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  • This mob spawns at -1404, -1044, 115.

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Minimum Level: 10
Maximum Level: 13
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Spawn Time
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His spawn time is about 7 mins.
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Putrid Skeleton Bones

About 333 HP

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He drops Hard Bone Chips also.
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The man is right. Turn south into the room before the big room.
/loc I got was minus 1404 minus 1044 pos 115
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Ok I want to try and make sure pepole dont make the same mistake that I did and waste alot of time like I did because the post are a little confusing. the Charbones is NOT in the large undead room with the piut that leads to the Skelly waiting for someone els is is in a smaller room to the left of the big room full of dusty skellys. I spent a few hours camping the big room with no luck (odviously) on a good note tha big room is a good room to solo throught a few levels. Easy pulls no adds small agro range. I spent about 2 hours there and weent rom 17 to 21 before I found out that I was in the wrong spot.

Hope this helps

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Drakkin Breath
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he's probably used for all the Drakkin Breath Quests. Right now i'm doing Mysaphar (white) Dragon's Breath quest and i've got to loot his skull.
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his loc is -1391, -1050

go to the 3rd level of the city, then go thru the curtains and keep going straight. on the left there is a room full of dusty skeletons. Charbone spawns in the middle of the platform.

I killed everything in the room till he spawned.
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Drops / Location
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Also drops:

Enchanted Essence of Shadow
Bone Chips
Large Cloth Sandals ...

-1349, -1044

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What is his /loc plz?
Quest NPC
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He is Used in the Part 2 of the Venom breath Quest from Venesh the green
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You talking about the room with the giant skelly lounging around waiting for someone else?
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No, it's not that far in. When you're heading Out of that room, pass through the large room with the steps/pit in the middle, when you get out that door, turn Right. It'll be the door through there. In the four corners spawn "Dusty Skeleton" or something to that extent. Bat's also spawn in there. In the far corner there's a little tent with a glowing lamp type thing beside it.

Charbones spawns in the middle of the raised platform in that room.
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It's the large, square room with the flat platform against the wall. He, or his PH, spawns every 10 minutes.
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His name is "Charbones" and he spawns in the middle of the room on the left at the top floor crypt in Crescent. He does indeed drop a skull for quest 2 for dragon breath.
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