Keshyk Wardorn [ Ranger Tomes ]  

Spells: Paladin

Uploaded January 2nd, 2014 by Kynsh
Updated January 3rd, 2014

Available during PoP on progression servers.

Ranger Tomes

  • This mob spawns at -86, 943, 3
    Main floor of the library, south side.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 35
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Goods sold (13):
icon Skill: Warder's Wrath 547pp 7gp 1sp 2cp
icon Tome of Aimshot Discipline 1228pp 7gp 3sp 3cp
icon Tome of Bullseye Discipline 759pp 9gp 8sp 8cp
icon Tome of Fearless Discipline 21pp 9sp
icon Tome of Jolting Frontkicks 1425pp 4gp 6cp
icon Tome of Jolting Hook Kicks 657pp 8gp 7cp
icon Tome of Jolting Kicks 741pp 3gp 3sp
icon Tome of Jolting Snapkicks 1066pp 2gp 4sp 6cp
icon Tome of Resistant Discipline 6pp 9gp 9sp 7cp
icon Tome of Respite 1271pp 3gp 6sp 5cp
icon Tome of Sureshot Discipline 1659pp 7gp 2sp 8cp
icon Tome of Trueshot Discipline 83pp 6gp 3sp 2cp
icon Tome of Weapon Shield Discipline 119pp 2gp 9sp 2cp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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Merchant Listing during PoP on progression servers
# May 14 2018 at 12:22 PM Rating: Excellent
[Mon May 14 13:22:18 2018] Keshyk Wardorn tells you, 'That'll be 25 platinum 5 gold 6 silver 3 copper per Tome of Fearless Discipline.'
[Mon May 14 13:22:19 2018] Keshyk Wardorn tells you, 'That'll be 8 platinum 4 gold 8 silver 1 copper per Tome of Resistant Discipline.'
[Mon May 14 13:22:19 2018] Keshyk Wardorn tells you, 'That'll be 101 platinum 3 gold 7 silver 2 copper per Tome of Trueshot Discipline.'
[Mon May 14 13:22:20 2018] Keshyk Wardorn tells you, 'That'll be 144 platinum 5 gold 9 silver 7 copper per Tome of Weapon Shield Discipline.'
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# Feb 02 2009 at 6:07 PM Rating: Default
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Keshyk Wardom is located on the entry level of the library on the left side by some book stacks/shelves just before you go downstairs a level...

Sells Tome of Fearless Discipline, Tome of Trueshot Discipline and Tome of Weapon shield Discipline also....
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