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Unless I am missing some bit of information, the sword is NOT a common drop from this mob. I spent two cycles of killing Flamebite where he spawned maybe 10-11 times after killing many PHs, and EVERY single time he dropped the gloves. I guess at least the money was good...
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Killed the Lavasoinner (capital L) with my core rules 43 druid, killed him 15 times and Flamebite spawned twice

first time he dropped sword
second time he dropped the gloves which i was after.

handy if u r camping rthe shadowman named (for the burnt woven bracelet) above the spiders coz u can kill the 3 shdowmen PH and the Lavaspinner PH too

all are on a quicktimer of 5mins or less
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Flamebite is near the Lavaspinners Lair. I think you have to kill a lavaspinner for him to spawn. Look for the lavaspinner spelled with a capital L
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Smoldering Longblade of Lavastorm
+5str, +5dex, +5sta
+4svc, +3svm, +4svp
Classes: pal, ber, war, rng, shd
Race: all
No required or recommended levels
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because its garbage
Where you at?
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i need some handwraps like the one this guy drops...only i can't find him. anyone have a loc for him or where does he roam?
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RE: Where you at?
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It roams a bit but can generally be found on the eastern side of the zone near the shadowed men and the other groups of lavaspinners, IIRC.

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