Hervash the Foreman  


Uploaded July 24th, 2007
Updated July 25th, 2007

  • Race: Goblin
  • Class: Rogue
  • Summons: Yes
  • Enrages: No
  • Rootable/snareable: Yes
  • Flees at low health: No

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Level: 62
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Known Habitats:
  Stillmoon Temple
Factions Decreased:
  Stillmoon Acolytes

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down with a 70
# Nov 13 2011 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
hit this guy with 70 Warrior noticed the backstabbing too
This is a Zerker??
# Oct 02 2008 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
Well I pulled this guy today, on my way to a safe spot I noticed something. I took a backstab for 1164 damage. Since when can a berserker backstab? He was the only mob after me, so it had to be him.
Took him tonight
# Aug 07 2007 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Just took him down tonight for a guildie who was trying to finish a mission(never did though, damn mobs CHing+gating=BAD time lol), 68 warrior with a 63 druid. He was only really trouble cause I trained into zone to begin with around 57% (SI mob saw me running through Broodlands, tried to fight some but the Stone Dervishes have a 375DD proc, said forget it lol), and I was lagging HARD when I finally did zone in lol, took me a few mins to shake off the lag. Once I finally did he dropped pretty easy. A normal fight would have taken me a few mins. Dropped the Club and a Black Pearl
got him
# Apr 15 2007 at 6:56 PM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Managed to take him down as a 66 Pally. tough, ended with 15%hp and 12%m, but he died first. worst was stuns. if you can keep him stunned it will reduce how much you're stunned yourself.
Summoning Mob
# Mar 12 2006 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
101 posts
Battled him with lvl 70 ranger. Wanted to kite but he summons.
# Feb 28 2005 at 8:50 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Maxed my 429aa Lvl 70 Paladin for 403. Took him with Conviction only on, pretty easy kill. Summons, snareable (snared him with Anklesmasher). Only casts those annoying head butts and leg chops. Roams the whole yard pretty much, get him solo when he hits a corner. Dropped the choker, I'll report back on Tribute amount.
# Feb 21 2005 at 2:13 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Solo'd pretty easy with 70/254AA Paladin, bout 8k unbuffed. Just had Aura of the Crusader, Savage Guard clicky, shield of flame, shield of the eight and valor of marr on. Also KEI :P

By the end of the fight I was about 20m worse off for it the second time round.

He's definately 65 or lower since Force of Akilae landed on him (Spell is capped at 65)
Easy peasy
# Feb 19 2005 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
Had a friend helping me get acquited with DoN (70 Wiz 639 AA's) and myself 59 cleric took him down VERY easily. Wizzy said he has soloed him easily before as well

He summons but not as often as most summoning mobs I've seen. Dropped the Choker sells for 333pp to vendor

Sillva Wisenheimer,
59 cleric, Xegony,
<Moonlite Redemption>
This is a Zerker
# Feb 18 2005 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
almost forgot, he is a zerker ....will snare but doesn't run.
# Feb 18 2005 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Club droped last night for me too

Very tough battle but soloable by a 68 BL with 105AA

Screenie and loot
# Feb 18 2005 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
55 posts
Also droped Silver-Petaled Club for me :)

Edited, Wed Feb 23 08:06:50 2005
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