Plink Gemtosser  

Quest NPC

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  • This mob spawns at 580, -1860. Just east of entry to Temple of Marr.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): No

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Level: 45
Expansion: Prophecy of Ro
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Known Habitats:
  West Freeport

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Ratfink Mystery
# Jul 12 2006 at 4:41 PM Rating: Excellent
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Quest Giver.

Quest: Ratfink Mystery (Instanced version of Freeport Sewers)

Locate the entrance to the sewers. Zone: West Freeport
Zone is south close to the Acadamy of arcaine science
Search for clues behind the mysterious ratfink behavior. Zone: Freeport Sewers
There are 4 parts to this, though the task only states one.
You must ckill mobs throughout the zone.

The items you are looking for are:
Looting the 1st corpse:
A light breeze fills the tunnel.
You have looted An Old Section of Transcript.
As you look closely at the old section of transcript, you notice some chirography unfamiliar yo you.

Looting the 2nd corpse:
The scent of musty paper stings your nostrils.
You have looted An Old Section of Transcript.
Another section of transcript. The resembalnce to the first is uncanny.

Looting the 3rd corpse:
You notice something entirely out of the ordinary.
You have looted An Old Section of Transcript.
A third section? The begining of a trend perhaps.

Looting the 4th corpse:
Light breeze enters the tunnel.
You have looted An Old Section of Transcript.
Hrmm four sections of a transcript it seems unclear if they belong together or not. And what is that foul stench?

Search for the source of the foul stench. Zone: Freeport Sewers
This neads you north by north east to the large room. There is a small square room south where you will find Drehar the Demented, a level 70 Erudite male.

Speak with Drehar the Demented Zone: Freeport Swewers.
Here I tried many things, really I think you just hail him a few times. I hailed once, he asked something about 'Who are you? speak now" or something to that extent. He gives two similar messages, then his third response he wants you to give him something in return for his assistiance.

Convince Drehar to lure the mysterious Piper to his lair. Zone: Freeport Sewers
Third response given, mention the Piper.
Hand in the four transcripts.

Quickly, follow the crazed ratfink and stay out of sight. Zone: Freeport Sewers
Crazed ratfink spawns and starts moving to the nort west part of zone. It is best if you clear all the mobs in that direction prior to this step.

Confront the infamous Piper behind the Rafink infiltrations. Zone: Freeport Swewers
Crazed ratfink opens one of 5 chests, spawing the Piper: Finalan the Piper, Redcon Half elf to level 70. HE hits no harder than most of the other mobs you've been killing (trash mobs level ranginig from darkblue to yellow, most likely 69-71 for level 70's).

Return with proof of the Piper's demise to Plink Gemtosser. Zone: West Freeport.
The proof is on Piper's corpse : Alluring Flute of the Piper

Loot is on Piper's corpse.

Ours was: Chainmail Arms of the Avaricious

I'm guessing Leather Wristguard of the Avaricious is his alternate drop from lucy's numbers, but not confirmed.

Some missing texts
# Jul 13 2006 at 5:20 AM Rating: Excellent
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Plink Gemtosser says 'Hello to you, stranger. I, I simply can't believe it! Rats! Everywhere.. Rats! I leave for the afternoon and come back to find half of my merchandise [missing]!'

When talking to Drehar to start with
Drehar the Demented says 'I say just who are ye, stranger?'

Drehar the Demented says 'Who be ye, tell me now!'

Drehar the Demented says 'Ratfinks, ye don't say? There be a stranger roaming these parts lately. I can't say fer sure the source, but perhaps if ye have something fer me I can guide you in the right direction.'

Handing in the 4 transcipts:

Drehar the Demented says 'I can't be piecin the transcript with just one section! You best have another for me or we are gonna have words you and me.'

Drehar the Demented says 'I already have what I need. Be gone with ye.'

Drehar the Demented says 'Ahh, yes. This will do nicely. It be hard to find good readin down in these parts. Here, follow me crazed little ratfink - he be taking ye to where you need to go methinks. If ye see the strange man, don't be lettin him know that I send ye arright? Keep ye distance mate, and good luck.'
Ratfink Mystery
# Jul 12 2006 at 4:45 PM Rating: Excellent
222 posts
Tried to edit, but I kept getting a blank window to edit.
I forgot to add the final text and factions:

Plink Gemtosser says, 'You've done it! This looks like the flute of a piper. Great work, I'm sure that I can expect great things from you in the near future."

+Citizens of freeport
+Freeport Militia
+Knights of Truth
+Priests of Marr
+Dismal Rage
+Steel Warriors


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