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Imbued Steelsilk Breastplate [Quellious]  

AC: 20
STR: +5 CHA: +2 WIS: +1 HP: +20 MANA: +30
WT: 4.5 Size: LARGE
Class: CLR PAL
Race: ERU
Deity: Quellious
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)
Item Lore:Quellious Steelsilk Breastplate
Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Plate 1
Color (RGB):175, 175, 100
Merchant Value:257 pp 0 gp 5 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:LothanEQ
Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
Updated:Sun Mar 11th, 2018
Scars of Velious Item

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 1

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Crafted: This item is crafted by players.

Crafted by Erudite Tailors

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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Kane Bayle
# Aug 22 2002 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
25 posts
hey...if ne one is on the kane bayle server...can they help me get this armor? still getting money to get the items but i really want these items...hehe...thanx alot
kaloft-pally-erudite-lvl 30 kane bayle server
Need a Cleric
# Mar 27 2002 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
119 posts
I am on Karana server, if any 29+ cleric happens to read this PLEASE send me a /tell. I have the spell and the topaz with me at all times I just need you to mem it and cast it. I have not had any luck locating a Quellious Cleric in 5 long days of pestering.
Itso the Paladin (Karana)
# Mar 05 2002 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
119 posts
I am told druids can imbue items, how do I get one to do this? I am a Erudite Paladin of Quellious. I have terrorantula silks and decent tailoring skill.

Please share info :)

Edited, Tue Mar 5 09:41:43 2002
Itso the Paladin (Karana)
Halfway Done
# Aug 16 2001 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I have completed half of my set now. I increased my skills by making tailored leather, and then Wu's. The Wu's brought me to 158 skill; after which I switched to my cultural. Also, the popularity of Wu's - selling at 700-800pp per full set has funded my achievement of my cultural pieces. Most people camping the AC in Sro have no use for, nor knowledge of the Terrorantula Silks and either give them away or sell them at minimal costs - maybe 20pp per silk.
I agree with many others that it isn't the stats that are so important when donning this garb. But rather, it is the elegance and impressive look it affords us. I can still fight and support my group as a good cleric should. Additionally, when those annoying, random item inspectors walk up to see how I'm equipped, they are astonished because they've no idea what the items are. So when I show them and explain that I crafted them myself, jaws drop. Then, I smile as I tell them that only myself and my kind can wear them.
The notoriety has also increased my customer base for tailored items. I'm selling Fleeting Quivers to Ubers for 2.5kpp per. And, I'm now recieving numerous tells from people who are offering up to 500pp just to press the combine button for velious armors when they are providing the components. Everyone respects Erudite intelligence; it helps us learn skills quickly. But, with addition of a cleric's wisdom; it helps decrease failures. Cost to make is not an issue if you play your cards right.

Gynob (Obgyn) Icyfingers
Cleric of Quellious, Tunare
20th Season
# Aug 12 2001 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts

I made a set of this armor for my erudite cleric on Nameless, with a pricetag of about 14k when I was done. I can't wear this armor on raids because I have a weak starting wisdom (110) but I wear it the rest of the time as roleplay. They are the robes of the Goddess, Quellious. She has also an idol of quellious on order, an earring and a necklace. What kind of cleric could one be, without having a fair amount of fanaticism to go along with it. I settle for the clothes, and yelling at NooB's to repent in Paineel whenever I'm around :)
Arrina Stormborn
Wandering Healer of the Tranquil
people dont get it
# Aug 09 2001 at 5:59 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
As stated this is a LEATHER ARMOR it is TAILORED :) so a 20 ac leather bP with a sick as heck look to wear until your walking around with is in no way bad I have a shadowknight on Lanys server she wear a full set of Crustacean shell armor yes there is better ac out there but considering I have the Str and Sta of a Ogre i can dish out way more damage then most people ive beaten warriors at my level and yet when im not fighting i walk around wth a Set of Dark forge armor when i can because it looks nice so please dont diss the erudite leather armor it looks awesome and is a great outfit to travel in :) PS EE bags are wonderful things to carry armor in :)
Where Dragons rule and Newbies drool
this is the ballad of EQ
# Jul 05 2001 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Perhaps I am under the wrong impression here, but isn't this a "role-playing" game, supposedly?

The fact that you can make your own armor and weapons using your skills is a RPG-style skill, and not necessary to play the game.

It is simply a tool we use for playing in-character. The benefits of building your own equipment shouldn't be to say "I am wearing the best Uber-stuff, even better than the game makes", but rather "I am different. I made this myself! And YES, I am bragging!"

Self reliance is a wonderful thing. If your goal is the best uberloot, then why not play the new Diablo Expansion?

Fiddlebiddle Dibbledabble
Magician 24th Cycle
Gorgarr Sorrowsower
47th Dorf Holy Roller
RE: Misconception
# Jul 10 2001 at 12:44 AM Rating: Decent
You're missing the point Fiddle...

If this weren't so incredibly expensive to make, and very hard too... then it would be okay.

The cost in time, effort and money to raise one's tailoring into the 150's for this item is comparable to the combined time, effort and money to raise one's smithing into the 170's.

The cost for each individual piece of this armour is comparable to the cost of many pieces of other race's cultural armour.

That's why this isn't very good. Not because of the stats, not because of the AC, but because of the rediculous expense.
Not too great
# Jul 05 2001 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
156 posts
Even though it is the best cultural tailored armor set, this is still pretty poor armor for the effort that goes into it. That's not even counting the fact that there are many better BP's that you can get for much less effort.

I really don't see anyone wearing this except for the look which is pretty nice.
The Unnamed One
Not good, here's some comparisons.
# Jul 04 2001 at 1:44 AM Rating: Default
High Elf Enchanted/Imbued Plate Breastplate:
AC 26, +10 Dex, +5 Wis, +8 Cha. Wt 5.2

Dark Elf Enchanted/Imbued Plate Breastplate:
AC 26, +4 Str, +10 Dex, +4 Wis, +4 Int, Wt. 5.2

Dwarf Enchanted/Imbued Plate Breastplate:
AC 22, +8 Str, +10 Sta, +4 Wis, Sv Fire 5, wt 11.5
(This item is thought to be bugged, since the Enchanted only BP has AC 28, Str 8, Sta 10, Sv fire 5)

The Erudite armour is slightly better than most Human Imbues, but not as good as the Elven/Dwarven stuff.
RE: Not good, here's some comparisons.
# Jul 05 2001 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
this may not have anything to do with it, but the erudites and humans are very close race/diety wise. So being that close it could have the effect of similar imbued/enchantments...just a guess.
Vein Bloodthirst,
Necromancer of Drinal
RE: Not good, here's some comparisons.
# Jul 04 2001 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
This armor is can you compare it to platemail from other races? Of course its not going to be as good. Compare it to the cloth-type armors of the other races you mentioned..or even the chain-set. But please don't say it sucks or isnt as good as plate armor from other races, but its cloth and shouldnt be.

RE: Not good, here's some comparisons.
# Jul 05 2001 at 12:51 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
it's fair to compare it to platemail cultural armour because of who can actually wear it. if erudite spellcasters could wear this, it wouldn't be that terrible, but since only paladins and clerics can, this counts as platemail-style armour.

charmian d`arxx, erollisi marr server
RE: Not good, here's some comparisons.
# Jul 10 2001 at 12:35 AM Rating: Decent
Exactly Charmain.

I'm comparing armour for Clerics, Paladins and ShadowKnights to armour for Clerics, Paladins and ShadowKnights.

Of course, it appears that the Imbued pieces are significantly easier to tailor than the non-Imbued pieces...

Who knows why.
Cultural Erudite
# Jul 03 2001 at 11:53 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
I like these stats. I'm starting to work on cultural Erudite stuff, and it is really hard. I have yet to see any of the Erudite cultural smithed stuff though( which is what I am working on).
Killer of Druid pets everywhere.
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 04 2001 at 1:29 AM Rating: Decent
There are no Cultural Smithed Armour or Weapons for Erudites. Just as there are no Cultural Tailored armours for any races besides Erudites, Wood Elves and Halflings.

And no Cultural anything for Trolls or Half-Elves.
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 04 2001 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
If there is no Culturally smith items for Erudites, why is the an Erudian forge?

Just a thought.

Ibiyen Neheiko,
44 Enchanter of Things
Seventh Hammer
Freedom Fighter
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 05 2001 at 5:18 AM Rating: Decent
8 posts
There is an Erudite forge so they can make the Erudite tailoring kit needed to make steelsilk.
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 10 2001 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent

The Erudite Tailoring Kit is purchaced, not forged.

There is no current use for the Erudite Cultural Forge.

There is also a Cultural Forge in the Troll home city... but absolutely no use for it.
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 04 2001 at 6:23 AM Rating: Decent
36 posts
While there are no specific cultural skills for my favorite race, trolls, ogres have a whole line of cultured armor and weapons. For reference, check out Ogre Splintmail, Warplate, and their Imbued counterparts are wearable by trolls though, just as elven items are usuable by half-elves.
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 10 2001 at 12:40 AM Rating: Decent
A better place to go is

And so what if Ogres can smith armour wearable by Trolls?

Dwarves can smith armour wearable by Gnomes... does that mean Gnomes shouldn't have any smithed armour of their own?
RE: Cultural Erudite
# Jul 04 2001 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts
You fogret gnomes, we're stuck with tinkering :).

"He who becomes like the beast gets over the pain of being a man."
um vel tailor
# Jul 03 2001 at 9:15 PM Rating: Default
39 posts
wh did you bring up vel tailored that aint ccultural and its cl;*** specific not race and in my opion the 65 grand total that artic wayvern gives ripps up alot of otther combois you could use to max wisdom on a shaman being 105 is the highest any race of shaman starts wiht (may be different for iksar never looked dont care too)
RE: um vel tailor
# Jul 05 2001 at 12:41 AM Rating: Good
119 posts
I went back and read my message, and realized that the way I stated it was rather silly...the part about velious tailoring was in response to this:
"...but still i havent seen any where near as good armor made by anyone"
I took this to mean all crafted armor, not necessarily cultural armor.

My point was that this armor is not that good given the effort and cost required, so I think a comparison with other crafted non-cultural armor is still valid.
# Jul 03 2001 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
119 posts
Not even as good as the regular version, I think. I'd rather have 8 str than 5 str, 2 wis, and 1 cha. A pretty sad offering, I can only hope there is a Cazic-Thule imbued version that is a bit better (and SK wearable).
I don't think it's the best
# Jul 03 2001 at 6:27 PM Rating: Default
4 posts
Dark Elf, Half Elf only - WAR, CLR, SHD, BRD - Innoruuk Worshippers only

Tier'Dal Adamantite Breastplate (1/4)
AC 26, +4 Str, +10 Dex, +4 Wis, +4 Int, Wt. 5.2

I think the DE imbued breastplate is much better.
RE: I don't think it's the best
# Jul 03 2001 at 9:08 PM Rating: Good
21 posts
Also, your the BP you're talking about is smithed, not tailored
RE: I don't think it's the best
# Jul 03 2001 at 8:46 PM Rating: Excellent
9 posts
Actually, it is the Silksteel is the best imbued, the Adamantite BP you are listing is enchanted and imbued....

That is the reason it has better stats.
Not really
# Jul 03 2001 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
I dont think it's because they want to lure more people into playing Erudites. I believe it's because of the difficulty in producing our cultural armour. It wouldn't make any sense to have it be anything but this good. I mean, it's bad enough that casters can't wear it...

Enchanter of the 23rd Circle
Imperium Iustus
best culture imbued
# Jul 03 2001 at 5:39 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
why do erudites get the best imbued culture armor (besides being the quote most magical race) but still i havent seen any where near as good armor made by anyone
RE: best culture imbued
# Jul 03 2001 at 6:26 PM Rating: Good
119 posts
Besides, I wouldn't say this is the best cultural armor...
Have you seen enchanted koada'dal plate (great for bards and, if imbued, high elf paladins)? Or brellium armor?
Or better yet, if you include armor that is crafted but not cultural, take a look at the haze panther armor for rogues, the cobalt drake belt for druids, the arctic wyvern cloak for shamen...

Given the cost and difficulty of steelsilk I'd say this is somewhat disappointing. Every attempt to make steelsilk armor costs 4 rubies (520pp) and a platinum thread (250pp), not to mention the rare terrorantula silks. Ouch.
It's because..
# Jul 03 2001 at 5:52 PM Rating: Default
1 post
Not that many people play Erudite Paladins/Clerics so they give them more enticing equipment to try and lure more to play that race/class combo.
You're part right
# Jul 03 2001 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
Steelsilk is intended more for Palies and SKs than clerics. I can tell you that as an erudite cleric (of quellious) i have seen a grand total of zero pieces of armor that i would wear, imbued or not. The wis on most of these pieces is disappointing to say the least, although if my wis was maxed (and it isn't) i'd consider getting some of the pieces that give mana, the BP for example. But the Str on these things is out of this world. Very nice for Palies and Sks. They're definitely trying to lure more people to play these rare combos. It's a shame they didn't make the armor a little better for the erudite clerics. They're pretty rare too.
Life's a *****, and then you gotta beg for a rez.
-Tellemar Shadowbane
RE: You're part right
# Jul 05 2001 at 3:13 PM Rating: Default
70 posts
Just had to point out, you might want an SK to wear this, but it ain't SK wearable.

My Erudite is a cleric. No where near the tailoring level to make this yet, but I've got a handful of Terrorantula silks stored up.

I see it as a reward for not being a clone. =)
RE: You're part right
# Sep 09 2001 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
100 posts
This is almost identical to the Cazic imbued bp and the non-imbued bp which are both sk wearable. That's what he/she meant with nice for sks.
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