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Fecae's Memoir Vol. I  

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Language:Elder Dragon
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
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Book Text:

The Advanced
Teachings of a Warlock I

Long I have studied and
practiced the dark art of
Necromancy. My students
range through the dark
recesses of Norrath,
assisting and growing
stronger under my tutelage.
The time has come for me to
record the knowledge that I
have gained that stretches
beyond the fundamentals of
the art, for my students to
use for their students
after I leave this world.
For such knowledge to be
lost would be a tragedy;
this shall be my legacy.

I would advise utmost
caution in the crafting of
these spells, as they are

of an advanced nature and
can prove fatal if worked
improperly. You must use a
quill, a piece of
parchment, and the proper
words to bring forth these
powers. A Warlock's Book of
Binding is the only tome
with the required
properties to successfully
bind these spells, so use
one of those as well. Use
this knowledge wisely and
with hatred, for
destruction and death only
strengthen our powers.

-Kazen Fecae

Long ago I learned the
secrets of siphoning life
essences from a sacrificial
victim to lend power to my
spells. Should you need to

do the same, use these

Sacrifice - Words of
Eventide, Words of

Plantlife has not a large
part to play in our
studies, and the sight of a
perfectly good plant
withering to nothingness
does warm my heart. I found
this spell quite by
accident while working in
the Emerald Jungles one
summer, practicing on some
of the native beasts there.
A nasty flower attempted to
entrap me and by reflex I
used my most recent spell
that seemed to affect the
beast not at all. The plant
however, was annihilated.

What fun!

Defoliation - Words of
Pain, Words of Covert

From time to time you may
come across a particular
foe who seems immune to
your most dire poisons and
diseases. Call upon the aid
of the lady of nightmares,
and she shall instill much
weakness and fear into
their hearts.

Scent of Terris - Words of
Edification, Words of

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