Level: 70
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Known Loot:
icon Aged Hoop of Battle
icon Aged Silver Splinted Cloak
icon Ancient Champion's Belt
icon Ancient Note
icon Black Scaled Cloak
icon Blackened Pauldrons of Disruption
icon Blood Smudged Crimson Cape
icon Bone Plated Sledge
icon Cape of Broken Sanity
icon Collar of Fleeting Courage
icon Cracked Hide Sleeves of Integrity
icon Crystal Linked Gauntlets
icon Dented Steel Face Guard
icon Dirt Covered Belt of Divinity
icon Dull Icon of Redemption
icon Dusty Black Shroud
icon Earring of Coalesced Mana
icon Etched Boots of Antipathy
icon Ethereal Silver Steel Band
icon Faded Sash of Hypocrisy
icon Foreboding Shawl of Obscurity
icon Frayed Cap of Patience
icon Girdle of Subtle Power
icon Gleaming Crystal Band
icon Glowing Earring of Rage
icon Golden Ring of Lightning
icon Golden Stone Orb
icon Hollowed Bone Plated Mask
icon Icy Torque of Distrust
icon Iron Ring of Futility
icon Jagged Combatant Stone
icon Longbow of Chaos
icon Moldered Prayer Beads
icon Muramite Chain Armguards of Battle
icon Muramite Chain Boots of Battle
icon Muramite Chain Bracer of Battle
icon Muramite Chain Coif of Battle
icon Muramite Chain Gauntlets of Battle
icon Muramite Leather Band of Conflict
icon Muramite Leather Bracer of Conflict
icon Muramite Leather Shoes of Conflict
icon Muramite Leather Sleeves of Conflict
icon Muramite Leather Wraps of Conflict
icon Muramite Plate Boots of War
icon Muramite Plate Bracer of War
icon Muramite Plate Gloves of War
icon Muramite Plate Helmet of War
icon Muramite Plate Sleeves of War
icon Muramite Silk Bracer of Contention
icon Muramite Silk Gloves of Contention
icon Muramite Silk Sleeves of Contention
icon Muramite Silk Slippers of Contention
icon Muramite Silk Turban of Contention
icon Mystical Moonstone Amulet
icon Oiled Cloak of Dissolution
icon Ragged Ruby Veil
icon Ragged Steel Pauldrons
icon Ring of Hollow Faith
icon Rotten Bone Necklace
icon Rugged Iron Battle Mask
icon Ruined Golden Necklace
icon Scarred Shield of the Stalwart
icon Scorchflame Earring
icon Shadowed Visor of the Recluse
icon Shattered Bone Stud
icon Sickly Glowing Earring
icon Silver-Inlaid Iron Wrap
icon Slender White Silk Cape
icon Stone Necklace
icon Stone of Tainted Health
icon Studded Mace of Contemplation
icon Torn Silk Cord of Perception
icon Veil of the Cynic
icon Weathered Grey Silk Shawl
icon Withered Stone Amulet
Factions Decreased:
  Stillmoon Acolytes

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Spawning Nethran
# Nov 07 2012 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
90 posts
I have to kill everything in the east most rooms to get him to spawn.
# Aug 08 2008 at 4:05 AM Rating: Decent
271 posts
Aren't those drops the epic 1.5 loot chest drops?
# Dec 03 2006 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
how hard does this guy hit? is he duoable with a shammy and monk?
/loc of spawn?
# Oct 20 2005 at 12:19 AM Rating: Good
451 posts
Loc = +530,+680

Edited, Sat Oct 22 09:08:38 2005
Aegishopi the Royal Jester, Paladin of Stromm

"Should not the measure of one's self-discipline also be the measure of one's self-worth?"
RE: /loc of spawn?
# Apr 08 2006 at 11:12 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
What room is that on the map?
~Mysticluv Potionz~
75 Shaman
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