a clever sphinx  


Minimum Level: 55
Maximum Level: 57
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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Updated Loot
# May 02 2007 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Words of Expedition
Paladin Thucidyes of Test
Druid Palida of Test
Come join us on TEST SERVER!
Words of Restraint
# Jul 28 2006 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Words of Restraint dropped today
More Drops
# Oct 04 2005 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
201 posts
Dropped . . .
# Jun 02 2005 at 5:22 AM Rating: Decent
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Part of Toharon's Memoir, pg. 15 (right)
Root breaks a lot
# Sep 17 2004 at 2:29 PM Rating: Decent
221 posts
but the real problem was that snare would only last a few seconds. I did mamage to cast 4 dot's on it and heal myself twice (chloro only heals a little but is fast) and it kept breaking root and snare so I used exodus (instant evac) and left it for another day.

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Beastlording on BS server at times
# Oct 21 2003 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
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This mob are cleric. Nucke and CH when down to 40%.

Hit for 350.
RE: Type
# Sep 02 2004 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Really? I bashed this thing so much I never saw one heal from it. Guess I got lucky. : )

Missfortune Fatebringer
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What are we gonna do tonight Xise?
The same think we try to do every night. "TRY TO TAKE OVER KUNARK!!"
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Muah ha ha ha!
# Oct 16 2003 at 4:48 PM Rating: Decent
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These spawn everywhere on the first level, but are also the PH for the witty sphinx in the far room to the left of the entrance hall.

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