Guard Hobart  

Quest NPC

Level: 62
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Hobart's death
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Upon dying guard hobart's body disappears instantly and he respawns in about 5 minutes in case you were wondering, granting no XP. The same is true for the other guards but they've been blessed with higher regen, which makes killing them about 3 or 4x longer and requires better weapons to make a dent. He has moderate regen which allows a twinked noob to kill him over the course of 30-50 minutes or so. When I've done it he died after about 18k damage, however so much of that is regen that his true HP is probably closer to 8-10k a ~100 point hit takes him down 1%.

His regen is roughly 13 hp a tick. Unless your character does 3 dps or higher he'll never die.

... I was bored.
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Quest--Freedom's stand (group)
# Nov 25 2006 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Freedom's Stand (group)

"Now that uou've proven your combat prowess,I ask that you find Overlord Gnikan and kill him. He runs the entire mining operation here in Gloomingdeep. Without his leadership, the kobold forces will soon scramble and flee. I'm sending you deep behind enemy lines for this one,soldier. Remember your training and you will make it back alive!'

objective instructions
1. kill overlord Gnikan
2. ??

5 platinum,
Gloomchain chestguard
slot chest
ac 13
sta 2
svc 2 svm 2
wtg 6.0 size med
class: rng rog shm ber
race all/all
slot 1 type 7
Quest giver for--The Battle of Gloomingdeep
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The Battle of Gloomingdeep.
1. kill 5 gloomingdeep grunts.
2. kill 10 gloomingdeep warriors
3. kill 5 gloomingdeep slave wardens
4. kill gloomingdeep spiritweaver
5. ??

reward gloomingdeep leggings
ac 7
agi 1
sv poison 2
wt 4.5 size medium
class rng rog shm ber
race all
slot 1 type 7
Level 25?
# Jul 10 2006 at 7:56 AM Rating: Default
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I don't believe that the guards in this zone are lvl 25, they hit for 500+, so I am thinking more of a 65-70 area unless SoE made them a serious undercon.

Edited, Jul 10th 2006 at 8:56am EDT by Elizbeth
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