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Level: 64
Effects Used:Girplan Chatter
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# Nov 02 2012 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Dropped Jasper and Girplan Spinal Fluid.
Here's the poop
# May 15 2006 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
882 posts
65 pally boxing a 66 shammy.casted malo first and sent pet.Casted 2 stuns on him and shammy casted slow.Was slowed by the time he reached me at the stairs.Hits for max of 622.Did quad for 140 622 622 220 1 time.Does 250 damage on that stun but with shammy healing was a piece of cake.Dropped the aug.Spawn time is about a half hour.Did see 1 roamer come up in 1 1/2 hour.
RE: Here's the poop
# May 15 2006 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
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I should add he does summon as well as all the named do in Harbinger's
can someone post some info on this guy?
# Mar 08 2006 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok we all know he drops stuff right?It is a named.Now lets talk about what kind of damage this guy does.Summon?Hit damage?Can it be soloed?IF I wanted to know about the drop I would have looked under the name of the drop.Cmon people post something useful.this if for posting about the mob.The only post that was a bit useful here was his loc and ty for that.Someone had some sense on here.
RE: can someone post some info on this guy?
# Mar 08 2006 at 9:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I think I'm going to start posting stupid stuff on this site too.So everyone knows btw I killed a skeleton in the newb zone of Neriak.It conned green to my 70 warrior.It dropped bone chips.Maybe a loc on this guy?Geez
Aug drop
# Aug 28 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Excellent
Also dropped:
Frozen Gem of Fortitude
HP: +25
Slot 7
All equipment slots
Reccomended lvl 60
Aug drop
# Aug 28 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Excellent
double posted =X

Edited, Sun Aug 28 17:45:10 2005
# Feb 16 2005 at 6:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Cornerstone Fragment
# Dec 28 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
this mob just dropped 1 for me
# Dec 05 2004 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Can anyone give a location on where to find this guy? i haven't seen him yet.
RE: Location
# Dec 31 2004 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
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When you head up the steps in the spire, keep going until your at the very top, but do not take ramp off to left - the mob is just past ramp in front of you. PH is typically a Girplan Builder, but not always.

Edited, Fri Dec 31 10:11:50 2004
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25hp augment
# Nov 11 2004 at 8:35 AM Rating: Default
159 posts
he just dropped a +25hp augment for me last night.

Frozen gem of Fortitude
magic, lore item, no drop augmentation
fits type: 7
hp: +25

Recommended level of 60.
Class: all
Race: all

sorry i cant make a picture of it. hope that info helps
+25HP Aug
# Sep 19 2004 at 6:23 PM Rating: Good
Also drops a +25 hp aug, type 7.
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# Sep 16 2004 at 3:32 PM Rating: Decent
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the 2 girplan architects i saw and killed were not level 60 he conned yellow to me at 63 and db to 65.
RE: level
# Sep 20 2004 at 7:34 PM Rating: Default
188 posts
Also yellow to 63, even con to 64
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