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Binding Dreams to Reality  

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
Merchant Value:50 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Lilbitbad - Realm of Insanity
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House of Thule Item

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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: N/A

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Book Text:

I have no idea how long I
have been in this place.
Time seems to have no
meaning here. In my
wanderings though the
house, I would on occasion
come across a remnant of a
dream. These remnants had
taken on a somewhat
physical form and seemed to
hold some mysterious power,
though I knew not how to
access it.

This all changed when I was
able to acquire an artifact
known as the Shroud of
Dreams. There seemed to be
a reaction between the
Shroud and the remnants.
After some experimentation,
I found you could bind the
remnants to particular
pieces of armor. In the

shroud I would wrap the
remnant, armor, and a
curious substance I call a
coalescing agent. The end
result was the armor would
be infused with the dream
remnant, resulting in an
item of fantastic potency.

The only combinations I
could find that worked in
this way were the Abstruse
and Enigmatic remnants
along with Vanadium or
Immaculate armor templates.

I also had in my possession
some more powerful remnants
that would not bind to the
Vanadium or Immaculate
armor. By accident I
discovered these remnants
had a synergy with the
previous armors I had made.

Eventually I found that I
could bind Recondite and
Esoteric remnants to the
previous armors to further
empower them.

I continued following this
idea and was able to
augment the most recent
armors with Ambiguous and
Obscure remnants. Then
using those armors, I could
finally bind the Lucid and
Perspicuous remnants. This
resulted in marvelously
powerful armors.

It should be noted that
there seems to be two
different classes of
remnants, and that you must
use remnants from the same
class to further upgrade
your armor. The first group

is Abstruse, Recondite,
Ambiguous, and Lucid. The
Second group is Enigmatic,
Esoteric, Obscure, and

At this point I thought I
had discovered all there
was to binding remnants,
but I was wrong. I came
across a very strange set
of armor that appeared to
have the same partially
physical form as the dream
remnants. This armor
resonated with those
remnants that would not
bind to Vanadium and
Immaculate armor. I found
that using the coalescing
agents, I could bind
remnants to this armor
directly, bypassing the
need to upgrade from a

previous piece.

Recondite and Esoteric
remnants could bind with
Inchoate armor, Ambiguous
and Obscure remnants could
bind with Nebulous armor,
and Lucid and Perspicuous
remnants could bind with
Amorphous armor. However,
these armors are quite rare
finds and as such would
carry a hefty price.

One final word regarding
the Shroud of Dreams. It
seems that as I was the one
to discover this artifact,
it has bound itself to me.
I can give it to others but
once used, it will vanish
and return to me.

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