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The Basics of Jewelcrafting  

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The Basics of

For Jewelcrafting, you will
need a particular set of
tools in order to get your
job done. Luckily for you
these are all in a ring,
and you simply need to look
at it in your jewelry kit
and cycle around the ring
until you find the tool you
need. These tools include
a set of fine chisels for
cutting gems, and a set of
tools to help you shape the
settings in hot metal.
For practice you can work
with unenhanced metal.
Though this will not make
anything that an adventurer
is likely to desire, it
will at least have some
of the value of the metal

itself to the merchants
around Norrath. You will
shape the basic item by
melting the metal you wish
to use in your jewelry kit
and using a mold for the
item you wish to make:
ring, bracelet, earring,
pendant or veil. While it
is still hot and in your
kit you will use the solo
setting tool. As the
metals themselves become
more expensive and more
rare, they will be harder
to work with, but
additionally you will add
intricate patterns to
increase your general

For more useful items, you
will shape the basic item
by melting the enchanted

metal you wish to use in
your jewelry kit and using
a mold for the item you
wish to make: ring,
bracelet, earring, pendant
or veil. While it is still
hot and in your kit you
will use the solo, duo, or
trio setting tool to
determine how many settings
there will be. Doing this
incorrectly will destroy
the mold and waste the
metal. If you succeed you
will be able to use the
mold again. You should
always be able to use your
other tools unless you are
silly enough to lose them.
Be warned, duo settings are
quite a bit more difficult
than solo settings and trio
even more difficult. Also
as the quality of the metal

improves, so does the
difficulty of making the

Once you have your base
item you will then need to
cut the gem. The cheaper
gems that can be found on
merchants throughout
Norrath can be cut in two
ways. They can be cut
using the round cutting
tool for most. The round
cuts will result in lower
power gems, but will fit in
any spot on the setting,
even the main mount. Gems
that can be cut this way
are malachite, lapis
lazuli, turquoise, cat's
eye agate, onyx, jasper,
carnelian, star rose
quartz, wolf's eye agate,
jade, pearl, peridot,

emerald, and opal. I
include pearls in this list
even though they are not
precisely cut as the other
gems are. But the process
of shaping them is
amazingly similar and uses
the same tools. For these
cuts you can do the cutting
freehand as you do not need
to be terribly precise.
Some of the other gems are
special and can only be cut
in a particular way. All
of these gems will only fit
in the main setting once
complete. Bloodstone,
amber, topaz and sapphire
will need a trillion cut;
fire opal and fire emerald
will both need an oval cut;
star ruby needs a pear cut;
and ruby needs a square
cut. You will need to use

a jeweler's glass for these
to be sure you cut

Finally, for all of the
gems you might find out in
the world, you will need to
cut them in specific ways.
Amethyst, Combine star and
shimmering nihilite will
need a trillion cut. Black
sapphire will need a square
cut. Alexandrite, crimson
nihilite, indigo nihilite
and amber nihilite will
need a marquise cut.
Goshenite will need a half
moon cut. Morganite and
jacinth will require a
round cut. Demantoid will
require an oval cut.
Rubellite will require a
pear cut.
The rarest gems can be cut

using any of the cut tools
and their power will vary
according to what cut is
used on them.
prestidigitase, staurolite,
harmonagate and taaffeite
all offer significant
advantages. As you cut
them in the seven different
ways they will affect your
seven attributes in
different ways. These gems
are very rare and very
difficult to work with, so
do not be discouraged if
you ruin many of them while
you work on them. They are
all prone to even the
tiniest of flaws ruining
their usability.

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