild Window and banners will be sold in the Plane of Knowledge.

You say, 'Heroic Stats'

The process of melding Norrath's arcane nature with the physical materials that exist has resulted in another significant advance in armor and weaponry techniques, which is Heroic Items. These magic used to infuse these items grants them abilities that surpass that of standard items by increasing your attributes beyond the normal limitations, as well as granting the weaver additional benefits that are unable to be attained through any other means.

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Level: 80
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
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Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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Provides info about the newer features of EQ
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Hailing her produces a window providing a list of the newer features that have been added to EQ since the GoD expansion. Asking about any of the items highlighted in blue, will cause more info about that specific feature to be displayed.
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